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Myth Beyond Heaven

Chapter 38 - Aftermath
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"So tired." Hua Litong uttered and slumped onto the ground powerlessly.

"Big Sister!" Hua Wanru hurriedly caught her sister and carefully checked her condition. ​​

Yun Lintian waved his hand and several beds and a set of tables appeared on an empty space. He said to them, "You can use this bed."

Hua Litong did not stand ceremony as she brought herself onto the bed with the help of Hua Wanru, and closed her eyes, falling into deep sleep afterward.

Yun Lintian turned to Yang Mengli and beckoned her to lie on the bed. He fed her a strong healing pill and used silver needles to stabilize her injuries. From the look of it, she needed at least ten days to reconnect her collarbone.

"Thank you." Yang Mengli said. Her face was pale due to blood loss.

"Rest." Yun Lintian responded, and let her recuperate.

"Junior Brother Yun, do we have a way to find Sister Chan's group?" Yun Jing asked. She didn't know how did Yun Lintian manage to control this place, but she didn't care about it because she was extremely worried about Yun Chan's group.

Yun Lintian gave her a reassuring smile. "Relax, Senior Sister Jing." Following that, he waved his hand, and several projections immediately appeared in front of them.

Yun Jing and the other two senior sisters were amazed by this magical scene, but they didn't have time to think about it when she saw Yun Chan's group on one projection.

"How could it be? Sister Chan was forced to use The Final Haze?" Yun Jing's eyes widened open in disbelief when she saw Yun Chan's miserable appearance. To her, Yun Chan was the strongest among her peers. She didn't think anybody can force her to use The Final Haze. Even a powerful practitioner like Ji Cheng couldn't possibly do so.

"Not only her. Sister Ting too." One of the two senior sisters pointed at Yun Ting, who was lying in Yun Jiajia's embrace.

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"It's Luo Kun." Yang Mengli opened her eyes and said. She then explained the situation to Yun Lintian and others.

Yun Lintian frowned, "Why didn't they contact me?"

Yang Mengli replied, "Sister Hua tried to contact you before, but it couldn't get through. Maybe it's related to this place."

Yun Lintian took the modified transmission jade out and contacted Yun Li, but it failed. He called the sun orb into his palm and searched for the clue. A moment later, he understood there was an isolation formation around here, and it blocked every communication tool.

He disabled the isolation formation and contacted Yun Li once again. "Senior Sister Li, can you hear me?"

In the projection, Yun Li was taken aback for a second before she hurriedly took her transmission jade out from her sleeve. "Junior Brother Yun!? Where are you?"

"I am in a safe place with Senior Sister Jing." Yun Lintian replied. "Senior Sister Li, listen to me. I'll tell you the way to get here. You should hurry to bring everyone to my place."

Yun Li was startled. "How do you know our position?"

"I'll tell you later. Please hurry up. Senior Sister Chan and Senior Sister Ting's conditions are not good. They need to be treated as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will never regain their Profound Veins again." Yun Lintian urged.

"Alright!" Yun Li responded and quickly told everyone in her group. They then started to move under Yun Lintian's navigation.

"It seems we are not important anymore. How about we find something to do?" Yan Qi calmly sat on the chair, staring at a cup of tea that he could not drink while asking Little Flame.

Little Frame stopped drinking the tea, looking at Yan Qi and smirked at him before continuing to drink further.

Yan Qi smiled bitterly. He had long forgotten the taste of tea already and wanted to reminisce about it once again. Unfortunately, he was only a trace of a soul. Even though he could touch it, he won't be able to savor it.

He let out a sigh and looked at the busy Yun Lintian with a thoughtful look on his face. Although he and Yun Lintian had known each other for a short period, he felt there was something special about Yun Lintian. Of course, he didn't talk about the silver necklace or The Sun that Yun Lintian absorbed. What he felt was Yun Lintian seemed different from other youths at his age.

Normally, a person who found himself being a destined person, and obtained a supreme treasure, should feel proud, exciting or become arrogant. However, Yun Lintian didn't even have a slight emotion toward this matter. No joy or sorrow. He acted as if everything was within his expectation, to begin with.

Furthermore, Yun Lintian was extremely decisive when it came to killing his enemy. At the same time, he was so kind and considerate to his allies. All of these traits didn't seem to match a sixteen-year-old youth at all.

Suddenly, a wild conjecture flashed across Yan Qi's mind when he stared at Yun Lintian's face attentively. "Don't tell me. He is… No, how could it possible?" Yan Qi muttered to himself in a low voice. The conjecture he had earlier had been quickly denied by him.

