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Revenge is Best Served… After Reborn

Chapter 776
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Chapter 776 She had almost for quiten about fo gut nd of the Sarvine emily Dare feet swaged a tree of fer greek gentsessions with Sophie for a hilo katerem saut au colaterat From Nicholerk work * was om die red hard on diis feral: Shad Typical Som alwaye sung share a ter pre ichute ese we Soi Now that Super yours." "What? A billion?" Nichole was floored.

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A billion? She'd never heard of such a thing! Raising an eyebrow, Sophie saw Nichole was genuinely clueless and explained: "Bea caused the Devins family's daughter to lose her honor and owed them a billion. She couldn't pay, so she used this box of treasures as collateral with me, and I covered the billion for her. We even signed a document stating that once she had the funds, we'd exchange the box back. Since Bea sent you to get the items, the billion must be ready. Bring it along, Ms. Nichole. We'll make the exchange." Nichole's face darkened.

Bea nevér mentioned paying cash! A billion dollars-where was she supposed to get that kind of money all at once? Seeing Nichole's troubled expression, Sophie feigned surprise, "What? Ms. Rowena, don't tellyou don't have the money?" "Ridiculous! I'm the future Mrs. Burke International. How could I not have a billion?" The thought of running Burke International in James' absence gave Nichole confidence.

As the general manager, getting a billion dollars should be easy, right? NO

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Sophie saw through Nichole's thoughts and raised an eyebrow, "Ms.

Rowena, it might be easy for you to be easy get a bilion but I heard James isn't in Devonport right now. And a billion isn't a small amount. Given your position, I doubt it'll be easy to get approval, right?"

Sophie's taunt worked perfectly.

Nichole immediately shot back, "Just a billion! Of course, Xcan get rust it approved. Don't underestimate me. One call to James, and the money will be in my account in no time!” 2/3 X