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Since I've Reincarnated as the Villainess' Father, I'll Shower My Wife and Daughter in Love

Chapter 30 - A Stunning Scene
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A Stunning Scene

I’d wanted to bring them to the parlour to have a rest with some tea after their trip, but I couldn’t refuse mother’s request to see Sasha, so I took the two of them up to her room.

“Is that so... then, you’ve already learned how to dance, Laurier?”


“Isn’t that amazing? As expected of my granddaughter.”

On the way, Laurier and her grandmother seemed to be getting along well. Or rather, it seemed as if my mother warmed up to Laurier straight away. I could only remember mother showing that kind of expression before in Callis’ memories, and even then only a few times. It seems as if mother has a big soft spot for children.

Yeah, well... it only makes sense, considering my how my daughter is the spitting image of my lovely wife Sasha, she has an irresistible charm that not even she knows about. Even if you had a face like an iron mask, it’d turn into pudding at the sight of her smile.

“The furnishings have definitely changed...”

“That’s because Sasha is working hard.”

“I see... then, you’re getting along with Sasha?”

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In contrast to that happy scene between granddaughter and grandmother, the two older looking men were having a serious father-son conversation. Well, we kept our voices down so as to not intrude, but I have to say... Callis and his father really do look alike. I wonder if I’ll grow up to be such a dandy looking older man after another ten or twenty years? As I thought about that, I smiled at my still worried looking father.

“Yes. There was a time when I was the reason those two were unhappy, but... after awaking to their charms, I love them with all my heart now.”

“I... I see...”

Father seemed pretty surprised. That being said, he has had an almost perpetual look of astonishment on his face ever since stepping inside, but I kept going without missing a beat.

“I have to say, once you awaken to love, you really do see everything in a different light, don’t you? Was it the same between father and mother...?”

“Hmm... I’m not really so sure...”

“I was only asking because I’d never felt like this before... if it’s alright with you, please tell me what you know.”

“I-indeed? That... that is...”

“Oh? What are you two discussing over there?”

To my troubled looking father, mother, who had interrupted her talk with Laurier to look at us, must have seemed like finding an oasis in a desert. Not missing that stroke of good fortune, father looked relieved. Meanwhile, I was a little jealous about just how in step with each other a long time couple could be.

“I was just asking about how the two of you came to be in love with each other. What about you, mother, when did you realize father’s charm?”

“For you to ask something like that... what a surprise...”

“Is it that much of a shock? I was hoping that your experiences could be a helpful reference point, but... perhaps it’d be better to talk later.”

In what felt like a blink of an eye, our conversation came to an end as we arrived in front of Sasha’s room.

“Sasha, are you awake?”

“Yes...”, when I heard that from inside, I opened the door and spoke out to her.

“Sasha, are you feeling any better?”

“My Lord... Yes. After getting some sleep, I’ve managed to settle down somewhat.”

Still, Sasha’s face looked pale. I know it’s unreasonable especially given present company, but I couldn’t stop myself from walking over and cupping Sasha’s cheek in my hand before she could react.

“You shouldn’t push yourself... You know how much I hate it when you do that.”

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“N-no... I can’t sleep if your parents are coming...”

Sasha such an admirable person. But really, she was being the unreasonable one here, as I gently gave her a hug.

“I can always tell when you’re pushing yourself too hard, Sasha. I already know that you’re the best wife in the world anyways Sasha, okay? You can greet those two after you’ve gotten better. The most important thing is to take care of your body.”


“But if you’re going to keep insisting... once you’ve woken up, perhaps a bit of light punishment is in order... what do you think?”

Sasha’s pale face instantly flushed red at those words. As I felt that I wouldn’t be able to hold back any longer if I kept looking at Sasha in that state, I quickly kissed Sasha on the forehead and then tucked her back into bed... then walked back to my parents, who had witnessed the entirety of that scene from the entrance of the bedroom.

“My apologies... It seems that Sasha is still feeling under the weather, so if it’s all the same to you, could we wait until she’s feeling better before she gives you a proper greeting?”

“Ah... yes...”

“Mother? Is something the matter?”

Mother... Well, father as well, seemed frozen solid in utter shock. As I looked at them in confusion, it was mother who managed to thaw herself and stammer out a few words, not trying to hide her surprise.

“No, it’s just... you certainly get along well as a husband and wife, don’t you...?”

“Ha ha, I’ve just gotten a little softer around Sasha lately, that’s all.”

What a stinking lie! I’m sure that my parents had the exact opposite impression of me, considering they still looked completely flabbergasted.

Laurier stayed silent. Even though she’s so young, she’s sometimes really good at reading the air. That being said, it’s probably a side-effect of Sasha and I being so lovey-dovey on the daily, but... that slightly knowing face of Laurier’s was the only element left in play to heal my soul.