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The God of War by Useless scholar

The God of War by Useless scholar
360 Chapters
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The God of War by Useless scholar

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    Read The God of War by Useless scholar by Useless scholar. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe God of War by Useless scholar full chapter at . Genre: Drama The story begins with a phone call tomander Jorge Green on a carrier in a battlefield. A little girl named Olivia claims to be his daughter and pleads for help, but the call is abruptly ended, and Jorge is left shocked. He orders his plane to return to Ocean City immediately. In Ocean City, Jorge arrives at the Easton's villa, where he had married into the wealthy family five years ago. He reflects on his past and how he became a powerful military leader. Meanwhile, upstairs in the villa, Jorge's wife, Ruth, is engaged in an affair with a man named Jason, and they discuss Jorge's presumed death on the battlefield. They have also sent Olivia to a dog training ground to keep her away. Jorge overhears their conversation and bes enraged. He rushes to the training ground, where Olivia is being threatened by three aggressive Tibetan Mastiffs. The crowd bets on whether Olivia will approach the dogs, and the situation bes increasingly dangerous. Olivia pleads with Mr. Dougherty, the trainer, promising to be good and obedient. As the chains slip from Mr. Dougherty's hands, the dogs lunge towards Olivia, causing her great fear and distress. Read The God of War by Useless scholar