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Resurrecting the Genius Within

Chapter 470
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Chapter 470 Are You Going to Stay? "It's not a big deal as long as no one is killed." George fell silent.

Finished After a moment, a thought struck him. "Oh right, I remember there's a guy on the underground racing circuit called 'No Name. Do you both have the salias?" Isabelle replied nonchalantly, "I'm too lazy to think of any name, so I just borrowed his." "How do you know him?" George asked, his curiosity piqued.

"I had a minor run-in with one of his 791 crew members. When he found out I was a woman and decent-looking, he put out a nationwide bounty forin Melfrey." George raised an eyebrow, sceptical. "Decent-looking? Miss Jenkins, you're being modest. Are you sure it was just a minor run-in?" "Don't interrupt me," Isabelle shot back.

"You continue." He nodded.

"He knows how to gamble on cars and has a pretty solid team. He lost an entire race to me, and I won 500 million dollars from him." Isabelle leaned back against the couch, hugging a cushion lazily.

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George listened intently; his focus was solely on her.

"I went to Melfrey to get a medical license. Coincidentally, Yves's father fell seriously ill. I ended up performing surgery on him, and after the successful operation, I got my license. That's when I officially becacquainted with Yves. He helpedwith the bureaucratic process for my medical license." "And what about Jim? How did you meet him?" George wanted to know more about her.

"Jim and Yves have known each other for more than twenty years. They grew up together. Jim studied in Melfrey, and when Yves transferred to a school in Erlands de los sich hie maandmother during middla erhaal lim o inaniad k 1/4 Chapter 470 Are You Going to Stay? #Finished "But I didn't meet Jim through Yves. The first tI met him was when that lawyer was in the middle of killing someone." "Fate does have a strange way of bringing us three together," Isabelle mused.

"Tellmore," George urged.

Isabelle looked at him and said, “Next time, I'll tell you." George smiled, accepting her answer. "Alright." He then turned his attention back to the photos in his hand. As he flipped through them, he cacross a short video. In the video, Yves was off-camera, directing it at Blood Shadow and calling her "sweetheart" repeatedly, filling the scene with his chatter.

Blood Shadow was surprisingly patient with him.

George hadn't expected to see Blood Shadow in action. Ignoring Yves's noisy presence, he replayed the video several times, feeling a mix of familiarity and strangeness, though the familiarity was stronger.

In the video, Blood Shadow descends from the second floor to the first.

The backdrop matched the setting of the previous photos. A high-tech mansion by the sea.

George held up the video and inquired, "Is this your house?" Isabelle leaned back, a hint of fatigue in her eyes. "Have you heard of 'City of Freedom? It made the news several times and even won a bunch of awards. She shrugged. "Not that I ever went to collect them." George's eyebrows raised in surprise. "Is that seaside mansion in Melfrey yours?" Isabelle replied, "I'll take you there sometime." "Sounds great," he said with a smile.

Isabelle leaned on the sofa and looked at him drowsily.

The soft lighting in the room cast a gentle glow, softening the sharp lines of his face and making him appear less cold.

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Chapter 470 Are You Going to Stay? #Finished Isabelle's gaze traced the contours of his features, from his distinguished brow down to his enticingly shaped lips.

This older man was infuriatingly handsome.

Lost in her thoughts, she suddenly asked, "So, are you going to stay and keep watching, or leave when you're done?" Picking up on her tone, George asked gently, "Are you tired?" She nodded slightly. "Are you sleeping downstairs?" "Yeah," he confirmed, referring to the room where the door had been destroyed by a robot.

It was a testament to how far he'd go for Isabelle's safety, enduring Yves's frosty demeanour and verbal jabs, sticking around under another's roof. Handing her the phone, he spoke, "Send it to me." He then stood up, offering, "Lethelp you button up your clothes." Isabelle shook her head, saying, "No need." He assumed she was embarrassed. "It might be tricky for you. Lethelp." She looked up at him, her face impassive. "I don't wear anything to bed." George was stunned.

A slight flush of colour touched his cheeks, but he quickly regained m composure and as iously, "ves won't cto wake you up in the morning, will he?" Isabelle's voice was firm. "He wouldn't dare."

George recalled her notorious morning grumpiness. He mused about how he'd managed to escape N unscathed the few times he'd woken her up. Was it sheer luck, or was he an exception? "I'll cby this ttomorrow night to help you apply the ointment," he offered.

Isabelle didn't respond directly, but she handed him a bottle of ointment. "Take one for yourself" 3/4 15:05 Wed, 10 Jul Chapter 470 Are You Going to Stay? George looked at the scars on his hand and nodded. "Alright." Finished He picked up the ointment, then bent down and kissed her gently on the cheek. “Good night." Isabelle remained silent, watching him leave.