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Myth Beyond Heaven

Chapter 13 - Departing
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Yang Mengli passed through the crowd along with several guards following behind her. Her arrival caused Luo Kun's guards to stop their movement.

"Oh? Isn't that Young Miss Yang. It's me who makes a ruckus here. What are you going to do?" Luo Kun turned to look at Yang Mengli and gave a provocation. ​​

Yang Mengli arrived at Yun Lintian's stall and ordered her guards, "Capture these three."

"Yes, Young Miss!" The guards responded and quickly shot forward at the trio.

Luo Kun's expression changed drastically. He never thought Yang Mengli would be so decisive and ignored him completely.

"What are you going to do!? Are you trying to provoke my Luo clan!?" Luo Kun yelled loudly in anger.

Yang Mengli didn't bother to reply as she watched her guards subdued Luo Kun's subordinates effortlessly. She then turned to Yun Lintian and said with a smile, "Senior, I'm sorry. I was late."

Yun Lintian cupped his fists: "Thank you, Young Miss Yang, for helping me. Otherwise, I would be doomed by now."

Yang Mengli smile faintly. She didn't believe Yun Lintian did not have any trump card in his sleeves. When she saw him being so calm despite he was surrounded by three people with strength entirely above his realm, she believed he had a way to deal with them.

Seeing his subordinates were captured, Luo Kun gritted his teeth angrily as he said, "I see. It seems Young Miss Yang hasn't put my Luo clan in your eyes. I'll let our elders deal with your Yang clan later." Following that, he flicked his sleeves and walked away without looking at his subordinates.

"Greetings, Big Sis Mengli." Hua Wanru stepped forward and greeted Yang Mengli.

Yang Mengli gave her a smile and replied softly, "Wanru, you have suffered all this time."

Hua Wanru shook her head, "I'm fine, Luo Kun didn't dare to do anything excessive to me." She turned to Yun Lintian and gave him a bow. "Thank you, Senior, for giving me the prescription. Wanru will definitely repay this kindness in the future. Wanru will take my leave first."

Hua Wanru nodded her head gently at Yang Mengli and walked away in Luo Kun's direction.

"Such a good girl." Yang Mengli lamented softly.

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Yun Lintian didn't care much about the drama between them. He looked at Yang Mengli and inquired, "What about the items?"

Yang Mengli replied in a low voice, "I've sent all of them to Senior's room already. Senior can go back to check it."

Yun Lintian nodded his head, "Okay, you can come to retrieve the pills tonight." He turned to the onlookers and shouted, "My apologies, everyone. I am tired today. I will take my leave first." With that, he headed back to the Autumn Wind inn directly.

Yang Mengli waved her hand, ordering her guards to release Luo Kun's subordinates. She said, "Go back and tell your master. Next time, he shouldn't come here to make trouble. Otherwise, he won't be able to leave freely like he did today." She then turned around and left the scene.

Yun Lintian arrived at his room and saw several wooden boxes lying on the living room's floor. A smile appeared on his face as he hurriedly checking all the boxes.

"Finally, I can go back." Yun Lintian smiled in a good mood while looking at a deep blue-colored chunk of iron in front of him. This cold iron was no other than the Heavenly Yin Iron he was looking for.

"Congratulations." Yun Meilan's figure appeared in the room. She looked at Yun Lintian and asked, "Why did you intentionally anger that Luo Kun? Did you see his men? Each one of them could easily take you down. Why are you so impulsive today?"

Yun Lintian laughed slightly: "I'm sorry for making you worry, Aunt Meilan. I can't help it. When I see his arrogant attitude, I just want to tease him a bit. At the same time, I know there would be someone informing Yang Mengli after I showed up on the street. I'd long expected her to come."

Yun Meilan took a deep look at Yun Lintian and finally let the matter go. She sat down on the chair and brewing a tea without a word.

Yun Lintian knew he had done something wrong earlier and made her worry. He quickly changed the topic, "I'll start to concoct the pill now."

He took out a copper cauldron that he bought yesterday on the way back to the inn and started refining all the relevant ingredients.

The concoction process was smooth-sailing and extremely fast. It took an hour for Yun Lintian to refine all the ingredients and another 2 hours to concoct the pill. The pill Yun Lintian refined was a Rank 5 Soul Return Pill. During his stay in the Misty Cloud Sect, Yun Lintian had refined this pill several times under Yun Qingrou's guidance. Thus, it was no problem for him to do it again.

Wiping sweat on his forehead, Yun Lintian took nine azure-colored pellets into a jade bottle before he closed his eyes, replenishing his profound energy.

Yun Meilan observed the entire process on the side and was amazed by Yun Lintian's concoction speed… What kind of monster are you? Even Sister Qingrou might not necessarily have this kind of speed. What is your origin exactly? Several questions popped up in her mind.

At this moment, a footstep sound could be heard from the outside. Yun Meilan frowned slightly and reminded Yun Lintian, "That little girl has arrived." Her figure instantly vanished from the place afterward.

Yun Lintian opened his eyes and looked toward the door until he heard Yang Mengli's voice coming from the outside, "Senior, it's me."

He went to open the door and let Yang Mengli came in. When she stepped into the room, Yang Mengli could smell a strong medicinal fragrance, causing her to look forward to the pill.

Without waiting for her to say anything, Yun Lintian handed the jade bottle to Yang Mengli. "Here, this is the pill. Give your father at least three pellets in one-hour intervals. He will be fine."

