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Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife

Chapter 11
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Chapter 11

Letitia had the fox charm straight from birthl

“Up you go!” Elgin yanked at his tie and barked out loud.

Letitia’s eyes snapped open when she heard his voice. She sat up instantly. “You, you’re back…”

He stared at her with a heavy gaze, silent as a grave.

“What’s up?” She looked around and explained, “I purposely slept in the corner and didn’t block the


“Did you eat the soup?”

Letitia paused. “What?”

“The soup!”

“Nope. She shook her head “Do I have to?”

Elgin squinted “What do you think?”

Letitia picked herself up off the floor as she had no choice. “I’ll go now.”

She had no idea what had gotten into him, insisting she eat Phedra’s soup.

It was in the middle of the night. How could she fall asleep after chugging that down?

In the dining room, Letitia held the spoon, staring down the clam chowder on the plate.

Elgin stood by, keeping an eagle eye on her.

She forced spoonfuls into her mouth only to taste a clam that was hard to swallow.

After struggling through the half, Letitia couldn’t eat it anymore. “Can I stop now?”

“What do you think?”

“I.” She barely got a word out when her stomach churned.

Clamping her hand over her mouth, Letitia bolted for the bathroom. She hurled her guts out, not just the

soup but even

the bile

Listening to the sounds from the bathroom, Elgin frowned in disgust.

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She had to eat that soup to keep Phedra in the dark.

“Mr. Ramirez, the butler approached. “You’ve got a package shipped from overseas.”

“Hand it over”

Elgin tore it open to find the medicine William sent. It was just the right amount for a course.

He glanced at the soup again, lips curling sarcastically, and downed the pills with a poker face.

He had found Shela. He would get his disease cured and wait for three months to divorce Letitia.

Everything was in Elgin’s control.

Letitia emerged from the bathroom, clutching her stomach, waves of nausea still crashing over her.

What was wrong with her? The clam was fishy but not enough to make her spew like that.

The butler suggested, “Mr. Ramirez, should we get the family doctor to check on Mrs. Ramirez?”

She’s not gonna diel

Letima looked gratefully at the butler and gently shook her head, not wanting to rile up Elgin for her


Letitia curled up against the wall that night, hugging her knees, and finally dozed off as dawn


The kitchen bustied, and servants tidied up downstairs.

Chapter 11

And Shela, too pumped to sleep, had dolled herself up and arrived at ivory Towers early to see Elgin

“Where’s Mc Ramirez? Shela barged into the living room, hollering, “Why’s no one greeting me? You all

still want your jobs?”

The butler eyed her “And you are

“You don’t even know me? You must be blind! I’m your would be Mrs. Ramirez

“We already have a Mrs Ramirez at Ivory Towers The butler replied, “Who might you be?”

“What? That’s impossible! Shela’s eyes widened, Mr. Ramirez promised to marry met Go ask him if you

don’t believe mel”

“Mr. Ramirez is still sleeping”

Shela charged upstairs on the spot. She had to seize this chance that had fallen into her lap and

eliminate anyone in her way!

The butler hurried after her “No unauthorized personnel on the second floor!”

But Shela didn’t care and stormed into the master bedroom

Hearing footsteps. Letitia woke up to see Shela’s face looming over her

“You?” Shela sized her up “No wonder you looked familiar

Shela? Letitia was just as puzzled.

She had seen Shela a few times at the AquaCity Psychiatric Institute Shela was the director’s

daughter, not much of an academic, but a fan of dressiness She was the kind of girl of low birth but

dreamed of having a luxurious life like Raizel.

At least Raizel was a darling daughter from a wealthy family.

“Why are you sleeping on the floor?” Shela asked, ‘I get it. Mr. Ramirez made you a doorkeeper, right?

You weren’t having a blast in the AquaCity Psychiatric Institute

The butler caught up and clarified, “This is our Mrs. Ramirez.”

“What! You, you, you Shela gasped.

Letitia got hitched to Mr. Ramirez?

Shela’s dad told her Mr. Ramirez had slept with Letitia, but since Mr. Ramirez came knocking on her

door, it meant he didn’t know it was Letitia that night! That was why she could swoop in and posel

And Letitia turned into Mrs Ramirez for real! What the heck happened?

“Got something to do? Letitia’s voice softened, “Elgin’s asleep He’s cranky when he wakes up If we

disturb him, we’re both toast”

Shela clenched her teeth, calming down. No matter what, she’d stick to her guns, claiming she was the

woman from that night, no giving in.

Even Letitia couldn’t shake her resolve!

I came for Elgin and never thought Id bump into a watchdog like you Shela retorted, “Step aside I’m

going in.”

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Letitia raised an eyebrow. I’m guarding my door. But someone is barging into a home and making a

racket in the early thoring like a mad dog

Are you insulting me?

I didn’t may any names, but knock yourself out if you insist that was you”

Shots was foot for words, fuming mode Dont think you’re all that because you’re Mex Rarnires! The

woman Mi

Daying it, Chels vanked blant aside fungi way and red hand to slap tet

However, Letitia was quick to duck.

Missing her mark, Shela didn’t let up, aiming another slap with a vengeance!

Letitia, quick and fierce, grabbed her wrist, and the other hand swiftly returned the favor.

She wasn’t one pushover that anyone could walk all over!

But just then, a light voice drifted over “Letitia, you’ll be sorry if you dare hit her.”

Letitia froze as if she’d been cursed with a paralysis spell.

Her palm was only an inch away from Shela’s cheek!

Elgin didn’t even have to lift a finger to stop her. Only a casual remark could instantly put her in hot


“Mr. Ramirez!” Shela spotted him and started laying it on thick, all puppy dog eyes. “Thank goodness

you’re here, otherwise otherwise she’d have slapped me!

Elgin frowned slightly. “What are you doing here?

“I missed you and couldn’t sleep a wink. This woman wouldn’t let me in and even called me a dog..

Well, look who was playing the victim card first.

Letitia kept quiet, thinking such a shallow and superficial claim wouldn’t fool Elgin.

But little did she know…

“Make her apologize to you, Elgin said. “Or, you can deal with her however you like.”

She looked up at him sharply. You believe what she says?”

“Why wouldn’t I? Elgin shot back at her. “Do you think you can hold a candle to her?”

Shela snuggled up to his shoulder, all smug and showing off.

Elgin’s taste couldn’t be worse. He turned out to fancy this kind of woman.