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My Extraordinary Wife

My Extraordinary Wife
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My Extraordinary Wife

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    Read My Extraordinary Wife by joy. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereMy Extraordinary Wife  (Ashlyn and Lucas) full chapter at . Genre: Billionaire The story is about a couple, Ashlyn and Lucas, who have been married for four years and have decided to divorce. Ashlyn has agreed to leave with nothing, but Lucas plans to give her a villa. While Ashlyn appears to be eager to end the marriage, Lucas seems ufortable with the idea. The next day, Ashlyn attends a funeral with Lucas and it is revealed that she is the nominal granddaughter-in-law of the deceased. Throughout their marriage, Ashlyn has been kept hidden from the public, but now that they are divorcing, Lucas seems to want to continue to keep her hidden. Ashlyn and Lucas, who had a contract marriage that lasted for four years until Lucas's grandfather passed away. Although they were about to divorce, they still acted like an affectionate couple in front of others. At Charles's funeral, Ashlyn paid her respects and put lilies on his tombstone. She felt helpless and sorrowful as Charles had been kind to her during his lifetime. My Extraordinary Wife  (Ashlyn and Lucas) full chapter at

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