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Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife

Chapter 21
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Chapter 21

“Go home and think about what you’ve done Elgin shrugged her off.

“No, I won’t! You’re blaming me,” Shela burst into tears, “you’re biased. Ever since you arrived, you

never asked what Letitia did! Would I just barge into the company and drag her away for no reason?”

Upon hearing it, Elgin’s brow furrowed deeply.

Inside, alarms blared for Letitia! Earlier, Shela had aimed straight for her belly… Had her pregnancy

been discovered? No, that seemed unlikely. How could Shela know?

A kick to the stomach maybe it was just a coincidence.

But Letitia was still panicked. If the pregnancy came to light, she and her child were as good as dead.

Elgin wouldn’t let

her offi

“Alright, Elgin nodded. “tell me, what did Letitia do?”

“She, she.. Shela didn’t expect Elgin to actually ask, and she stumbled over her words.


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Shela’s eyes darted around and she decided not to spill the beans about Letitia’s pregnancy.

It wouldn’t do her any favors, and might even expose her own dirty laundry! Failing this time was okay,

there would be other chances!

Letitia chimed in, “Shela, you’re the one who did wrong, bringing goons with you. What could I possibly

do to you alone?” Letitia wasn’t sure what Shela would come up with, so she decided to change the


Shela shot her a hateful glance.

“That’s enough, Elgin’s face was steely, “Shela, keep out of my sight for a while!”

“Please, Mr. Ramirez… Shela tried to say something more, but at a glance from Elgin, a bodyguard

stepped forward, shoved her into a car, and took her away

Letitia breathed a sigh of relief; she had dodged a bullet.

Relaxing a bit, she realized she was still nestled in Elgin’s arms. Letitia quickly straightened up.

“What done using me and ready to toss me aside?” Elgin stretched out an arm and pulled her back in,

“Letitia, try to stay out of trouble, will you?”

“You think this is my fault?”

“It takes two to tango!”

Letitia bit her lip and replied, “Whether it’s Raizel or Shela, they come at me because of you. Without

you, none of this would happen.*

Not only did she have to endure Elgin’s torment, but also fend off attacks from his other women. Life

was exhausting.

“You think the Mrs. Ramirez title is easy to hold?”

Letitia retorted, “I never dreamed of marrying you!”

“You do as what I say!” Elgin was adamant, “You don’t have a choice!”

“So I, Letitia, deserve to be a punching bag for these women, to be bullied over and over?”

She didn’t owe them anything! Why should she put up with their crap?

What are you afraid of? Elgin lifted her chin, “I’ll save you.”

Letha was forced to look up. “Can you guarantee that every time, you’ll show up in time to ensure I’m


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He looked deep into her eyes.

con quarantee Elgiris lips parted slightly, in AquaCity, there’s nothing I can’t do.”

He was supremely confident. Sitting at the pinnacle of AquaCity’s power structure, he was indeed the

big shot; nothing was out of his grasp, nothing was insurmountable for him.

Letitia cracked a smile, “Have you ever not nailed it?”


“Hope it stays that way, she replied, “because it only takes one flop to bring the whole house down.”

Elgin looked down, inching closer, “In my world, that day doesn’t exist.”

Letitia turned her head dodging his increasingly hot breath.

At that moment, neither of them had a clue that someday, it would all come true.

And by then, his regret would be too little, too late.

Elgin slid into the Rolls-Royce, while Letitia stood outside.

“Get in,” he said

Letitia was taken aback… Was he actually offering her a ride?

Still unsure, she double-checked, “Are you talking to me?”

“What, you think I’m chatting up a ghost?”