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Reincarnated! My Parents and Brothers Beg for My Forgiveness

Chapter 722 - 722: Compensation
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Chapter 722: Compensation

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Yu Su said indifferently, “He took a basket of poisonous insects to harm someone. I’m from the Metaphysics Management Office, so it’s just a matter of convenience forto capture him. Do you think I should let him go?”

Was that possible? Was she such a soft-hearted person?

“Then you shouldn’t have sent him to the Metaphysics Management Office. Lock him up, and I’ll naturally teach him a lesson. Miss, you don’t have to worry.” Wu Jiang’s gaze was filled with blame.

If he had not been captured by the Metaphysics Management Office, his disciple would not have encountered such a dangerous situation.

Naturally, he was complaining in his heart.

Yu Su raised her eyebrows and chuckled. “In that case, it’s my fault.”

She did not expect him to be so unreasonable.

Since he wanted to cause trouble, she was not afraid.

“Then tell me, what do you want to do?” Yu Su’s eyes lit up as she narrowed her eyes and asked.

She was sure that she would not be able to get anything good from Wu Jiang. At least, she hoped to get sworms for the little snake to eat.

Seeing that she was not afraid at all, Wu Jiang’s heart skipped a beat.

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Yu Su’s reaction was different from what he had expected. He had thought that she would be afraid.

However, Yu Su was not afraid. All the more, he wanted to teach Yu Su a lesson and let her know what the strength of a master was.

Wu Jiang smiled. “Let’s compete. When I see a young talent like Ms. Yu, my hands feel a little itchy. Please guide me, Ms. Yu.”

“Sure, sure!” Yu Su replied with a smile.

Seeing that Yu Su immediately agreed, Wu Jiang was furious.

He was just being humble. He did not expect Yu Su to be so thick-skinned. She was really shameless.

Wu Jiang said coldly, “Letmake it clear first. If you lose, don’t cry in front of me. I hate women crying the most!”

Yu Su sneered. “I also want to give these words to Master Wu. If you lose, just don’t stay in my courtyard and not leave.”

In terms of sharp words, no one could compare to her.

Wu Jiang sneered.

Did Yu Su think that she could defeat him just because she had defeated his disciple?

How naive.

He was prepared to teach Yu Su a good lesson and relieve the anger in his heart.

If she dared to capture Wu Zhen, she would have to pay the price.

Just like that, the two of them began to fight.

The two of them stood in the middle of the courtyard, cupped their hands, and began to attack.

Wu Jiang took out a jade flute.

He was very good at attacking his opponents with music and making sound waves similar to demonic sounds. The people who were attacked will either turn crazy or go into a daze.

Only those who were strong and determined could escape.

Even if one managed to escape, it wouldn’t be easy for the person after that.

Within three days, that person’s brain would bleed and his body would gradually dissipate.

Before the first wave of attacks was launched, Yu Su smiled and pressed her acupoints, temporarily sealing her hearing and not listening to the sound of the instrument.

Wu Jiang noticed her actions and sneered in his heart.

One could still be attacked by the sound waves, even if he couldn’t hear it. His body would still suffer damage.

When he thought of the consequences where Yu Su would suffer from cerebral hemorrhage, he beceven happier.

The sound of the flute also becmore melodious.

Yu Su smiled and waved her sleeve, forming a protective barrier within a meter of her. No matter how hard he tried, the sound could not penetrate.

She looked at Wu Jiang leisurely with a relaxed expression.

While casting the spell, Yu Su’s body emitted the aura of a perfected level 5. Wu Jiang immediately caught it.

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Although he was not a metaphysical master, he knew the levels of metaphysical masters very well.

His expression turned ugly.

Yu Su was actually such a genius. She had reached such a high realm at such a young age.

Wu Jiang knew that even if he blew the flute, Yu Su would not be attacked if she stayed in the protective shield.

He put the flute down helplessly.

Wu Jiang quietly pulled a pocket at his waist and released two hands from it.

Those two hands were like the hands of a living person.

After the hands were released from his pocket, they made various movements in the air and even provoked Yu Su.

Yu Su knew that this was a refined flying hand technique.

This hand could mobilize the surrounding tools to attack the enemy.

Yu Su stood calmly on the spot. When the hand flew over, she took out a burning talisman.

“Slap!” She placed the two talismans on her hands.

Instantly, the two hands seemed to be burning as they moved crazily and struggled in the air.

Not long after, both the hands were on fire.

Wu Jiang was so anxious. He was afraid that Yu Su would destroy both of the hands. That was a great killing weapon that he had painstakingly created.

Not long after, the two hands lost their connection with Wu Jiang and fell to the ground..