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The Duchess and the Devil

Chapter 33: .
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She didn’t understand why he was so calm, because even if Derrick is a devil, it’s still a matter of life and death. Looking at her husband, Judith said:

«If Hannibal is next to us and wants to kill you, then… why don’t we do act sooner?»

Now was indeed the right time to attack: although Derrick was in the body of a person without special magical powers, Hannibal was in the same position. Therefore, the devil was also trapped.

«Well…» – Derrick laughed, seeing the determined and serious expression on Judith’s face, as if she was on a military field and had to make a strategic decision. At the same time, her cheeks were trembling angrily, making her look like a squirrel.

Looking at this, the Duke simply could not restrain himself. It was interesting for him to look at his wife and her emotions, which changed every now and then. Derrick touched the girl’s cheek, squeezing gently.

«Maybe we can do this,» he said, stroking Judith and moving his fingers to her lips.

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Derrick simply could not contain his emotions when he inhaled the beautiful fragrance of his wife: sweet-floral. He could barely restrain the instinct that said: open her plump lips. Judith’s shining eyes were reassuring.

He was pleased to hear her heartbeat, so calm and soothing.

«Then why do you sound so uncertain?»

«I’m still not sure if his magic is over or not.»

«What about the curse? How does it work?»

«A curse is a contract made by an evil devil without a person’s consent. And now I can’t find out exactly who is the carrier of the contract. It’s like sending an email without an address and waiting for a response. And the curse of Hannibal… It is more complex.»

«Why is that?»

«I, the owner of the body and the person who committed the crime are connected together. If the curse is lifted and I retain the power, I still need to be careful not to die again.»

Judith slowly thought about what she had said and tried to understand how this magic worked: everything was too complicated and confusing.

«Then… You’re trapped in your own curse, right? And soon you can die because of some mistake?» Judith was trying to sort out all the information, and Derrick nodded, agreeing with everything she said. «And you can only destroy Hannibal if you regain your strength?»

He nodded again in the affirmative.

Judith lowered her head again, trying to sort out the information again. And yet, she still didn’t understand why Derrick remained so calm even in a situation that was more like a massacre. She seemed even more worried than he was.

One thing Judith understood for sure. She began to forget that even if Derrick now looks like a man, he is a devil inside. And the man should adapt to the norms and rules of this world or take into account human emotions. But, apparently, calmness in such a situation is the true trait of devils.

«So we have to keep working smoothly on my recovery,» Derrick suddenly said, causing Judith’s face to flush and her heart to beat rapidly.

The girl did not take her eyes off him. Inside, everything shrank, creating a very oppressive feeling. Judith didn’t know if it was a reaction to his magic or something else? After all, there’s no denying that she feels strange around Derrick. When the Duchess looked into those red eyes, she felt excitement and even sometimes admiration.

When Derrick spoke slowly and insinuatingly, burning the girl’s ear, which created the illusion that Judith was suffocating. It was as if the demon was pulling something out of the depths of her heart.

The devil approached the girl, slowly kissing and gently penetrating inside her mouth. He sucked on Judith’s hot tongue, sliding over her even teeth and tickling her in this way. The sensual kiss ended very quickly, not like before – Derrick did not behave so greedily.

Pulling away, Derrick looked at his wife’s face with half-closed eyelids. When Judith opened her eyes, she was immediately confronted with a hot, burning gaze. Whenever he was looking at her like that, it was impossible to tear herself away. This face is so familiar, but so calm and unknown.

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For the first time, the image of her husband was not hidden behind a devilish essence. For the first time, Judith realized that this was not the same Derrick. She saw the devil before her, for whom she had all her feelings.


The kiss and caresses did not last long, because as soon as the couple were going to delve into the knowledge of each other’s bodies, someone knocked on the office door in search of Judith. Derrick regretfully released her from his hot embrace and looked extremely dissatisfied. While she was trying to put her dress in order, the devil was straightening and stroking her silver hair. It looked too awkward, but so kind.

Before leaving the office, the man disappointedly kissed his wife’s palm, not forgetting to lick it, as he usually did. Judith shuddered at the sensations, smiled slightly and left.

Although she had disappeared, the sweet fragrance that filled the entire empty space remained, as if leaving a trace. The hot heat did not go away, only more exciting. His chest felt tight and stifling. This was what Derrick experienced when an indestructible desire accumulated inside: he could no longer tolerate it. Sitting down on a chair, the demon unbuttoned his fly, revealing a view of a huge and tense penis.

The man felt how much his sexual organ was pulsating and writhing. He touched it, squeezing the head and imagining inserting the penis into Judith’s vagina.


«Ah,» he enjoyed masturbating, imagining a panting and crying spouse who would writhe under him.

It wasn’t easy to reach the peak of pleasure alone, but thinking about Judith helped him. He licked his lips again and again. Memories of hot nights spent together over the past few days surfaced in his head.

When Derrick thought about Judith’s naked body, his head throbbed and his eyes swam, as if he was about to lose consciousness. This feeling, like a tsunami, knocked him off his feet. White liquid, when Derrick reached the peak of pleasure, gushed out of his penis.

He took a paper out of the desk and wiped his wet hands. No one but him knew what had happened in the office.