Two hours passed by in a blink of an eye, Yun Li's group finally arrived at the hall. Yun Lintian inspected Yun Chan and Yun Ting's condition and used his healing profound art to restore their Profound Veins.

"You are fine now, Senior Sister Chan. But you can't practice during this week." Yun Lintian wiped sweats out of his forehead while talking to Yun Chan, who was currently lying on the bed.

Yun Chan was extremely shocked when she found her Profound Vein had been restored. She looked at Yun Lintian and said with tears in her eyes, "Thank you, Junior Brother Yun… Thank you."

The moment she decided to use The Final Haze, she had already abandoned all the hope and prepared to live as an ordinary woman when she returned to the sect. However, Yun Lintian not only restored her Profound Vein, but he also restored her hope. She didn't know what to say any more at this moment, as she was emotionally overwhelmed with gratitude.

"What are you talking about, Senior Sister Chan? I am your junior brother. If I don't help you, who am I going to help then?" Yun Lintian chuckled. "You should take a rest. I'll go over there first." He then stood up and walked toward Yang Chen.

"Thank you, Brother Yang, for helping my senior sisters." Yun Lintian bowed his head slightly, expressing his gratitude toward Yang Chen.

Yang Chen hurriedly stood up. "What are you doing, Brother Yun? What I did is not that great compare to what you did to me back then. Besides, Luo Kun is my mortal enemy. I naturally won't let him go. It is a coincidence to meet all the Misty Cloud's fairies."

Yun Lintian didn't talk about this matter further. He only nodded his head and sat down on a vacant chair between Yang Chen and Yang Mengli.

"Your injuries you be recovered in two days at most." Yun Lintian glanced at Yang Chen's left arm and said.

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"This time. I won't let him escape again!" Yang Chen clenched his fist. He was so frustrated when Luo Kun managed to escape from his grasp last time.

"Don't worry. We know his position. We can deal with him together." Yang Mengli comforted her younger brother.

Yang Chen shook his head. "No. I want to do it by myself." He then took a glance at Hua Wanru, who coincidentally looked at him, too.

Their gazes met as inexplicable feelings arose within their hearts. Since Yang Chen lost to Luo Kun many months ago, he never contacted Hua Wanru again, even once. Even though they met each other once again, there seemed to be an invisible wall stood between them.

Hua Wanru gave a smile to Yang Cheng and turned away.

Yang Chen took a deep breath to calm himself down upon seeing this. His expression turned cold and asked Yun Lintian, "Can you show me Luo Kun's position?"

Yun Lintian nodded. "I can, but I want to go with you. He dared to hurt my senior sister and even humiliated her. I don't want him to die easily." A cold glint flashed across his eyes when he said the latter sentence.

Yang Chen didn't refuse this time. He understood Yun Lintian's mood very well.

Yang Mengli looked at the two and said, "I'll go too." Before Yang Chen could reject, Yang Mengli said further, "Don't forget there are still many people from Luo clan out there. Not to mention those from the Qi royal clan and the Chen clan. We can't rule out the possibility that they have regrouped with each other before we reached Luo Kun's position. Both of you can't deal with all of them."

Yang Mengli had asked about Yun Lintian's ability to control this place and realized except for this place, there was no killing profound formation in the maze tunnel. Hence, she didn't think Yun Lintian could deal with all the enemies by himself as he did to Ji Cheng and Huo Ao earlier.

Perhaps in Yang Mengli's mind, Yun Lintian had always been a doctor with low fighting prowess. That's why she had no confidence in him, even though he had already reached the eighth level of Essence Profound Realm.

"We will go too!" Yun Li and Yun Jing said in unison. The scene where Luo Kun humiliated Yun Ting was still vivid in Yun Li's mind. She wanted to take revenge.

The same went for Yun Jing. When she heard about this matter, her anger was soared to the sky at once. Right now, she wanted nothing but to tear Luo Kun into pieces.

"Count me in." Hua Litong spoke from the side. She had recovered her profound energy over seventy percent now. Luo Kun was her goal for coming here in the first place. She normally wanted to kill him as well.

"Alright. We will leave Senior Sister Jiajia and two senior sisters to take care of Senior Sister Chan and Senior Sister Ting here. The rest go together." Yun Lintian made a decision and everyone agreed.

"Let's go." After confirming Luo Kun's position, Yun Lintian's group of ten immediately set off under Yan Qi and Little Frame's eyes.