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Revenge of the Hideous Lady by Moonlight

Revenge of the Hideous Lady by Moonlight
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Revenge of the Hideous Lady by Moonlight

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    Read Revenge of the Hideous Lady by Moonlight by Moonlight Muse. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRevenge of the Hideous Lady by Moonlight ful chapter at . Genre: Romance In a pink-colored room, Xyla Quest eagerly admired a limited edition watch she had bought, hoping her boyfriend, Brother Sullivan, would appreciate it. However, she received a video call from her sister, Emily, who revealed an intimate scene between herself and Brother Sullivan. Heartbroken, Xyla confronted them and was met with coldness and rejection. Feeling betrayed and humiliated, Xyla stormed out and drove away in her car. In a fit of anger and despair, she crashed her car into a tree and lost consciousness. The story ends with Xyla declared missing, and rumors circulate about her disappearance, with her fiancé spreading the false claim that she eloped with someone else, bringing shame to her family. Three years later, Xyla Quest wakes up in a luxurious bed, feeling sore and hearing running water from the bathroom. A tall, muscular man emerges from the bathroom wearing only a towel. Confused, Xyla questions the man's presence and realizes she must have entered the wrong room while intoxicated. She offers him money to keep the incident a secret, but he dismisses her and attends to a phone call. Xyla feels a sense of unease and leaves a check for him before hurriedly leaving the room. Later, Xyla discovers that her ex-fiancé, Tom Sullivan, is now engaged to her sister, Emily Quest. Angered by their actions, she reads online that Tom cheated on her and spread false rumors about her appearance. Encouraged by the public's backlash against Tom and Emily, Xyla decides to take revenge. Georgie informs her of Emily's infidelity, but Xyla suggests letting Tom live with the knowledge of being cheated on. Determined, Xyla plans her revenge with a cunning look in her eyes. Read Revenge of the Hideous Lady by Moonlight ful chapter at