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Reborn of Kate by Isla Rainfield

Chapter 291
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Chapter 291 Well Done The mall was in chaos, and Linus felt like he was going crazy.

"Kate! Kate!" Linus shouted hysterically, but someone pulled him back, and the surrounding darkness made it impossible to see where Kate was.

No matter how much he yelled, he got no response from Kate.

George's face turned grim instantly.

He quickly stepped out of the elevator and barked, “Seal off the entire mall!” Then he rushed forward with a group of people, his face full of urgency.

Kate had been taken right under their noses.

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After quickly getting an understanding of the situation from Linus, George's expression darkened even more. Linus wished he could slap himself hard.

How could he let someone kidnap his sister right in front of him? And now, they had no idea where his precious sister was.

At that moment, Kate had already been drugged and stuffed into a cleaning cart. Two people dressed as janitors, wearing masks, quickly pushed the cart downwards. They had to get Kate out of the mall as fast as possible. After all, this mall was owned by Lowe Group. If it got locked down, they wouldn't be able to take Kate oul.

Fortunately, they had prepared thoroughly, and this plan had been rehearsed many times.

The cleaning cart swiftly reached the first floor and entered a restroom. They dragged Kate out and handed her over to another team, who then moved her out of the mall and into a waiting van.

The van started and quickly disappeared down the street.

The entire process took less than five minutes.

Five minutes later, the mall's power was finally restored, and all exits were guarded, but despite searching the entire mall, they couldn't find Kate.

Linus-rushed to the surveillance room and combed through the footage but still couldn't find any trace of Kate.

George's eyes turned ice-cold as he quickly mobilised people to search outside the mall. Sure enough, they found footage of Kate being taken into a van outside the mall.

Balance: 6:15 + 1 Coins= 1 Pearls George ordered swiftly, mobilising all available personnel in Capital City.

Kate could not be allowed to cto any harm.

Meanwhile, Kate had been secretly transferred from the van to an SUV.

The middle-aged man in the driver's seat glanced coldly at the unconscious Kate in the backseat, a cruel smile playing on his lips.

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Kate had fallen into his hands. Now, he had leverage over Eric.

He sped off, heading to an old building in Eldorvale. Guards were stationed inside As the SUV i approached, someone immediately cout.

"Did you get her?" one of the men asked, raising an eyebrow at them unconscious Kate in the backseat, at hint of surprise in his expression. The driver got out, his face a mix of sinister glee and pride.

"Of course," he said, pausing to let the coldness in his eyes intensify.

"This little b*tch made my daughter's life hang in the balance. I had to kidnap her!" The two men patted his shoulder and chuckled. "Well done. Ms. Sadler will be pleased." They dragged Kate out of the car and into the building.

The driver watched with satisfaction, his eyes filled with triumph.

That idi"t from Lowe Group and Eric's men were probably still running around like headless chickens in the mall.

Heh, pathetic

At that moment, George sat in a car, eyes fixed on a small red dot on his phone screen slight smile curved his lips. "Found you," he said. X