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Reincarnated as the Demon King's Son

Chapter 14: New Skill
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Edeline Rose Wildingham, the empress of the Ceraisian Empire, put her slender hands on the luxurious texture of the railings. The balcony overlooked the sea where sailors boarded their ships, bringing tea, coffee, and other products to sell.

The war between Ceraisian and Montcresia started with a ridiculous and perhaps nothing too serious event. But the effect of the war was still felt by many families who had their sons and husbands never return after battle.

The boy that was sent to the frontline by the emperor was just one out of many. Many young men at the age of fifteen, when they should play in the field, had to lift their sword and drive it to the enemy's heart

War was inevitable. The rich state of the Ceraisian Empire, highly contributed by its naval cities, was eye-hungering, to say the least. Montcresia was rich in its natural resources of metal and copper, but they couldn't trade directly to the east without passing the border.

Her wish was to end the war quickly so may the sons and husbands return to their lovely dwellings. As for how that goal might become a reality, only time would seek.

The birds chirped, singing a song as sunset blessed the land with its light. Fresh morning air blew, making the grasses dance. The animals came out of their home and started their day by stretching their body.

All that, while Aldred was still sleeping, snoring.

Mary opened the door to the carriage and crossed her arms while she saw his saliva flow to the floor. She still couldn't believe what she saw last night, but after taking a closer look, she realized that his strength was really at the bronze stage.

His talent was impressive. Mary had heard all kinds of rumors about talented young boys around the kingdom. But, she had never heard about a young boy, ten years of age, who reached the bronze stage.

"Maybe he really is the empress' weapon." She decided to be a little nicer to him since that was the case.

She tapped Aldred's shoulder. "Young boy, wake up. It's time to start your training," she said in a low tone, in contrast to her usual loud voice every morning.

"KAKH," Aldred snored. More saliva trickled from his mouth.

"Young boy." Mary slightly shook him.

Aldred turned around. "No mother, don't. What if father sees us?"

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"Hey wake up, you little brat!"


Aldred abruptly woke up, panicking. "Run! There's an earthquake!"

He paused and saw Mary staring at him with both hands on her waist.

'Ahh. I came back to reality.'

"Sweet dream you got there, huh?" Mary asked.

"Dream? What dream?" Aldred turned his head and whistled. "I never dream in my life."

Mary snorted. She couldn't be soft with this kid. "Today, we're increasing the training. After you swing one hundred times, do one hundred push ups with two swords on your back."

"Oh god. Give me some break already."

"I'll break your leg then you can take a break forever."

"Yes, mam. I will do the training right now," he reluctantly said.

Aldred hopped off the carriages and started his training. As he swung the sword forward, he willed the system to show him the reward panel.

[Martial Art: Bone Breaking Fingers]

[Sword Art Offline]

[Magic Art: Flame Jet]

[Please choose only one]

'Which one should I pick? System, could you explain what is Sword Art Offline?'

[Sword Art Offline]

A sword art that came from a powerful universe with the shape of a floating castle. The beings within this universe were locked inside, and it was said that this sword art is the key to their freedom.

'That sounds so lame. Explain to me the bone-breaking fingers then.'

[Martial Art: Bone Breaking Fingers]

Break bones with your fingers.

"… That's it? No further explanation?"

[The skill itself is self-explanatory]

Aldred was speechless. He believed there was more detail in the martial arts, but the system was too lazy to give it. 'What about the last skill?'

[Magic Art: Flame Jet]

Created by a powerful wizard in a chaotic universe, this skill has consumed many lives yet saved too many at the same time.

-Using this skill will let you shoot out a jet of flame from your hand. You can use it to attack, or lift yourself from the ground.

'This is bullshit. The system explained this one in detail while the others are only given some crap description.'

"Whatever. Give me this Flame Jet thing."

[You have received the skill: Flame Jet]

Wanting to quickly try the skill, Aldred finished his training and returned to his carriage at night. He was like a teenager that couldn't wait to play with his laptop after a tough day at school.

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How could he not be excited when he saw this.

[Divine Dimension: Update complete. Installing…]

[Install complete]

[Divine Dimension: Available]

Aldred immediately entered his dimension, and suddenly, he returned to the world he created. The plants and vegetables were still there. They looked fresh. It made Aldred want to grab on and eat it.

But he had something more fun to do; trying the jet flame.

If his speculation was correct, then this skill should let him fly. Aldred pointed his palm downward. "Jet Flame."

His palms grew bright red. He didn't feel any pain or anything, but looking at his hands still made him nervous. Slowly, flame spew out of his palms, and they lifted him up.

He had a hard hard time balancing in the air. His palms shook, and went in the wrong direction. He sped up into the sky.

"Ahh! How do I turn this off?!"

Aldred zipped here and there in the sky before the flames in his hand died. He then dived headfirst into the river.


Aldred's head popped out of the water. "That was awesome!"

He climbed up to the ground and walked to a nearby tree. He put his palms forward. "Jet Flame."

A concentrated jet of flame shot out of his hand and struck the trunk of the tree. The hole sizzled with smoke. It was quite deep too, still with a red hot surface.

"So I can fly and shoot a jet of flame from my hand. And don't forget the fireballs."

That was nice. This way, leveling up should be a lot easier. In fact, he might be ready to challenge a stronger dungeon that gives more EXP.

He had enough of fighting against baby ghouls. They gave so little EXP.

'Divine Dimension, show me some dungeons.'

[Divine Dimension: Ogre]