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Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife

Chatper 182
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Chapter 182

Why would it be Elgin’s fault?

“And grandpa, I’ve told you time and again, I can’t live without Letitia. But you keep trying to split us up!

Have you ever considered how I feel?”

It took Hawley quite a while to snap back to reality.

“Even if… even if the miscarriage isn’t Letitia’s fault. Her father killed your father, that’s a vendetta too

deep to ever wash away! How can you two be together!”

“This is between me and her, no need for grandpa to worry. As for my hand, I chose to wreck it for her

of my free will, she even tried her hardest to stop me.”

Hawley looked at his left hand.

The doctor said Elgin’s hand needed to be immobilized for at least a month, but there he was, standing

in front

of him.

Was Letitia that important?

“Alright, alright, Elgin, Hawley asked, “I’m asking you now, between me and Letitia, you can only

choose one. What’s your pick!”

Such a dire question!

Phedra, hiding in a corner, watched the drama unfold. Her face was full of glee, hoping the argument

would get even more intense!

The best outcome would be for Elgin and Hawley to cut ties for good, that would work out great for her

and her


Phedra was thinking, “Pick Letitia, hurry up and choose her, Elgin, aren’t you madly in love with her?

Choose beauty over the money and power. You need to piss off Hawley thoroughly, so he considers

passing his shares onto my son!”

Hawley still held 20% of the Ramirez Group’s shares.

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Whoever got those shares became the main shareholder of the Ramirez Group! Even the board had to

play nice!

The living room was dead silent and you could only hear the howling wind outside.

Elgin met Hawley’s gaze, “Grandpa, since you pushed it this far, I can give you an answer.”


“I choose Letitia.”

Hawley’s face turned red, with his finger trembling as he pointed at him, “You, you’re just…”

“I love her and I’m crystal clear that I can’t imagine a future without her,” Elgin said. “Grandpa, you’re

one of the most important people in my life, and I wish it hadn’t come to this.”

With that, Elgin suddenly knelt down. He bowed his head to Hawley with solemn respect, “Sorry, I fail


“You, you, you…”

Elgin’s stance was now clear. His persistence exceeded Hawley’s expectations!

Tell me where Letitia is, Elgin asked. “I’m going to pick her up.”

Not to search, but to pick her up.

He was determined to bring her back!

Chapter 182

Hawley took a deep breath, “What if Letitia doesn’t love you at all, would you still sacrifice so much for



Hawley closed his eyes, turned away, and wouldn’t look at him anymore.

How did the Ramirez family end up with such a hopeless romantic?

And why on earth did Elgin have to fall for the enemy’s daughter?

“Elgin, remember what you said today,” Hawley slowly said. “I sent her abroad, you won’t find her. And

she was willing to leave, you get that?”

A dull pain struck Elgin’s heart.

The words “she was willing to leave” could wound him!

“You can’t keep her, even if you find her, her heart won’t be with you.”

Elgin slowly stood up, “Right, grandpa, I’ll be off now.”

He didn’t want to say more.

Abroad? Fine, then he’d search abroad! And he’d go himself!

Elgin walked away with firm and brisk steps, with the sound of his shoes tapping on the floor fading into

the distance

Hawley sat on the sofa, an image of solitude and age.

Phedra quietly returned to her room, locking the door behind her, and dialed an international number.

“Hello, mom.” On the other end was the deafening sound of a bar’s DJ, “What’s up?”

“Boy, are you out playing again?”

“Just having some drinks with a few buddies.”

Phedra excitedly shared the news, “I’ve got great news for you. Your big brother Elgin and Hawley had

a huge falling out, a big fight! Come back right after your graduation ceremony and make a good

impression on your grandpa, you hear!”

“Got it, mom.”

“Dear son, this is a golden opportunity, you’ve got to seize it! Whether we can turn our fortunes around

hinges on this!”

Mr. Millard, Phedra’s beloved son, was her entire hope!

Phedra had always tried to suppress Elgin, but who would’ve thought Letitia alone could stir such

waves in the Ramirez family…

Phedra couldn’t help but chuckle to herself – it seemed like fortune was smiling upon her!

At the AquaCity International Airport.

Elgin sat in the VIP lounge, his expression inscrutable.

Beside him, a doctor knelt, quickly fixing up his left hand to avoid aggravating the wound.

*Elgin, you’re going the distance to chase your wife, huh?” Samson, arms crossed, drawled lazily. “Why

not just send someone?”

I have to go myself.”

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You really giving up on your left hand?”

Elgin shot him a glance, “You hoping i become disabled?”

Chapter 152

Samson shrugged, “Just think you’re not taking care of yourself. Whatever the case, heal up first.”

I’ve got to pick her up.”

‘Sounds so sweet, Samson sighed. “Men in love… totally irrational.”

“Better than not having love at all.”

“I just don’t want to dig my grave. It’s great being free and single… hey, hey, hey, where are you


Elgin got up and headed for the boarding gate, casually finishing up the bandage on his right hand, with

his steps steady and swift.

The doctor looked at his empty hands, stunned.

Samson shook his head, Tsk tsk tsk, I never imagined Elgin would have a day like this.”

Going abroad just to chase his wife….

What a romance!

Samson walked out of the airport when a stunning figure hurriedly ran towards him, crashing into his

embrace. He quickly caught her, “Vidonia, I know I’m handsome and the secret crush of countless

young girls, but you didn’t have to throw yourself at me in such a hurry, right?”

“Get over yourself! Where’s Letitia?”

“How should I know, I’m not her bodyguard.”

Vidonia looked at him, “So, Elgin’s gone after her, huh?”

“Yeah, Samson replied, “Hawley got so ticked off and shipped Letitia off. Now Elgin’s taking off abroad

to drag her back himself.”

“Ugh, what a pain in the neck!”

Vidonia stomped her foot with anxious reluctance.

If Letitia’s gone, then she’s free, right? She could break free and shake off Elgin!

“Why the freakout?” Samson asked, “Don’t you want to see Letitia again?”

“I’d rather she be free than see her again!” Vidonia shot back, “Has Elgin got a bead on where she is

and just gonna swoop in to nab her? Or does he still have to sniff around a bit?”