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Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife

Chapter 37
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Chapter 37

“Dad, so what do you suggest we do?”

Mark’s eyes were spinning like tops, “Let me think.”

Shela sat on the couch, fuming.

“Her belly sure did her proud, got knocked up on the first try. If only I had that kind of luck…“

Too bad, Elgin wouldn’t touch herso no chance of getting pregnant for her.

“I’ve got it!” Mark clapped his hands, “Shela, I’ve got a plan.”

He leaned in and whispered the whole scheme into Shela’s ear.

“Great!” Shela beamed, “We can for sure make this work!”

“Alright, I’m on it!”

Meanwhile, at the Ramirez Group, Letitia suddenly sneezed a bunch of times and felt a chill run

through her.

“Are you coming down with a cold? Vidonia walked over, offering her a tissue, “Layer up, health comes


“It’s nothing, just an itchy nose. Letitia chuckled and stood up, heading to the break room.

“Designer Sanders, a colleague called out to her, “someone’s waiting for you at the front door.”


“Yeah, go check it out.”

Who would come looking for her at the Ramirez Group?

Letitia agreed and went to the front door, only to see the director of AquaCity Psychiatric Institute, Mark

Ward, with both hands full of gifts, wearing a grin from ear to ear.

“What are you doing here?”

Mark had been a pain in her neck at AquaCity Psychiatric Institute, and had even set her up with that

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old man. His daughter, Shela, had been a thorn in her side time and again…

“Brought you something, Mark said, “don’t look down on it, eh?”

Letitia didn’t take it, just scoffed, “You bringing me gifts? What do you want!”

“I really wanted to give you a little something, to build up your strength. After all, you’re pregnant now!”

She quickly looked around, worried that someone might have overheard!

Mark just laughed, “Look at you, scared stiff. Letitia, you know the drill. You’re Mrs. Ramirez now but

carrying another man’s child. If this gets out, you’re gonna have a rough time.”

“Who was the man that night?” Letitia clenched her teeth, “You must know!”

“Wanna know? Take the gifts.” Mark looked at her with a smirk.

I’m not taking it! Who knows what’s in there!” Letitia was on high alert, not falling for his tricks.

Just take it, Mark insisted, shoving it into her hands.

Letitia kept backing off, “I said no!”

“You will take it, don’t be too proud to accept a little help.”

Mark kept pushing, Letitia kept refusing, and finally, she lost her patience and swung her arm, “Can’t

you understand English? Stop grossing me out!*

The gifts fell to the ground, and a whole box of high-end supplements for women.

What a waste of good stuff “Whale he was talking, suddenly, Mark clutched his heart, started shaking,

and his lips

turned pale.

Letitia was startled, “You, what’s happening to you…”

Before she could finish, Mark had collapsed backward with a thud.

“Ah! Dad!” Shela burst out from nowhere, “Dad, what’s wrong with you! Wake up! Don’t scare me! Call

an ambulance, quick!”

Security guards ran over, and the place turned into a frenzy. Letitia stood outside, watching as a crowd

surrounded Mark, trying to resuscitate him, completely dumbfounded.

Soon, an ambulance arrived with sirens blaring, rushing Mark to the hospital.

“Letitia, you’re to blame for this!” Shela pointed at her, “If anything happens to my dad, I won’t let you

off the hook!”

“I didn’t do anything…”

“You’re still denying it! We have surveillance, everything’s been recorded, you can’t escape!”

Letitia responded, “Fine, check the cameras. I’m innocent.”

Hearing this, Shela suddenly cracked a sly smile, then quickly hid it. But Letitia saw it clear as day,

feeling uneasy, her gut telling her this was all a setup.

But right now, she couldn’t guess what Mark and Shela were really after!

Elgin came striding out, his gaze sweeping over Letitia.

“Mr. Ramirez!” Shela ran up to him, tears streaming, “You have to stand up for me. My dad can’t be in

trouble, he’s worked hard all his life and now it’s time for him to enjoy it…”

Elgin cut her off, “What happened?”

Shela, sobbing, answered, “Dad said, Letitia is now Mrs. Ramirez, a different status than before. And

since I’m by your side, he felt really sorry for me. So, he just wanted to butter Letitia up. But just after

meeting her for a few minutes, my dad suddenly passed out!”

“The Dean came out of nowhere with gifts, saying he wanted to give it to me, I had no idea what was

going on.” Letitia said, “I didn’t accept it.”

“He had good intentions, you could’ve just taken it! Or thrown it away later, why reject him to his face!”


Shela’s shrill voice drowned her out, “I have no time to argue with you. I’m going to the hospital to be

with my dad! Mr. Ramirez, come with me! Letitia, you too! You’re the culprit!”

Outside the emergency room, Shela was curled up in Elgin’s arms, wailing and playing the victim.

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Letitia stood alone to the side.

3 9 E

Finally, the operating room door opened and the doctor came out.

Shela rushed up, “How’s my dad?”

“He had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, still in critical condition.”

“How could this happen?”

“Probably due to excessive emotional agitation, the patient is elderly and has high blood pressure, the

doctor explained,

shouldn’t have been in any arguments.”

Shela immediately turned to Letitia, “It’s your fault! You’re the reason my dad had a stroke!

The doctor added. The surgery went relatively smoothly, but… we’re low on blood supply at the

hospital, we need a transfusion. Which one of you has a matching blood type?”

I stared at Letitia.

That’s when Letitia finally got it! What they wanted.. was her blood! Blood draw!

Chapter 37

She’s pregnant, if they took too much blood, her baby would be in danger!

Letitia began to back away, but just then, Elgin grabbed her hand, and she felt a tingle all over.

“Where are you off to, huh?” he asked, “Letitia, you made this mess, now you’ve got to fix it.”

Elgin’s eyes were just brimming with apathy.

“It’s none of my business, none of this… I didn’t do any of it!”

Shela fired back right away. “My dad’s been healthy for years, so why does he suddenly have a stroke

after seeing you?”

“How should I know? He got all worked up on his own!”

“He’s still fighting for his life. Without blood, he’ll die!” Shela pressed on, “Are you just gonna stand

there and watch my dad die without giving him some blood?”

Letitia was about to say something when, suddenly, Shela dropped to her knees with a thud.

“I’m begging you, please save my dad, Letitia, he’s my nearest and dearest… I can’t lose him, can’t

you just donate a little blood, pretty please?”