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Reincarnated as the Demon King's Son

Chapter 10: Royal Harem
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Six years passed in a blink of an eye. During those six years, Aldred traveled to many planets, galaxies, and even other universes. His father even brought him back in time.

He was so excited about it that he asked his dad to go back in time on earth and killed a particular man with a stupid mustache.

Aldred had so much fun with his family. Every day was a play day. He played a lot with his father and mother since they didn't have to work 8 hours a day, and just laid around inside the castle with him.

Dina, his sister, was in college. She wasn't very serious about it though, because she only did it for fun. She went to class whenever she wanted. Well, it was fine since she was adopted by two powerful beings who could eat planets for breakfast.

'It's true. I saw it with my own eyes,' Aldred thought. 'Wait, who am I talking to?'

Anyway, playing with his family was so much fun. Everyone spoiled him rotten left and right. If he wanted to destroy a planet, then his father would explode one immediately. If he wanted to read books, his sister would come with a big hug and a huge pair of jugs.

His mother would sing him a lullaby song every night, caress his head and give him milk.

He had everything. Milk. Love. Hobbies. Fun time. Loving family. Loving big sister. Loving hot big sister. Oh, and hot mother too.

Well, now that he was ten, his parents told him to have his own room. And they did make a room for him, but it was so lonely there. What was he supposed to do in a room alone? Doing solo calisthenics? No thank you. He'd rather watch his parents do that.

Aldred sighed and put his right hand under his pants. He went up and down as he stared at the ceiling. "It's so boring here. Why did mom and dad not let me in their room again?"

Aldred pulled his hand out of his pants and walked to the wall. He wondered what his parents were doing right now. He put his ear on the wall.


"Let it out, honey," Hujarar said. "Now that Aldred is not in our room, you can let it all out."


Aldred pulled out his ear and sat on the floor. He was sulking right now. Why didn't they let it all out when he was a baby? All these years, he felt like watching a movie without a sound. The scene was good, but it would be better with some sound effects.

Aldred was sad, but he had never been so sad until the next morning.

"You guys are going somewhere?" Aldred asked in the living room as both his father and mother packed their suitcase.

"Yes, honey. But we'll return soon," Eve said.

"How long will you leave?"

"Not for long, honey. You will be fine on your own right?" Eve lowered her body and faced him. She gave him a hug. "I know it's hard on you, but we have to leave for now."

Big sister Dina came out of her room with a suitcase.

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"Big sister, you're going too?"

Dina sighed and hugged him. Her breast pressed into his face. She smelled nice.

"I am. Sorry, Aldred."

"Where are you going anyway?" Aldred asked.

"The annoying old gods called us for another 'divine missionary'," Hujarar said. "It involves entering another universe, becoming the villain, make everyone there miserable, kill all the atheists, and then when the people start praying, I should pretend to lose, and, in the end, I will be killed by the hero."

"So a universe-level propaganda?"

"Yep, very much."

"But I will be lonely without you."

Hujarar approached him. "We'll give you something before we leave."

A large red flaming sword hovered on top of his palm. "This is the Blade of Asura. With this, you can kill anyone and send their souls directly to hell."

"No, dad. That looks lame."

A deep black long sword replaced it. "What about this? I called it Devil's Abyss. With this, you can absorb anything around you."

Aldred shook his head again. "Lame."

The sword disappeared and a golden large teardrop floated on his palm. "This is the Godly Eye Tear. With this you can see the weakness of your enemy, predicting their movement, calculating the trajectory of moving objects, their strength, their weakness, their talent. You can also know the quality of something."

Aldred sighed. "That is the worst, dad."

"It can let you see through things."

"Give it to me right now!"

The golden teardrop floated in front of him.


The teardrop disappeared and entered his inventory.

"Thanks for the gift, dad. I will use it wisely."

The three of them sighed and hugged him.

Aldred wasn't happy anymore because of the gift and returned the hug. He started sobbing and then cried. "Uwaa. Make sure you all return quickly."

"We will, darling," Eve said. "We will."

They released the hug and smiled at him.

Hujarar raised his finger and grabbed something out of the air. It looked like some sort of weird trinket in the shape of a triangle with three blades pointing to each point.

"This is the remote controller of this castle. Use this to move around."

[Castle Steering Wheel]

Aldred received the item.

The three of them stood up. Hujarar made a small circle with his finger and a red vortex appeared that sucked the air around them.

"We will leave now, Aldred," Eve said.

Big sister Dina had tears in her eyes. "See you later, Aldred."

Aldred cried as he waved them goodbye. They entered the portal, and then it retracted into a single atom before disappearing.

The ten-year-old boy was left alone in the large castle. "Let's look for something fun to do."

Aldred went to the balcony and looked at the steering wheel. "How do I use it?"

He tried to spin it like a car steering wheel, and sure enough, the castle moved left and right. "But, how do I move forward?"

He kicked the ground. Nothing happened. He tried bending it forward, but it still didn't move. He then tried pressing the blade, and the castle sped up.

It was so fast the castle zigzagged uncontrollably in the sky.

A white bird calmly flew in the clouds, suddenly, a large castle slammed into it, knocking it off the air.

"Ahh!" Aldred screamed. "I cannot stop this thing."

The castle abruptly stopped, the inertia pushed Aldred off the balcony and he accidentally let go of the steering wheel.

"AHH! I'm falling! The steering wheel. I have to take it!"

He must use the steering wheel to control the castle and land on it. If not, he might die by falling to the ground. He didn't want to die. He just had a normal happy family. He didn't want to lose that!

The steering wheel fell along beside him. Aldred tried kicking the air and reached out with his hand, but he still couldn't get it.

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The wind blew from the side, and the steering wheel was pushed far from him. "No!"

Aldred looked down. There was a net below him. "Ahh!"

Aldred landed on the net, it bent down and snapped before he landed inside the water.


After he pulled his head out of the water, he realized he was in a public bath. There was a small hill with water pouring out of the hole from the center, but more importantly, there were dozens of beautiful naked women staring at him.

"It's just a child," one of them said. Their breasts were clear for him to see. They didn't wear any clothes at all. Some did have their towel on their private parts. Bah, what a cheapskate.

"I am sorry," Aldred said.

The woman approached and took a closer look, and after seeing him, they were charmed by his appearance.

"Oh, my. What a cute little boy. How did you fall in here?"

One of them went ahead and hugged him. He was still ten years old so it was okay. Hehe.

The other woman surrounded him while still naked.

"I was lost and fell into a hole, suddenly I'm here."

The beautiful, wet women exchanged gazes. "But this is the tenth floor."

Aldred blinked. He didn't know what lies to say next.

"I am sure he's just confused. The fall must have hurt his head."

"Oh no." Another woman grabbed his head and shoved him into her chest. "That's not good. I will take care of you. Are you willing to come with big sister?"

The door to the bathing place blasted open. A group of women in armor entered and stared at him. "This is no place for men. You have been summoned to face the emperor for disrupting his royal harem."

Royal harem? All of these beautiful women were the emperor's harem?

Eve and Hujarar was floating with invisibility in the air.

"Is this a wise decision?" Eve asked her husband. She was worried sick for her son.

"We will watch over him, Dear. He has to learn to fly on his own."

Eve sighed, and the both of them vanished.