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Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife

Chatper 184
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Chapter 184

“You can’t escape from me, Letty.”

She closed her eyes and lifted her hands to embrace him back, with her hands resting on his back.

Elgin shuddered all over, then hugged her even tighter. She was responding to him, and he was over

the moon

about it.


“Elgin, do you know,” Letitia whispered in his ear, “the one thing I want to do is to bolt from you, the

farther the


His heart instantly ached dully, and even breathing seemed to tear him apart.

“Why did you have to find me? I finally got away with Hawley’s help, and here you are, showing up so

soon… You don’t need your hand anymore? Do you want to become disabled? Elgin, how could a

disabled man ever be good enough for me? I’d look down on you.

Don’t think that just because you risked your life to save me and wrecked an arm for me, I’ll be

eternally grateful and fall madly in love with you… Wrong, you’ve hurt me way more than you’ve ever

done good for me!”

Every word from Letitia was like a sharp blade, stabbing Elgin mercilessly.

His breathing became rapid as he suppressed a surge of anger.

“Letty, stop it…”

“No, I’m going to speak my mind.” Letitia continued, “When Shela took me hostage, you knelt for me

and traded yourself for me, even wrecked your arm. Honestly, I was touched, but that’s all it was. Elgin,

I don’t love you. Why can’t you face that reality?

That night at the hotel, if I had known it was you, I would have been disgusted, I would have chosen to

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get rid of the baby myself. I don’t want… I don’t want to have your children.”

The taste of blood surged in Elgin’s throat, a bitter reminder of Letitia’s effortless cruelty. Each of her

words, a vicious torture, echoed loud and clear in his mind.

Elgin had a major fallout with Hawley to find Letitia, busted out of the hospital, hopped on a private jet

overnight, and hadn’t slept for nearly 24 hours just to see her.

He came and wanted to take her back, but her words were the ones that cut him the deepest!

“Elgin, let me go,” Letitia looked at him, “okay?”

He flatly refused, “No way.”

Letitia smirked, “I knew it…”

Elgin grabbed her hand, pressing it tightly against his chest.

His heart was pounding heavily.

“If I let you go, Letty, then who’s going to let me off the hook?” Elgin asked, “You expect me to suffer the

loneliness and live without you?”

“Even if you drag me back to AquaCity, you’ll only have my body. Elgin, I’ll still run.” Letitia said firmly.

“I won’t give you the chance.”

Letitia looked up at him, “I might not run and even stay in AquaCity. As long as we never see each

other again, divorce, and have nothing to do with each other, why should ! flee?”

The word “divorce scorched Elgin painfully,

Chapter 184

“You hate me that much? Not even a shred of love?” he gripped her shoulders, demanding, “After all

I’ve done for you, and I’ve tried everything to make it up to you and given you promises, you still won’t

accept it?”

Letitia nodded, “Yeah, I can’t accept it. I still hate you.”

Elgin stared at her intently. His gaze was too oppressive, and Letitia couldn’t bear to lock eyes with him

for long.

Suddenly, Elgin asked, “Did grandpa tell you something else?”

Letitia was taken aback, “No, not at all.”

“Don’t hide it from me,” Elgin said, “He told you to be heartless to me and not to give me a sliver of a

chance, that’s why you said all that, right?”

“Elgin, you are deluding yourself.”

He stepped closer, shutting the door behind him, pinning Letitia against the wall, “I don’t believe it, I

don’t believe your heart is made of stone. I’ve come all this way to get you and you don’t feel a thing…”

His voice trailed off, getting softer.

Letitia tugged at the corner of her mouth, “So, even if I ran to the ends of the earth, you’d still find me?”


“That’s not love.” Letitia said, “Elgin, you’re just being selfish, possessive!”

“Call it whatever you want, Letty.”

Elgin never bought into that whole love is letting go and blessing. He loved her, so he had to have her!

Letitia bit her lip, pushing against him, “Well, since you’ve found me, and I can’t escape, do what you


She put some muscle into it, making sure she could push him away, then walked off without looking


After a couple of steps, Letitia didn’t hear any movement from behind.

Weird, what was Elgin up to?

He didn’t chase after her, nor did he speak. Why was it so eerily quiet?

Thinking it over, Letitia couldn’t help but glance back.

There was Elgin, leaning against the wall. With his good right hand covering the wound on his left, he

furrowed his brow, his face a grimace of pain.

Blood was seeping through the white bandage.

“Elgin!” Letitia exclaimed, rushing back to his side.

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She must have accidentally hit his wound when she pushed him away! Letitia felt more and more guilty.

Elgin’s hand needed proper care; otherwise, it could be ruined!

He had come all the way here, which was already tough on his injury, and there she was, clumsily

pushing him…

“How are you?” Letitia asked anxiously, “Should I call a doctor?”

Elgin’s lips were slightly pale, “It’s nothing.”

‘How can it be nothing? It’s bleeding again! Letitia protested, “It was me, I pushed you, I’m so…”

She was to remorseful that she started to stutter.

Dummy, Elgin said, “Don’t blame yourself. I wasn’t careful”

Letiho helped him sit, “You should sit for a while, I’ll go call a doctor… Ah!

Chapter 184

Before she could finish, Elgin pulled her into his arms, sitting her on his lap.

“Elgin, you…”

“Don’t go,” he said, “I won’t let you out of my sight.”

“But your wound needs medical attention.”

“It’s fine.”

Letitia was worried, “How can it be fine? Don’t you care about your arm at all? Do you want to be


Seeing her so anxious, Elgin smiled.

“Look, Letty, you say you hate my guts, but here you are, fretting over me.”

Letitia was taken aback and quickly blurted out, “I-I just don’t want you to totally wreck your hand!


I’d be the villain here!”

Elgin just smiled, looking at her with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.

Sure, the wound hurt, but he could endure it while maintaining his cool composure.

But no, he chose to show his pain to make Letitia feel sorry for him.

Elgin thought to himself, no matter how cold-hearted her words were just now, at this moment, she was

worried about him.

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