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Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1973: Returning to the Past!
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Chapter 1973: Returning to the Past!

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“Sink into oblivion…” Lin Feng muttered softly.

He was hesitating. Now that he had already severed the future and the present, even if he did not enter the past spacetime, he could actually still live very freely.

He could enter every timeline in the future freely. He would not be restrained at all, and would be absolutely safe. In a sense, the current Lin Feng was also invincible!

However, he had already taken two steps out of the three steps to transcend spacetime. There was still the last step. Would Lin Feng be willing to give up just like that without trying it?

Even though Lin Feng clearly knew that there might be danger, how could he be willing?

He had already reached the last step. How could he be willing to not go to the past spacetand experience it for himself?

However, there was a danger of sinking into oblivion in the past. Even Lin Feng was not absolutely confident, not even 10% confident. Who could be confident that they could definitely sever the past?

Lin Feng did not make a decision in a hurry. He needed to make spreparations. At the very least, he needed to learn more about the past.

Hence, Lin Feng went to consult the white-haired old man again.

Seeing that Lin Feng had already severed the present and decided to head to the past, the white-haired old man was very gratified. Back then, he had also severed the future and the present, and had decided to go to the past spacetime.

It was just that the white-haired old man had failed.

Although he had failed, the white-haired old man’s experience was invaluable to Lin Feng. After all, apart from Dawn, the only other person who had entered the past and was clear-headed enough to know everything about the past was the white-haired old man.

Sof the experiences would definitely be useful to Lin Feng.

“Senior, please advise me!”

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Lin Feng bowed respectfully to the white-haired old man.

The white-haired old man heaved a long sigh and nodded. “Since you’ve already made your decision, I have nothing to conceal. I will tell you everything about the past spacetime.”

The white-haired old man did not conceal anything. He recounted almost all his experiences in detail.

However, after listening, Lin Feng frowned.

It was not that it was too complicated, but that it was too simple. There was nothing unusual about the experience of the white-haired old man. He had just returned to the past before becoming assimilated in a daze, embarking on the established path in the past.

If Dawn had not pulled him out of the past, he would have fallen into oblivion forever.

However, this experience was not of much use to Lin Feng at all. So what if Lin Feng kept reminding himself that everything was an illusion of the past?

He would still slowly be assimilated and sink into oblivion in the past.

However, there were sdetails that satisfied Lin Feng. For example, once he returned to the past spacetime, the powerful suppressive power of the past would suppress all power that exceeded the “self” of the past.

In other words, apart from memories, once one returned to the past, there would be no great power.

This was equivalent to returning to the “self” of the past, like rebirth.

However, returning to the past spacetwas not as simple as rebirth. This was because no matter what one did, the past spacetwould minimize those impacts, and gradually return things to their original trajectory.

The past could not be corrected!

Only by transcending spacetcould one correct the past, but it would also becsomeone else’s past.

Moreover, as tpassed, even the spacetcultivator himself might gradually be assimilated, believing that this was a dream. Everything was just a dream.

Then, he would fall completely into oblivion, repeating the path he had taken over and over again. This was called “spacetreincarnation” by the white-haired old man.

This was what was truly terrifying!

Lin Feng did not obtain any more information from the white-haired old man. In reality, the white-haired old man had already made it very clear. Assimilation was the strongest aspect of the past spacetime, and it was a silent process of assimilation.

Even if they knew this in advance, there was nothing they could do.

If one truly wanted to transcend, he had to obtain complete comprehension before being assimilated. From there, he could sever the past and transcend spacetime. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to wake up in the middle.

Lin Feng thought for a long talone.

In the end, Lin Feng still decided to give it a try.

Just like the other spacetcultivators who had severed the future and the present, they had already taken two steps to transcend spacetime. There was only the last step left, and they could even see hope of success.

Who would be willing to give up just like that?

Lin Feng was unwilling to give up, so he would not give up just like that.

A thread appeared in front of Lin Feng.

Originally, his future and present were filled with dense threads like a huge net. However, he had already severed all of them. This was the only thread that was connected to him now.

Lin Feng could not sever this thread of the past at least for the tbeing.

Returning to the past was also very simple.

He only needed to follow this thread to naturally return to the past.

It was just that Lin Feng did not know if he would succeed or sink into oblivion on this trip, but he no longer had concerns.

Right now, what he pursued was transcendence.

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The next moment, Lin Feng had already warped into the past through this past thread, and his figure instantly disappeared.

In the library of Central Sea University, a slightly pale-looking Lin Feng was perusing a book on genetics biology in his arms. As usual, he was searching for a way to overchis illness.

Unfortunately, he could not find a solution after staying in the library for a long time.

All the methods pointed to one thing, and that was to break the genetic lock and restructure the genes. However, it was impossible for Lin Feng, who was innately weak, to break the genetic lock.

Just as Lin Feng was about to flip through the next book, his mind suddenly went blank.

In just an instant, Lin Feng’s confused gaze seemed to reveal a trace of sharpness, and an “ancientness” that did not match his age.

“I… I’m back?”

Lin Feng looked down at his hands and everything around him.

It was a little unfamiliar, but also very familiar.

The Central Sea University library!

Lin Feng would never forget it. This was where he changed his fate. How could he forget it?

However, it was indeed a little unfamiliar. It had been too long, so long that Lin Feng even felt like he had reincarnated countless times. Who would have thought that he would beca spacetcultivator who was only one step away from transcendence in the future?

That’s right. The current Lin Feng was no longer the Lin Feng of the past.

Perhaps it was a little complicated, but at this moment, Lin Feng was already a spacetcultivator who had warped from the Eternal Realm to the past!

Lin Feng had already returned to the past!

Moreover, it was in a place he was very familiar with, and even a place that changed his fate—the Central Sea University Library!