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Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 15 - Ranking
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Chapter 15: Ranking

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Lei Yiming also used a saber. In fact, in the Outland, many martial artists used sabers because sabers were sturdy and domineering. They were extremely effective against some massive dire beasts.

The moment Lei Yiming appeared, the saber in his hand slashed towards Lin Feng. It was like a flash of lightning, accompanied by the sound of thunder. This was definitely a profound martial technique.

The howl of wind echoed in Lin Feng’s ears. With the addition of the tremendous pressure, Lin Feng felt as if he was suffocating. The moment Lei Yiming attacked, Lin Feng knew that he was much stronger than Li Wei, whom Lin Feng had challenged previously.

Whether it was his speed, strength, or comprehension of martial technique, they were all far superior to Li Wei.

However, Lin Feng still threw a punch. With the blast of his fist, the surrounding air seemed to distort. This was a special phenomenon caused by compressing the air to the extreme.

It was proof of just how powerful Lin Feng’s punch was.


Lin Feng’s fist was extremely hard, and his physique was strong as well. He allowed the opponent’s saber aura to strike his hand, and it only caused his fist to bleed. It gave him some minor injuries, but it could not deal fatal damage to Lin Feng.

On the other hand, Lei Yiming was directly blasted apart by the force of Lin Feng’s fist. The condensed phantom instantly dissipated. Challenge successful!

“Challenge successful, Lin Feng. Currently ranked 20,003rd. You can choose to continue challenging opponents, or leave the Virtual Battle Chamber.”

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes slightly. This Lei Yiming was not a weakling. He was ranked 20,003rd in the Virtual Battle Chamber, just a little away from being ranked in the top 20,000.

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However, Lin Feng had only warmed up a little. Even though he seemed to be at a disadvantage against these weapons-wielding martial artists by fighting with his bare hands, this was a virtual battle chamber. Everything was virtual. His hand was injured just now, but it had completely recovered now. As long as the challenge was successful, he would be back to his peak condition.

“Continue to challenge Luo Kedi!”

Lin Feng made another a huge leap this time by challenging Luo Kedi, who was ranked 19,000th.

In fact, after two battles, Lin Feng had gained some confidence. He had checked online that some Grade Five professionals could basically only exert 800 kilograms of force.

The force was 1,100kg for Grade Six professionals, about 1,400kg for Grade Seven professionals, 1,700kg for Grade Eight professionals, and above 2,000kg for Grade Nine professionals.

Of course, this was only a rough estimate. After all, there were huge disparities between professional martial artists. This was naturally only based on the raw strength of one’s body under circumstances where one did not use any martial techniques. Starting from Grade Four professionals, one’s strength would increase stepwise by 300 kilograms.

However, Lin Feng was different. He had fused with two different types of dire beasts. Although he had not fully grasped the strength in his entire body, he could still easily exert 2,000 kilograms of force.

According to this logic, wouldn’t he already be comparable to a professional Grade Nine martial artist?

It was precisely because Lin Feng was uncertain about his own level of strength that he had come to the Virtual Battle Chamber. This time, Luo Kedi, whom he wanted to challenge, was ranked 19,000th. He had already attained a Grade Seven professional certificate during his challenge.

Luo Kedi was indeed very strong. Unfortunately, Lin Feng was even stronger. He did not even use the Wild Bovine’s Might, and defeated Luo Kedi with only his physical strength.

Hence, Lin Feng continued to challenge opponents. 16,000th, 14,000th, 12,000th, 10,000th…

From Grade Seven professionals to Grade Eight professionals, Lin Feng eventually entered the top 10,000th. This time, he finally challenged a Grade Nine professional.

“Ranked 7,000th, Grade Nine professional, Ouyang Tian!”

Ouyang Tian was a man in a white martial arts uniform. His expression was indifferent, and he held a short sword in his hand. It was a double-edged short sword that was even shorter than a saber.


As the sword struck, Lin Feng felt as if his entire body was enveloped by the sharp blade. This strike actually made him feel like resistance was impossible.

“Wild Bovine’s Tread!”

An image of a wild bovine appeared in Lin Feng’s mind. His entire being was filled with a murderous aura. He threw a punch, and the violent power seemed to be capable of breaking through everything around him.

When Lin Feng used the Wild Bovine’s Might, the power of his punch could reach over three tons. It was indeed a terrifying force.

Relying on absolute strength, Lin Feng had challenged opponents the entire way without meeting his match.


This time, something appeared to be different. Lin Feng felt a pain in his neck, and the surroundings immediately collapsed. Then, Lin Feng opened his eyes and realized that he was lying in the virtual cabin.

“I lost?”

Lin Feng was still somewhat confused. He had just gained the confidence that he was without rival, feeling as if he could defeat anyone with his invincible strength. However, Ouyang Tian’s sword seemed to have struck from the shadows. He had lost before he could even see the trajectory of the sword clearly.

If this were a real battle, Lin Feng might already be dead now.

The way of martial arts was not that simple!

“That strike must be some kind of profound sword technique. Indeed, martial arts can’t rely on brute force. I have a genetic fusion device, but I can’t underestimate martial arts!”

Lin Feng could clearly sense that Ouyang Tian’s strength was inferior to his, and even his speed could not be considered very fast. However, Ouyang Tian could easily kill him. Perhaps this was the effect of martial arts.

After his failed challenge, Lin Feng walked out of the virtual cabin.

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Outside the Virtual Battle Chamber, Zhang Qiji had long exited it. Upon seeing Lin Feng, Zhang Qiji hurriedly asked, “Brother Feng, you exited after such a long time. Your ranking must be quite good, right?”

“And yours?”

Lin Feng asked instead.

“I couldn’t even beat the last place. I’m currently ranked at the bottom.” Zhang Qiji grimaced. His strength was indeed too weak. He only just managed to be a professional Grade Four martial artist, and perhaps even his Grade Four status was attained through compiling various resources. What combat prowess could he possibly have?

“Oh right, Brother Feng, your ranking must be very high, right?”

Lin Feng hesitated for a moment, but still replied, “It’s not very high. I’m ranked 8,000th.”

“What? 8,000th?”

Zhang Qiji had a huge shock and could not help but exclaim. The people around them all heard it. At once, all their eyes were focused on Lin Feng and Zhang Qiji.

8,000th. This was simply too shocking. Even back when the six great prodigies challenged it for the first time, their results were probably not comparable to Lin Feng’s.

“If you’re really 8,000th, then… then you have the power of at least a Grade Eight or even Grade Nine professional!”

Zhang Qiji muttered in a low voice. He had suffered a blow. Although he was younger than Lin Feng by a year, it was only a one-year difference. Currently, he was only a Grade Four professional, while Lin Feng might already be a Grade Nine professional.

“Heh, these two are new students, right? 8,000th? Even 18,000th is impossible.”

“Indeed, I’ve never seen these two before. They’re probably freshmen. If even freshmen can rank 8,000th, I’d be ranked 80th.” action

“Even the so-called six great prodigies among the freshmen wouldn’t be able to get into the top 8,000.”

Lin Feng did not mind these people’s disparagement. On the other hand, Zhang Qiji’s face was flushed. He seemed to find it very unfair and was ready to argue, but Lin Feng stopped him.

“Let’s just go.”

Lin Feng was completely uninterested in meaningless disputes like this.

Although Lin Feng and Zhang Qiji had left, there were still some people who were somewhat skeptical. So, some people entered the Virtual Battle Chamber again and quietly challenged the martial artist ranked 8,000th.

Hence, amidst all sorts of shock and screams, news of Lin Feng quickly got out, and rapidly spread throughout the entire Myriad Academy.