Yang Mengli clutched the jade bottle tightly as she gave a deep bow to Yun Lintian, "On behalf of Yang clan, I sincerely appreciate your kindness, and from now on, Senior will be our friend forever."

Yun Lintian didn't have much reaction on this matter. He only gave her a slight nod: "Alright, I appreciate that. My task here is done and I will leave tonight. All the best to you and your clan."

Yang Mengli took a deep breath and said, "I understand, Senior. I wish you a safe journey… Also please be careful when you go out of the city. I fear that Luo Kun might deploy someone to deal with you. If Senior needs my help, please don't hesitate to tell me."

"It's okay. I don't need your help. I can deal with it." Yun Lintian replied calmly. A strange light flashed across his eyes. In fact, he was looking forward to it.

"By the way, I think you better tell your father to stay in that state for a while before you found the mole. In my opinion, whoever has the most ambition should be the culprit in this matter. I believe you can figure it out by yourself. Good luck." Said Yun Lintian. Although he didn't want to get involved in their dispute, he still cared about the Yang siblings a bit as he firmly believed this Yang Chen would become a noble figure in the future. It won't be a waste to befriend them.

"Thank you, Senior. I think I have already known who is the inner ghost." Yang Mengli answered solemnly.

Yun Lintian could see strong confidence from her expression. He said, "You should go back."

Yang Mengli took a deep look at Yun Lintian as if she wanted to engrave his image into her mind. This departure might last forever. Who knows if they would come across again in the future.

Yun Lintian didn't say anything further and started packing everything, preparing to go back.

Before Yang Mengli walked out of the room, she turned around and said, "Senior, I hope we can meet again in the future."

Yun Lintian turned around and let out a chuckle, "Who knows, that future might be sooner more than you think."

Yang Mengli gave another deep bow to Yun Lintian and strode out of the room.

Upon seeing her departure, Yun Lintian quickly stored everything into his interspatial ring and left the inn, heading toward the Eastern City Gate.

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At the corner of the street, a tall figure kept staring at Yun Lintian before he followed him behind silently.

Yun Lintian walked unhurriedly while he appreciating the night scenery of the capital city. His mind once again drifted to the distant past when he was on Earth. The last 3 years before his death, his life was simple — wake up in the morning, doing some exercise before eating his favorite breakfast at a market street. In his spare time, he would read all kinds of s and went to open a fried rice stall in the evening. His life at that time was fulfilled and peaceful.

"I kind of missing that life." Yun Lintian muttered to himself in a low voice.

An hour later, Yun Lintian finally left the capital city, and he headed toward the forest 10 kilometers away, ignoring the man who trailed behind him all this time.

This forest was known as the Crimson Mysterious Forest and it was inhabited by a variety of profound beasts, making it very dangerous. Even the Heavenly Fortune Capital City's military unit and practitioners who practiced in the profound ways, who were known for their strength, only dared to move around in the outermost parts of the forest. When one ventured deeper into the forest, higher leveled profound beasts would be encountered and this often ended with narrow escapes. The reason why the forest was named the Crimson Mysterious Forest was that all the trees around this place would magically turn into crimson color no matter what species the tree was.

Passing through a dense tree path, Yun Lintian arrived at the small hill with a dead end. He paused his movement, turning around, and said calmly, "Come out. I know you have been following me for a long time now."

Behind a shade of tree distant away from Yun Lintian, a tall man slowly emerged from a shadow. He dressed in grey robes with leather armor. His facial features couldn't be seen because of a weird wooden mask on his face. In his right hand, there was a long sword, looking very sharp.

"Since you already know I have followed you, why don't you try to stay in the city instead of coming out? Is it courageous or stupid?" The masked man said with a hint of ridiculous in his voice.

Yun Lintian smiled faintly: "Let me guess, Luo Kun sent you here?"

The masked man chuckled: "Who else? At first, Young Master Luo wants to keep your pitiful life by letting you serve our Luo clan wholeheartedly. What a pity, you choose to offend him instead."

"Serving Luo clan? Are you guys worthy? Come on, don't waste my time." Yun Lintian replied as he took out a wooden bow and arrow from his interspatial ring. The moment he nocked the arrow, a powerful aura instantly burst out of his body. He aimed at the masked man shortly and quickly released the arrow.

The arrow shot at the masked man with the ear-piercing sound of space being torn apart, but he didn't seem to bother about it as he laughed wildly because he discovered Yun Lintian had the interspatial ring. It seemed he was about to earn big tonight.

A red profound light flashed across his long sword while he slashed at the incoming arrow.


The arrow was promptly cut in half, and the masked man dashed forward at Yun Lintian. In a span of two seconds, he already arrived in front of Yun Lintian and swung his sword at Yun Lintian's head without hesitation. However, before the sword could touch the target, his movement abruptly stopped midway. His eyes widened open in disbelief as he looked down at his chest. On his chest, he could see a tip of a short sword piercing through his heart from behind along with a burst of profound energy, rendering him to lose all of his strength.


Instantaneously, the masked man's head was cut off, his body slowly falling down onto the ground. Behind a curtain of blood, Yun Meilan's figure appeared in Yun Lintian's vision. The short sword in her hand was smeared with scarlet blood as droplets of blood slowly ticking down drop by drop. Under the illuminated moonlight, her figure appeared to be illusory, blending into the surrounding shadow.