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The Bound Between Us

The Bound Between Us
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The Bound Between Us

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    Read The Bound Between Us by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Bound Between Us full chapter at . Artist: Herman and Anastasia... Genre: Billionaire Herman and Anastasia exchanged contact information on WhatsApp before she left. Herman also gave her his personal phone number. Anastasia noticed that Herman had saved her name as 'my wife' on his phone, which made her feel strange. She initially planned to save his contact with his name but decided to save him as 'my Mr. Salstrom' after seeing how he saved her contact. As Herman was about to offer her a ride, his phone rang, and he changed his plans, telling her to be careful on the road. Anastasia hailed a cab and left. After Anastasia left, Herman's younger brother, Flynn, arrived in a Rolls Royce and scolded Herman for not answering his calls and missing a contract signing at Crescent Bay. Herman casually mentioned that he got married, which shocked Flynn. Flynn thought Herman was joking because he knew that Herman had shown no interest in dating or getting married. Herman threatened to cut Flynn's allowance in half if he kept rambling. Anastasia returned home, and her mother scolded her for not going on a date as instructed. Anastasia then showed her mother the marriage certificate, revealing that she was now married to a man named Herman. Salma, Anastasia's mother, was surprised and took a closer look at the certificate, noticing that the man, Herman, was handsome. She was confused because the man introduced on the dating site did not have that name.... Read The Bound Between Us