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Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife

Chapter 30
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Chapter 30

Walden fell silent for a few seconds before finally letting out a sigh, “I only blame myself for not being

strong enough to protect you. I was shipped off abroad by my old man back in the day, and now he’s

frozen my bank account”

He slammed his fist into the wall with a thud.

Letitia cracked a bitter smile. “With the Sanders family drama, everyone wants to steer clear, scared

stiff of getting bumed by Elgar’s wrath

Letitia, Dr. Preston is top notch How could such a huge mistake happen under his watch, leading to a

life lost?”

“There was no mistake on my dad’s part

“What did you say

Letitia looked at him, “Walden. I’m saying my dad claims he was framed. Do you believe it?”

This secret, held closely to her chest, was one she dared share only with Walden. She knew no one

else would trust her, and they’d likely even spill the beans to Elgin “I believe in your father, Walden said

with conviction, locking eyes with her “There’s definitely something fishy going on here!”

Letitia, equally determined. Till get to the bottom of it One day, I’ll clear my dad’s name and put an end

to all this hate.”

“Letitia, how are you going to do it alone? If Elgin catches wind, he’ll make it harder for you! Let me

help you!”

“I don’t even know where to start, you can’t help me right now. But thanks for the offer.”

Letitia managed a weak smile and turned to head back to the event

In the distance. Shela was keeping a keen eye on her She saw Letitia exiting from the direction of the

restroom, and that Mr. Sullivan was right on her heels Something’s definitely cooking between those


A calculating glint shone in Shela’s eyes.

The auction was in in high gear with bids flying fast and furiously, yet Elgin hadn’t placed another bid.

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“So it’s a two-hundred thousand dollar emerald and you drop two million on it,” said Samson, stroking

his beard in contemplation. He turned to Elgin, What’s your game plan, Gin?”

“Got money to burn.” Elgin swirled the champagne in his hand, “It’s all for charity anyway Bid more,

donate more, and the Ramirez Group gets a shiny rep”

“Smart cookie, Samson clapped away, “You’re the man!”

Elgin shoved the champagne into his hand, Tm rolling out, you stick around”

“What do you mean, stick around? I wanna bail too!

“Cause you’re my underling. There’s an after party after the auction, you’re going on behalf of the

Ramirez Group.”

Samson gnashed his teeth, “Gin, you cold-blooded guy!”

In the car, Elgin rubbed his temples, “Back to Ivory Towers”

“Yes, Mr. Ramirez”

As the car glided away, Elgin picked up his phone and texted Letitia-[Get your butt back here.]

Letitia, relieved upon receiving the message, was ready to leave

But then her phone buzzed again.

it was a message from an unknown number, [Wanna know who the man sleeping with you is? Meet at

the the Hilton Hotel room 68RK)

Le stantly knew who was behind this message-Shela’ It had to be her

What was Shele up to? Would the really reveal the more identity? But if she didn’t go, she’d be out of


Chapter 30

Meanwhile, Elgin was pestering her to get home….

After a moment’s thought, Letitia headed straight for the hotel to scope things out!

Standing at the door of room 6888, Letitia rang the doorbell several times with no answer

She tried the handle and found the door unlocked!

“Shela?” Letitia stepped in cautiously. “I know it’s you, cut the crap and come out! You sent the

message, I figured it out Only you and your dad would know about that incident!”

The room was eerily quiet.

Was it possible there was no one there at all? Was Shela just messing with her?

Just as Letitia was puzzled, a sound came from the bedroom. Someone was there!

She peeked inside and instantly broke into a cold sweat.

Walden! Why was it him?

There he was, lying on the bed, shirt agape, eyes shut, seemingly asleep.

This is bad! She’d been set up!

Realizing the trap, Letitia spun on her heel and bolted for the door.

But-the door wouldn’t budge! It was locked from the outside!

“Shela’ Open up!” Letitia pounded on the door, “What do you think you’re doing?”

No matter how much she shouted, there was no response.

It looked like she was stuck here for the night!

No, no, hold on, keep it together… She still had her phone!

Letitia quickly took out her phone, but before she could unlock it, her head began to spin.

Her vision blurred, and she couldn’t stand. What on earth was happening…

Her body swayed, and she ultimately succumbed to unconsciousness

At Ivory Towers, Elgin stepped out of the car, walking towards the villa as his phone chirped incessantly

He glanced at it-it was from Shela

[Mr. Ramirez, why’d you rush off? It’s so boring here all alone. But, I happened to bump into an old

friend, had a chat in her room, take a look]

Shela had also sent a selfie.

Elgin couldn’t care less, he barely looked before shutting off his phone

He stopped in his tracks, something nagged at him.

Wait, that photo’s background…

Elgin pulled out his phone again, zoomed in on the picture, scrutinizing it closely.

There, in the top right comer of the photo, someone was about to enter a hotel room.

That someone was unmistakably.. Letitia!

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He’d personally chosen that dress for her, there’s no way he’d be mistaken!

was Letitia doing at the hotel so late? Hadn’t he told her to come home?

Koyer He spun on his heel, feaped back into the car.

cet you better not have done anything to betray my trust!

High managed to complete what was normally a half hour drive in just slightly over ten minutes. He

merived emang

aura about him, his face cold as ice, no one dared approach!

Reaching room 6888, Elgin kicked the door in and made a beeline for the bedroom.

The thunderous kick startled the two on the bed awake.

Letitia stared at the ceiling her head still groggy, her body drained of strength.

Next to her, Walden, holding his head, “Where am I.”

They looked at each other confusion in their eyes.

The next second, Letitia went ashen faced, “We’re done for

Before she could even get out of bed, Elgin’s figure had appeared.

His sharp gaze cut like a knife as he snapped, “How dare you!”

Letitia actually had the nerve to cheat on him! She must have a death wish!

There they were on the king size bed, Walden and Letitia lying side by side, with clothes scattered all

over the floor…

Anyone with eyes could tell what was going on!

“No, it’s not Letitia shook her head frantically, “Elgin, it’s not what you think!”

“I saw it with my own two eyes, caught you red handed. You think I’m blind?”

“It’s not like what you saw!

But her words sounded so feeble, so powerless.

There she was, disheveled with Walden on the hotel bed, a lone man and a woman – there was no

talking their way out

of this one

Elgin strode over, grabbed her wrist, and yanked hard-He pulled her right off the bed’