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Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1971: Cycle of Oblivion
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Chapter 1971: Cycle of Oblivion

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After saving the SpacetSwordmaster and giving him a grand gift, Lin Feng left.

He met the Black Ink Master, the Barbarian God Master, the Blood Sea Master, and so on one after another. Lin Feng met all the Overlords who had entered the Eternal Realm with him back then.

These people were all relatively lucky. No one had fallen or been forced to return to the Eternal Realm. In fact, there were several cultivators who had already obtained the SpacetHeart and controlled at least one timeline.

As for the others, although they had yet to obtain the SpacetHeart and master the timeline, Lin Feng gave them a SpacetHeart as a major gift.

With this SpacetHeart, they could basically control a timeline and have the initiative. Even if they encountered a great enemy, they would just need to return to the timeline and wait for a long time. There would still be hope, and they would not die.

After doing all this, Lin Feng no longer had any worries or regrets. Hence, he activated the Eternal True Seal and returned to the Eternal Realm.

As soon as he returned to the Eternal Realm, Lin Feng felt that something was different.

He could clearly sense that the Eternal Realm in front of him was filled with the spacetrules of the present, firmly “binding” the entire Eternal Realm.

Hence, spacetwas completely frozen at the instant in the “present”.

Lin Feng had already severed the future. Next, what he wanted to sever was the present and the past. Only then could he transcend spacetime.

However, Lin Feng still had many questions in the depths of his heart. He had to find the guide to clarify them.

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Hence, Lin Feng went straight to the white-haired old man, the guide of the Eternal Realm and the servant of Dawn, who had transcended spacetime.


The white-haired old man seemed very surprised to see Lin Feng in front of him.

“You’ve actually already severed the future. Not bad, not bad. All these years, I’ve guided countless spacetcultivators, but you’re the first to have severed the future so quickly!”

The white-haired old man appeared very surprised.

No one could ignore Lin Feng’s current achievements.

Lin Feng looked at the white-haired old man with a solemn expression and asked in a low voice, “I’ve already severed the future. The next step is to sever the present and the past. But I can’t possibly be the only one who could sever the future in so many years, right? Where are those spacetcultivators who had severed the future? Why can’t I sense them at all?”

This was Lin Feng’s greatest question.

At his level, there was actually nothing that could fool him anymore. As long as there were future spacetcultivators who had severed their future, Lin Feng could vaguely sense them.

But now, Lin Feng had found nothing. This was actually very telling.

The white-haired old man looked deeply at Lin Feng, then heaved a long sigh and said, “Of course. Although there are very few spacetcultivators who have severed the future, there are still some. However, you are the only one still in spacetime. The others have probably all been trapped in the past spacetime, sinking into oblivion forever…”

“Trapped in the past spacetime?”

Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat. He seemed to have thought of something.

“That’s right. They’ve been trapped in the past spacetime. They had basically all reached the last step, which is to sever the past. Then, they can completely transcend spacetime. Unfortunately, the last step is also the most difficult step. Returning to the past seems simple, but in reality, if one is not careful, they will be completely assimilated, get lost in the past spacetime, never to wake up, and sink completely into oblivion.”

Lin Feng still did not quite understand what the white-haired old man was saying.

What exactly went on when one was lost in the past and sank into oblivion, unable to wake up?

“I don’t mind telling you. All these years, I had already seen too many astonishing spacetcultivators. They severed the future and the present, and all of them entered the past spacetime. Unfortunately, the past was different from the present and the future. The future is ever-changing and filled with infinite possibilities. This is the moment of our lives. In reality, it’s relatively easy to sever them both. However, the past was eternal and unchanging, with powerful inertia. The strongest spacetrules are also those of the past spacetime.

“When one day, a spacetcultivator returns to the past and becomes his past self, all his powers would be gone. In the past, all powers would disappear. Sometimes, even his memories will gradually fade. The past is eternal and unchanging, and the past can never be altered. Apart from those who transcend spacetime, no one can change spacetime.

“Then, when those space-tcultivators return to the past, they will eventually return to their former selves. Then, they will grow step by step according to a set path. Finally, they will arrive at the Eternal Realm, sever the future, the present, and return to the past again, completely sinking into oblivion.

“This situation repeats, and the cycle continues without end…”

Lin Feng’s entire body shook, and violent emotions surged in the depths of his heart.

Unbelievable. This was truly unbelievable.

Lin Feng could imagine that situation. He would repeat the things his past self had done again and again. How terrifying was that?

Moreover, he would not know. No one could awaken themselves.

“You… You’ve seen this happen before?” Lin Feng asked cautiously.

“I’ve seen it many times…”

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The white-haired old man heaved a long sigh.

He did not mind telling Lin Feng. In reality, in the Eternal Realm, he would tell any spacetcultivator as long as they needed it. Unfortunately, very few people asked him.

Moreover, so what if they knew in advance?

Once they returned to the past spacetime, with the powerful inertia of the past spacetime, they would still beclost the way they were destined to. There would be no changes at all.

The white-haired old man had already seen countless spacetcultivators who had been trapped in the past.

Every time, those spacetcultivators repeated what they had done over and over again, like a “reincarnation”, but they never knew.

Even if the white-haired old man reminded them, it was useless.

This was even more terrifying than “reincarnation”.

This was the power of spacetime!

Lin Feng fell into deep thought, and even asked, “Am I one of those who has sunk into oblivion?”

“No, you’re not, for the tbeing. At least in the Eternal Realm, I’ve only seen you once. Therefore, you still have a chance,” the white-haired old man said with a smile.

Lin Feng still had a chance, but in reality, how could the white-haired old man have any hope?

He knew that his master, “Dawn”, actually hoped for a second entity to transcend spacetime. After all, Dawn was the only one in the vast spacetime. It was too lonely and boring.

However, after so many years, among so many outstanding cultivators, not a single one had transcended.

This man called Lin Feng in front of him had only severed the future. Could he succeed?

Even Lin Feng himself was probably not too confident.