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The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna

Chapter 162
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Chapter 162 "It's him," Daisy felt her stomach suddenly heat up and Neil was intrigued by what was happening. Daisy had been confined within the pack's walls but seemed to know an Alpha outside of it.

"How do you know him?" He asked curiously, but Daisy couldn't tear her eyes away from the passport-sized picture. The crescent pendant was around his neck, though he looked slightly more mature than before.

It had been ten years, so he would have changed. When Daisy saw the next file, she instantly pushed it aside. The person she was looking for was Alpha Calhoun Davis. "Can you gather information about him? There isn't much here except that he is the Alpha of the Crescent Pack." Somehow, Daisy didn't want to leave her pack because of the responsibilities on her shoulders, but the desire to find her mate also weighed heavily on her.

She wished he wasn't an Alpha. Then again, there was no Luna information with his, meaning he was unmated. The Crescent Pack was an eight-hour journey from the Dark Moon pack, and Daisy knew it would be impossible to merge both packs.

However, it was just an hour's drive from the Riverbed Pack, making Daisy understand how Calhoun ended up saving her. He was just at the right place at the right time.

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2 42 38 52 22 ** ** ** ** ** F Torn between pursuing her interest, finding a random guy, or giving up on her search for a mate and ruling as her pack's Alpha, Neil's voice tore through her mind once again.

"Daisy, their Alpha died, and Alpha Calhoun took over from his father, who had taken over from the original Alpha. They were not in the line of Alphas but have proven to be very strong and extremely wealthy. I believe that was how his father took over the Crescent Pack." It seemed to Daisy that the Davis' used their wealth and power to take over the Alpha position, but where have they been all these years? And how did they make their money? "Is his father still alive?" Daisy wanted to know all that. She had never been interested in the personal life of any Alpha, but it was necessary for her to do so at this moment in time.

"I heard so, but he doesn't reside in the pack. We are even business allies,” Neil reported. He had the pack matters on his fingertips, just like Daisy, as they had been trained together.

"Thank you. I will take care of a few ngs," Daisy said, about to leave when a knock was heard. Goldie instantly entered, and Neil frowned. asked. For stime, their parents never ventured into the office, only checking things quarterly. "Mom, what are you doing here?" After checking the third tand realizing things were consistently better than before, the youth were left to operate on their own.

Goldie smiled at Daisy. "You disconnected your mindlink and haven't brought your phone. Your father wants to see you before he leaves." A frown contoured Daisy's beautiful face as she asked seriously. "Where is he going?" "Cand ask him yourself." Goldie dragged her along, followed by Neil. Daisy saw her mother blindfolded, and the warriors put their luggage in the trunk of their car.

"Mom, dad, what is going on? Where are you going?" Alpha Nick smiled at his daughter, knowing she was more than capable of taking care of things in their absence. "I have a surprise for your mom, so take care of everything." Daisy's heart sank. It meant she could not leave the pack until her parents return and another thing. "But you have to help us with wolf training tomorrow." "Dustin would help with that,” Alpha Nick pointed at his beta. He couldn't care too much about the pack when Daisy and Neil were doing a great job.

It was tto indulge in happy moments. "Dad..." Daisy was saying when Goldie interrupted her.

"Daisy, your parents have spent their lives taking care and protecting you. This is your tto prove you can handle things on your own." "You don't understand. I have to go somewhere," Daisy tried to explain, but Goldie could not allow this moment to be ruined.

Alpha Nick had arranged a vacation for her and Dustin three months ago and had been planning this for Sheridan too.

"Then let them cback first. They deserve this moment," Goldie said with a smile, and Daisy went mute. Somehow, she felt selfish.

1/2 just as her father treated her mother.

Have always otti III JOVE, danu sic nopcu unt one day, nei mate would treat fer

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Now she had no choice but to wait until their return before pursuing her Car love interest. In the car, Sheridan was nervous. "Nick, where are you taking me?" Alpha Nick particularly did not take any bodyguard along. He needed all the privacy in the world to spoil his woman.

"You can sleep through the journey but should not take off that blindfold, understand?" Sheridan was so curious; she didn't want to obey him this time. "Why won't you allowto take it off until we reach our destination?" "Because that would give you a clue," Alpha Nick said and pressed the ignition, suddenly stepping on the accelerator.

Surrounded by darkness, Sheridan resorted to doing one thing. "Fine. I will sleep." "I love you," was the last thing Sheridan heard before giving in to sleep.

By the tshe woke up, she could feel her whole body on something soft but still with a bindfold.

If However, her legs and hands were tied together. "Where am I? Nick, where are you?" She knew she was no longer in the car but rather on a bed, fearing if things had gone wrong.

Even the dress she was wearing felt different. It was rather silky.

Her heart warmed when her hands and legs were freed, together with the blindfold. "I had to tie you up because i was afraid you might wake up when I went to get a few things." Sheridan's eyes roamed the familiar but triple-improved environment as Alpha Nick said to her.

"Do you remember what you did toeighteen years ago?" His voice was a blend of love, arousal, revenge, and desire.