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The Medical Guru

Chapter 1971 - 1971 So, this is the Divine Doctor!
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Chapter 1971 So, this is the Divine Doctor!

“I know that all the seniors on the floor who attended the TCM conference gavethis opportunity to con stage because of my first book, Human TCM, and I also know that everyone wants to heartalk about it.”

Facing everyone at the scene, Fang Qiu paused slightly and continued, “But before I talk about Human Chinese Medicine, I want to tell you one thing first.”


Everyone on the scene was puzzled.

Fifty great doctors, all waiting for Fang Qiu to speak on “Human Body Chinese Medicine”.

This book, the ranking of its importance in the hearts of all fifty great doctors was very high, because everyone knew that the reason why Xu Miaolin was able to break through to beca holy doctor was because of this book.

Therefore, for the matter of listening to Fang Qiu’s lecture on “Human Chinese Medicine”, everyone has long been impatient.

But today.

Everyone is ready to listen to the lecture, but Fang Qiu wants to talk about other things first?

Isn’t that abrasive?

As a junior, how can you be like this in the face of so many seniors?

Just as sof the great doctors were feeling dissatisfied, Fang Qiu, who was on the stage, had already opened his mouth.

“All of you seniors should know about the stone book of the Shennong Shrine, right?”

Fang Qiu inquired.

Everyone was slightly stunned at these words.

Of these fifty great healers, there was only one person who didn’t know about the Shennong Ancestral Shrine’s stone book, and that was the great healer, Cheng Yang, whom Fang Qiu had invited out from the leprosy village.

Outside of Grand Healer Cheng Yang, every other Grand Healer knew of the existence of the Divine Nong Ancestral Shrine’s Stone Book, and all of them had gone on to try to comprehend it, but not a single one of them had comprehended anything from it.

And that’s exactly why.

The great healers had long since put the matter of the stone book of the Divine Farmer’s Shrine to the back of their minds.

It’s also been unmentioned all these years.

But today.

Fang Qiu, however, took the initiative to bring this up at the Chinese Medicine Conference, what was he trying to say?

With a lot of doubt.

The crowd of great doctors, once again focusing their attention on Fang Qiu, also nodded their heads one after another in response to Fang Qiu’s question.

Only after receiving everyone’s response did Fang Qiu gently nod his head and said, “Legend has it that the stone book of the Divine Farmer’s Shrine contains the method of becoming a Divine Physician, and because I promised the four Sacred Physicians that I would go to take a look at it, a few days ago I went there and got something from the stone book of the Divine Farmer’s Shrine as well.”

The words cout.

All of the great doctors on the scene, were shocked, then they sat up straight and stood in awe.

For the legend of the stone book of the Divine Nong Ancestral Shrine, they were also very well informed, only because they were really unable to participate in the cause, so they slightly had so much skepticism, thinking that the legend was just a legend, and could not be true at all.

Now, hearing Fang Qiu say that.

All of these great doctors were shocked and surprised at once.

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“That legend is true?”

“So many of us went and couldn’t comprehend anything, did Fang Qiu really comprehend it?”

“He didn’t deliberately make up a story, did he?”

While rising in solemnity, the great doctors still couldn’t help but have sdoubts in their hearts.

After all.

Even the four Sacred Doctors hadn’t been able to glean anything from it, so how had Fang Qiu gleaned it?


Fang Qiu’s character was there, and people didn’t feel that Fang Qiu was someone who would lie to people, and this clash of emotions made everyone even more excited about giving up on what they were going to say next.

Webcasts on various platforms.

All the netizens, too, have begun to prick up their ears and listen.

Although they didn’t know anything about the stone book of the Divine Farmer’s Shrine, they could sense from the solemnity of all the great doctors how shocking this thing Fang Qiu was about to say was.

“I’ve already spoken to the four holy doctors about this matter, and I can also guarantee that every word I’ve said is true.”

Fang Qiu said, then began to speak, “The tI went to the Divine Farmer’s Shrine was four days before the start of the conference, and the tI arrived at the Divine Farmer’s Shrine was eight o’clock in the evening, there were a lot of tourists included at that time, and I only began to enlighten myself on the stone book that evening after all the tour group people and tourists had left.”

“The moonlight was particularly bright that night.”

“In the beginning, I have been senorizing for a long tnever getting any clues.”

“Just when I thought the legend was just that, a legend, and was ready to give up, I suddenly saw in a daze a very amazing image of that one stone book absorbing moonlight.”

The words cout.

Everyone at the scene froze.

Everyone in the live broadcast room who was watching the live broadcast also all froze.

“A book made of stone absorbing moonlight?”

“I say, Fang Qiu wouldn’t say he saw a monkey inside the stone book, would he?”

“Why do I feel that Fang Qiu is telling a mythological story?”

“Stones that can absorb light theoretically exist, it’s just that it’s simply impossible for the naked eye to see the process by which a stone absorbs moonlight.”

“Could it be that Fang Qiu’s eyes are also different from normal?”

The live broadcast room was filled with all kinds of pop-ups.

And the scene.

All the great healers frowned.

It also seemed obvious that he didn’t quite believe what Fang Qiu had said, feeling that it was a bit too metaphysical.

On stage.

