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Rise Of The Hoarder

Rise Of The Hoarder
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Rise Of The Hoarder

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    Summary On Christmas day, seemingly overnight, God summoned everyone on Earth, giving every single person a 'Gift' along with a System.These Gifts, synonimous with special abilities granted people powers beyondmprehension.However, with these abilities came tragedy that enveloped the world. The Apocalypse!Jeremy Lewis, a reclusive loner, is mysteriously exempt from this phenomenon and finds himself being the only one without a Gift.God decides grant him the last Gift available, [Subspace], and forcefully returns him a world that has bme hell.Horrifying monsters now lurk around everyrner, and inevitable death awaits.Arming himself with his wits and the Gift he possesses, how will Jeremy survive this cruel new world that he finds himself in?“Everything will go arding plan, and ultimately the path I have started will lead my viry... theseols will be useful in achieving that!”You’re reading “Rise Of The Hoarder” on See all Hide