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The Medical Guru

Chapter 1974 - 1974 Nearly Out of Gas!
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Chapter 1974 Nearly Out of Gas!

Fang Qiu looked up.

Look at that familiar face.

It was a face with three-dimensional features, thick eyebrows, small eyes, a circle of very short gray stubble around the mouth, and graying hair at the temples that was neatly combed back into his head.

Before, there were no wrinkles on this face.

But now, Fang Qiu clearly saw that the old man’s corners of his eyes appeared not shallow wrinkles, and his decree lines had also beca bit obvious.

At one time, the old man was a very healthy, very solemn man in Fang Qiu’s eyes.

Now, Fang Qiu saw amiability and kindness on the old man’s face.

At this time, the old man’s body wearing the ancient tmartial arts outfit, inside wearing white linen underwear and pants, body coat with a long black veil jacket, chest neat Chinese style row of buttons, from top to scare arranged very neatly, in the row of buttons on both sides of the jacket there are also swater grain general pattern, looks to give a person a feeling of special peace of mind.


Seeing the old master who was much more vicissitudes than he once was, Fang Qiu couldn’t hold back any longer, and after kowtowing to the old master, he immediately stood up, and without a care in the world, grabbed a handful of inches of the old master’s right hand, and immediately began to take the old master’s pulse.


Only just reaching the pulse, Fang Qiu’s eyes immediately turned red.

In the past, Fang Qiu knew how much the old man’s injuries were in his eyes, and when he found Xu Miaolin while seeking Chinese medicine, he was able to imitate the old man’s injuries for Xu Miaolin to diagnose.

It could be said that Fang Qiu knew the old master’s injuries very well, but that was only in the past, the current old master was not the sas the old master in the past, and the injuries were naturally different.

After so many years of never finding a cure, never being able to treat only relying on the old master to hold on strongly with his powerful internal qi, Fang Qiu found out through his pulse that the old master’s injuries had beceven more severe than before, and he even sensed that the old master had already reached the point where he had almost run out of gas.

“Master, how did your injury worsen again?”

Fang Qiu asked with red eyes and panic.

“Ha ha.”

The old man laughed out loud in disbelief and said bashfully, “No matter, we haven’t seen each other for so many years, tellproperly, how did you cultivate all these years and how did you get to this point?”


Fang Qiu nodded in understanding, then began to narrate: “I graduated from high school, in order to find a way to heal your injuries didn’t, I chose to enroll in a traditional Chinese medicine university, inside this university I found a few martial arts people, are smartial artists, and the contact with the martial arts is not very deep, and then through a number of martial arts related to the people, I entered into the circle of the martial arts people ……”

Trailing behind the old master, Fang Qiu accompanied the old master out of the valley while recalling his experiences over the past few years, wanting to tell the old master every detail in its entirety.

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“Later, I found that the heavenly materials have a very big help to re-cultivation, can helpin re-cultivation breakthrough to reduce the pain, through the crisis point, and also will not cause any impact on their own cultivation, and then I began to look for the heavenly materials, and constantly looking for people to practice against each other, and in the breakthrough of the use of the heavenly materials, layer by layer on the installation of constant re-cultivation breakthroughs up to the present day. ”

Fang Qiu said.

“Well ……”

The old man nodded in understanding and said, “It’s not like there aren’t many people who know the role of heavenly treasures, but there aren’t many people who can have such good fortune in their own path of the jianghu without anyone’s help or mention.”

“All of this is a chance that belongs to you.”

Fang Qiu nodded.


This was a chance that belonged to Fang Qiu himself.

All of it, he worked hard to get.

Even though he possessed the strength of a Grandmaster, Fang Qiu had always been careful, always hiding his own power, and step by step, he had been able to move forward in the martial arts world.

And it was this stoicism that had brought him steadily step by step to where he was now.

Imagine that.

If Fang Qiu hadn’t chosen to hide his own strength at the Sovereign level in the first place, and had instead directly exploded all of his strength and becfamous in the martial arts, perhaps there wouldn’t have been such a thing as re-cultivation, and perhaps he would have been able to join the Four Great Family Heads and Grandmaster Tianwen and the others in the methods they were practicing.

If that was the case, I’m afraid that it would be very difficult for Fang Qiu to break through to the Second Flower Realm at this point in time, let alone dealing with the Nirvana Organization and healing the old man’s injuries.

When carefully calculated, it all had to do with Fang Qiu’s own character, it was his character that made him make these choices along the way, thus getting the current result.

That’s chance!