Fang Qiu didn’t stop because of the questioning he suffered, instead, he continued with a bashful face, “At that time, I felt like my entire body was letting go, and looking at the mesmerizing images, I directly passed out, and in my stupor, I saw simages.”

Speaking of which.

Fang Qiu stopped and stepped down from the stage.

The gazes of the people at the scene moved with his figure.

To the stage.

Fang Qiu lifted up his suitcase and said a few words to the staff next to him before carrying his suitcase onto the stage.

Just walked onto the stage.

The projection curtain that had been prepared beforehand was lowered with a swish like a curtain on the wall behind the high platform.

“After I left the Shennong Shrine, I took all the images I saw in my coma, wrote them all down with a pen, and then hired a CG animation production company to make a CG animation.”


Fang Qiu took out his laptop from his suitcase, put it on a small square table by the stage, and hooked up the projector.

“Below, please take a first look at the image I saw inside the stone book of the Divine Farmer’s Shrine.”

Having said that.

Fang Qiu projected the main page of the laptop onto the curtain, then opened the CG animation and clicked play.

At the stime, all the lights in the entire venue were turned off, and the light inside the entire venue immediately dimmed.

Everyone at the scene, as if they were watching a movie in a movie theater, stared at the curtain on the high platform.

CG starts playing.

Everyone was focused on the content of the CG.

Fang Qiu also quietly walked to the side of the high platform and crouched down, afraid of blocking the screen.

Netizens, too, watched together via live streaming.

CG isn’t long, but it’s not short either.

The more people look at it, the more they are attracted to it, especially those in the Chinese medicine sector.

All the way to the end of the CG release, everyone was still still deep in it.

For the average person, this CG animation doesn’t have much substance, it’s simply the lives of two good people.

However, to people in the Chinese medicine sector, this CG has a completely different meaning.

Release the end.

All lights on.

Fifty great doctors on the scene, waking up from their CG stories.

“I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect it ……”

Grand Doctor Li Zhengtang couldn’t stop shaking his head and murmured, “Divine Doctor is actually like this, there is a Divine Doctor in the world, it’s just that people think of the Divine Doctor as too godly, and I’ve gone wrong, gone wrong ah.”

“The path of healing is human-centered, the patient is the first priority, and the path of healing requires empathy, compassion, and a self-sacrificing stance.”

Half Immortal B tilted his head in lamentation and said, “Unfortunately, the world is wrong, and so are you and I. The Divine Physician we pursue is not a Divine Physician, but our own obsession.”

“Am I wrong?”

After reading it, Grand Doctor Yu Qing was also in deep thought.

“Am I wrong?”

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“I am a body to save countless people, but even so I still go the wrong way, for the doctor when the world for good, but I keep a side of the water and soil for their own.”

“Ridiculous …… I didn’t even choose the right path for my own medical path, and I still think highly of myself as a disciple preacher.”

As he spoke, Grand Doctor Yu Qing kept shaking his head with a bitter face.

The moment.

Almost all of the great doctors, began to shake their heads in droves.

Only one person didn’t.

It’s the Great Doctor Sung Yang.

His experience Fang Qiu is very clear, in the eyes of the people in the leprosy village, Dr. Cheng Yang is already a god doctor, his choice is not wrong, even if because of a leprosy village and let him save a lot of people less, he still does not regret.

But even if he didn’t shake his head, Dr. Cheng Yang had sepiphanies after reading the CG and was also in deep thought.


The number of pop-ups in the live rooms of the major webcasting platforms has obviously decreased a lot.

“Is there a point to this story?”

“I don’t feel that the choices of these two protagonists are wrong, because they both have their own lives that they need to pursue, and they can’t be limited in their lives just because of the word Chinese medicine, can they?”

“Choice, is something that every person must do at every stage, I envy the oldest’s spontaneity and determination to fight and work hard for his own goals, and I envy the oldest’s determination to give up his life to save others, and to carry out his healing heart to the end, and I honor them.”


“So, this is the Divine Doctor.”

“In fact, a true miracle doctor is someone who can take the original intention of practicing medicine and carry it through all the way.”

“I am a Chinese medicine man and I will work hard to beca divine doctor.”

The Chinese medicine community, all those who saw the live broadcast, also had a lot of emotions.

Live, on stage.

“That’s the picture I saw.”

After the CG was played, Fang Qiu said to everyone in the scene, “Next, I’ll give you all half an hour to rest and discuss freely, without any regard for my feelings at all.”

The fifty great doctors nodded in understanding.

Then, immediately, a free-flowing discussion began.

The discussion was unusually lively because of the complexity of the insights gained from seeing so much from the CG.

It’s not just the big doctors on the scene.


All the netizens who watched the live broadcast also started discussing it.

“What is the point of this short movie?”

“I don’t deny that people who can lay down their lives for the good of their patients are miracle doctors, but I also don’t agree that people with great medical skills who don’t have their whole lives to spend saving lives aren’t miracle doctors.”

“Since he’s a divine doctor, he must at least have sufficiently strong medical skills no matter what, right?”

“It would be perfect if these two could merge into one, but looking at the situation as it exists, I don’t think it’s desirable for either of them to live their entire lives.”

“I’m just so impressed, the second one is the real TCM practitioner, the oldest one is too utilitarian.”

“I think the oldest’s choice is the one that a normal person would make, and the second was just forced to make such a choice because his medical skills were so poor.”