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Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife

Chapter 7
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Chapter 7

It was indeed a small world when enemies crossed paths.

Letitia glanced sideways and found Phedra and Raizel sitting by the window and staring her down in

unison. She instantly made for the door, knowing it wasn’t the place to stick around.

But Raizel wasn’t about to let her off the hook that easily!

“Hey! You dirty cleaner, hold up! Raizel marched over and yanked Letitia to Phedra “Phedra, what did

you just call her?

“Mrs. Ramirez, duh!”

“What? She she’s Elgin’s newlywed wife?”

Phedra nodded in confirmation Yep I saw her myself when I dropped off soup for Elgin at Ivory Towers

No mistake about it!”

Elgin had her back then, leaving Phedra with a taste of her own medicine

Phedra, being small-minded, still held a grudge, plotting to get even someday!

“Aah!” Raizel shrieked, nearly blowing the roof off. It means she’s that bitch?

“But Raizel, why did you call her a cleaner?”

“Because I saw her mopping floors at the Ramirez Group.

Phedra was skeptical. “For real?”

Raizel recounted the whole thing, adding, “And Elgin didn’t lift a finger to help her!

Things were looking grim for Letitia then.

Keeping her cool, she shrugged off Raizel’s hand. “You’ve got the wrong person.

“Impossible’ It was you! Raizel insisted, “I saw you down on your knees and shining shoes clear as


“Ms Morris, maybe you should check your eyes at the hospital.” With that, Letitia attempted to leave

Phedra blocked her way this time. “Fine, let’s say Raizel made a mistake. But I’m your mother-in-law,

right? You can’t even say hello when you see me?”

“Phedra, I didn’t recognize..

Phedra shot her a knowing look.

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As a seasoned schemer, Phedra had quickly sized up the situation. It couldn’t be more evident that this

Mrs. Ramirez was not the favored one. Or why would she be shining Raizel’s shoes without Elgin

backing her up?

Since Phedra married into the Ramirez family, Elgin had never liked her and always been at odds with

her. So what she saw was probably a show staged for her by Elgin!

“Now that you’re here, Phedra dragged Letitia to sit beside her, “spend some time with us.”

“I have other matters to attend to, Phedra.”

“What did you call me?”

Letitia replied, “Mr Ra.. my husband calls you that way, too.”

She hadn’t forgotten Elgin had made her slap herself for apologizing to Phedra. It was evident that

Elgin couldn’t stand his stepmother

“Getting all high and mighty now, aren’t you?” Phedra spat venomously, “Who the hell do you think you


actly you’re not allowed to call Elgin husband’

Caleface turned stone cold. I say it one more time I’m leaving. Or I will call the cops.”

Back in the mental hospital she had to make herself lock tough to avoid getting bullied. The same tactic


Chapter 7

wonders on Phedra and Ralzell

Letitia didn’t look back as she walked out. But to her surprise, as she reached the curb, Phedra had

chased after her With Raizel’s help, she grabbed Letitia’s arms and dragged her toward a car

“Let go!” she yelled to passersby, “Help! Help me!”

Phedra smirked. “She’s my daughter-in-law and had fought with my son. I’m taking her home…”

Hearing it, onlookers turned away, not wanting to get involved.

Letitia was no match for the strength of two and was hauled into the car

“Now, see how tough and arrogant you can bel Phedra pinched her hard. “I’m gonna teach you a

lesson today!”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Letitia retorted, “Elgin won’t let you get away with this!

With a smug expression, Raizel retorted, “Would Elgin offend the Morris family for a lowly cleaner like


“In your dreams! Phedra cut in, reinforcing Raizel’s words.

The car sped off.

After the meeting, Elgin glanced at his watch in the conference room of the Ramirez Group.

“Mr. Ramirez, your lunch is ready, Ranen informed him.

He nodded, then something else popped into his head. “Where’s she?”

“Mrs. Ramirez… um… I’ll get in touch now.”

Ranen was known for being kind-hearted at the company, and since Letitia was his boss’ wife in name,

he wouldn’t target her as long as Mr. Ramirez didn’t instruct otherwise. He let her be.

Elgin waved him off, “Don’t bother.”

Why should he look for her? It would only show that he missed her.

Even if he did miss her, he was to torment her!

“Yes, Mr. Ramirez, Ranen complied outwardly but quickly went to find Letitia.

After all, the whole company would tremble if Mr. Ramirez got angry.

Ranen searched everywhere but found no trace of Letitia. After checking the surveillance, he realized

Letitia had left the company three hours ago.

He braced himself to report back, “Mr. Ramirez, your wife she.”


“She’s gone.

Was she gone again?

Elgin continued his lunch calmly. “She wouldn’t dare run.”

She would only consider running away if she was ready to lose her legs or put her parents in danger

“But she’s been out of contact for three hours now.” Ranen said.

Elgin’s fork paused mid-air as he thought, “What game was she playing?”

Finding Letitia was a piece of cake for Elgin

Soon enough, he received an email with a photo of Phedra and Raizel dragging Letitia away.

A comer of his mouth curled slightly. Good, someone was asking for it!

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Sigle took a lelourely sip of water “Get the car


“Yes, Mr. Ramirez.”

In the suburbs, the Morris family owned a vacation villa,

As the car door opened, Letitia tumbled out with her hands bound behind.

“Ha. She’s like a dog. Raizel gloated, watching her, “Tell me, should I start by slashing your left cheek

or right?”

Letitia gazed at the slim and sharp knife.

“Raizel, I get it. You’ve got the Morris family backing you up, and you know Elgin can’t care less about

me. But did you ever stop to think of one thing? I’m Elgin’s woman, and he hates it when his things get

messed up!”

Elgin’s possessive and controlling nature was legendary in AquaCity.

For the things he hated, he would trash them with his hands! And he would punish the people harshly if

they dared to glance at the things he liked!

Raizel hesitated for a moment.

“Come on. Don’t let this cunning woman spook you,” Phedra egged on relentlessly, “Once her face got

disfigured, Elgin would be grossed out when seeing her and kick her to the curb. Then, it’s your time to


Raizel nodded Right Only I can marry Elgin. I won’t let any other chick get in the way!”

Suddenly, Letitia burst into roaring laughter.

“What what’s so funny?”

“You’re a fool, and that’s what! Letitia shot back, “Phedra’s using you as a pawn! You’re doing all the

dirty work while she keeps her hands clean, totally out of the line of fire!”

Phedra snapped, “Shut your damn mouth!”

“I’ve hit a nerve, haven’t I?

Letitia’s only way out was to drive a wedge between them to buy time.

Elgin’s grip on her was iron-tight. After all this time, he must have noticed she was gone!

She just had to hold out until the moment he came for her!