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Marriage of the Di Daughter

Chapter 122.4: Part 4: Fuma
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Marriage of the Di Daughter Chapter 122 Part 4: Fuma

These days, Jiang You Yao had gradually calmed down. She thought and understood thoroughly. No matter whether she could marry Zhou Yan Bang or not, there were two people that she absolutely must not let off. The first was Jiang Yu’e, the other was Jiang Li. Jiang Yu’e actually dared to think and like her fiance, this was a provocation! Moreover, even if Jiang Yu’e succeeded, that was due to Jiang Li pushing the wave. The two of them were in cohort!

As for Shen Ruyun, before she married into the Zhou family, she could not be considered as Madam Zhou. Since it’s like that, no one could expect should anything cup in the middle. Who said that she totally had no chance?

Jiang You Yao seemed to have grown up a lot after the Zhou Yan Bang’s matter. She was even more sinister and cool-headed. Sometimes, when she sat at the side, there’s a bit of Ji Shuran’s shadow in her expression.

Ji Shuran frowned and told the servant girl to close the door. She reproached Jiang You Yao, “What are you doing shouting loudly? Be careful your father will hear and becunhappy.”

Although Jiang Yuan Bai was not very affectionate towards Jiang Li, she was, after all, his own daughter. Jiang You Yao’s words and actions were insolent, naturally Jiang Yuan Bai would be annoyed if he saw it.

“But she’s coming back!” Jiang You Yao stomped her feet. “Mother, haven’t you figured out how to deal with her!”

Ji Shuran had a bit of a headache.

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She could not cover her surprise when the news that Jiang Li was about to return to the capital cto her. The group dispatched to kill Jiang Li was first class experts, which was arranged by her sister, Chen Ji-shi. The bodyguards that were dispatched to follow Jiang Li were not the group’s opponents.

She had been anxiously waiting in Yanjing for a reply but there was no letter. Ji Shuran was already feeling restless, until Jiang Yuan Bai received the mail.

She clenched her teeth, it seemed that Jiang Li could avoid the calamity. Otherwise, it’s not possible for those people not to succeed after such a long time. She actually had this capability!

Jiang You Yao was not aware of her secret arrangement and said impatiently, “Mother, what should we do now? She was the one who harmedand madethe object of ridicule in the capital, madelose heir Zhou. I definitely will not let her get away with it!”

“I know.” Ji Shuran sighed, “I will find a way to resolve this. Don’t worry, she has not yet returned but already provoked so many troubles. Your father was already extremely unhappy, this tyour grandmother also will not stand on her side. If she truly offends someone she should not offend, without my action, she will bring her own destruction. The future is long, after all, I am still the madam of the main branch, there are many opportunities to dispose of her.” She looked at Jiang You Yao, her expression slightly solemn, “On the contrary, it’s you, You Yao. Hei Zhou is already the past, in the next days, mother will look for a better husband for you and you must not remember him. It’s impossible for you to still want to marry into the Zhou residence.”

Jiang You Yao’s eyes immediately turned red. After a pause, she said, “I know, mother, I won’t.”

Ji Shuran instructed the maid to take a handkerchief, then she wiped her tears while speaking, “Mother did not want to cause you heartbreak. You are mother’s daughter, mother naturally wishes for you to live well and won’t let you feel wronged. The Zhou family has decided to let Shen Ruyun enter their door, just by looking at young master Shen’s identity, he would not let you to still have any relations with heir Zhou. Of course, I also won’t look at the Zhou family, that kind of household.”

“There are many men in the world, not just Zhou Yan Bang, this person alone. You deserve a better person. No one could compare to you.” Ji Shuran spoke softly.

Jiang You Yao buried her face in Ji Shuran’s bosom. The hand hidden in her sleeve slowly clenched into a fist.

In the end, she’s still not reconciled.


The news about Jiang Li was abuzz. It was passed to the Jiang family, naturally it was also passed to the Zhou family.

Jiang Yu’e was doing laundry in the courtyard.

Her long hair was pulled into a married woman’s bun, the clothes she was wearing was splashed with water. Unexpectedly, her life was not as good compared to when she was in the Jiang family’s third branch. The few servant girls were standing at the side, chatting nonchalantly, as if they did not see Jiang Yu’e working hard in doing her laundry.

Jiang Yu’e felt utterly humiliated.

She had never lived her life like a servant like this. Even if she had to fawn over Ji Shuran’s mother and daughter while she was in the Jiang residence. But at least in name, she was still a Jiang family’s daughter. The Jiang family also did not treat her unfairly. Thɪs chapter is updated by NovᴇlFir(e).nᴇt

But ever since she entered the Zhou residence, what awaited her was not Zhou Yan Bang’s gentleness and sweetness. So much so that on their wedding night, he merely glanced at her before leaving. Up until now, he had not cinto her courtyard at all. She entered the door of the Zhou family as a concubine and the servants did not treat her as the Master. They laughed at her behind her back and now, they were even braver and in front of her, they blatantly did not put her in their eyes. All ????????test nov????l???? on b????n(.)c????m

Jiang Yu’e wanted to find a person to chat to, but she did not know who she should look for. She must not even speak of the door of the Zhou family, and behind her, the Zhou family members said that she “took advantage when the young master was drink and climbed into his bed.”

Jiang Yu’e hated Zhou Yan Bang, also hated Jiang You Yao and she hated Jiang Li even more. Were not it for the unexpected turn of events at that time, she would not have gone this far.

She practically wanted to vent all her anger by beating the laundry, washing and washing, when a pair of boots suddenly stopped in front of her.

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Jiang Yu’e was stunned and slowly raised her head.

Zhou Yan Bang’s handsface appeared before her eyes, and Jiang Yu’e did not dare to believe what she was seeing.

It had been many days and Zhou Yan Bang had never shown up in front of her. Jiang Yu’e gradually understood. At that time, she thought Zhou Yan Bang had at least a bit of affection towards her. Now it seemed that there wasn’t even a tiny bit. He hated her for ruining his official career, making a fool of him during the palace feast and terminating his marriage with the Jiang family.

He blamed everything on her and punished her.

Jiang Yu’e spoke in a trembling voice, “Heir…..”

Zhou Yan Bang coldly looked at her, his previous gentle and refined appearance could not be seen at all. After the palace feast, the whole person seemed to have changed, gloomy and no one knew what he was thinking about. He swept a gaze at what Jiang Yu’e was doing and said, “Heard that Jiang Li is about to return to the capital.” Read Web s Online Free - Fire Fire -

Jiang Yu’e stared blankly. She had also heard about Jiang Li’s return to the capital. She heard that Jiang Li went to Xiangyang to visit the people of the Ye family. Ridiculous, what’s there to see in a merchant’s family. They had not contacted each other for ten years, it was all pretense.

“Jiang Yu’e, do you wish to be my person?” Zhou Yan Bang looked at her from above, his tone was light.

Jiang Yu’e did not feel insulted, instead she felt a burst of surprise.

“When Jiang Li returns to the capital, helpdraw Jiang Li out.” He said.

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