Fang Qiu suddenly thought of something and said, “When I was in Linxi before, I found a Nirvana guardian of the previous generation, he had been lurking in Linxi county, and had been following and searching for you, I followed him into the place where you used to live, and cut him down, and then I got a clue through him, and got in touch with another guardian in another city, and after I found him, I discovered that these two people were only communicating with each other, and had not communicated with Nirvana for a long time. After careful investigation, I found that these two people were only dealing with each other, and hadn’t corresponded with the Nirvana Organization for a very long time, and in the end, when that person was trying to pass the message on, I made my move and killed him, and the trail was considered completely broken.”

“In Linn Creek County?”

The old man was obviously a bit surprised, and while his tone was astonished, he immediately narrowed his eyes and said, “I didn’t expect that these guys from Nirvana still wouldn’t die in these decades!”

Fang Qiu nodded in agreement.

Nirvana does not die, this is the fact that the entire martial arts world already knows, and even the Nirvana Holy Lord has already made a personal appearance, I think it is not far away from the day when Nirvana sweeps in again.

“Gramps, where have you been all these years?”

Fang Qiu asked.

“To a very important place, a place I can’t reveal to you just yet.”

The old man opened his mouth and said.


Fang Qiu nodded in understanding and asked no more questions.

“Over the years, through various channels, I have also learned something of your achievements in Chinese medicine, you have just examined me, answerhonestly, how many more years can this body and bones of mine last?”

The old man asked with a bashful smile.


Fang Qiu’s heart entered a heavy blow, and his footsteps violently lurched, colliding with the old man’s line of sight.

Fang Qiu knew that he couldn’t lie at all in front of the old man, and the old man had a very deep understanding of his own injuries, so even if he wanted to lie, he couldn’t lie to the old man at all.

Therefore, one could only bite his lip and say in a low mood, “Three months.”

“No harm done.”

Hearing Fang Qiu’s reply, the old man shook his head with a bashful smile, looking extremely spontaneous, without the slightest hint of reluctance or fear on his face.

While grieving in his heart, Fang Qiu suddenly had a heartbeat and thought of the Yuan Yang Fruit that he had purposely run to Australia to snatch back earlier.

Fang Qiu remembers that Qing Shan’s master once said that the Yuan Yang fruit is the key to curing the old man’s injury, and this tin order to cure the old man’s injury, Fang Qiu made all the preparations early, and when he cto Bozhou, he brought the Yuan Yang fruit with him, only when Z Ai sensed the old man’s aura, his heart was too excited and thrilled, and he forgot to bring the Yuan Yang fruit with him.

“Master, wait for me!”

With this in mind, Fang Qiu didn’t have any hesitation, his body immediately turned into a stump, rushing towards the Bozhou Holiday Inn.

In one round trip, in just three or two minutes, Fang Qiu was back at the mouth of the valley.


As soon as his feet had fallen, Fang Qiu immediately extended his right hand towards the old man, and on his palm he was carrying a box made of mysterious chalcedony carvings.

“Gramps, here.”

Fang Qiu said.


With a puzzled expression, the old man took the jade box from Fang Qiu’s hand and then opened it.

Just open it.

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The old man couldn’t help but be shaken, and said with a surprised expression, “Yuan Yang Fruit?”


Fang Qiu immediately nodded his head and said, “I learned from that senior in the deep jungle of Yongchang County that the Yuanyang Fruit is the key to curing your physical injuries, and it just so happened that when I once went out to sea, I got a treasure map related to the Yuanyang Fruit in the deep sea, and according to the clues I found that the Yuanyang Fruit is most likely growing in the desert of Australia, so I went to Australia and snatched the Yuanyang Fruit.”

“That old thing didn’t telleither.”

The old man raised his eyebrows and said, “Something as big as the Yuan Yang Fruit coming out must have attracted a lot of attention, right?”


Fang Qiu nodded and said, “I have been enemies with Nirvana all these years, as well as the Mi government, because of being tracked by Nirvana and the Mi government all the time, it didn’t take long for my whereabouts to be leaked when I went to Australia, and almost every country around the globe as well as Nirvana’s Little Saint Masters chased afterto go to Australia, and it really wasn’t easy to snatch the Yuanyang Fruit from their hands.”

“Hard work.”

Upon hearing this, the old man took a deep breath and couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, “That old thing was right, I did indeed accept a good disciple.”

“Elder, your and injuries can’t be delayed, just take advantage of this to quickly eat the Yuan Yang Fruit, I’ll protect you.”

Fang Qiu urged.


The old man didn’t refuse, and directly nodded his head and said, “The heavenly material that you spent so much effort and cost to fight for me, how could I fail.”

With that, he directly opened his mouth and swallowed the Yuan Yang Fruit.

Then sit down on the ground and heal.

Fang Qiu was escorting on one side, directly spreading his divine sense out to cover a range of tens of kilometers around him.

Under the shroud of divine sense.

Fang Qiu clearly realized that both Li Ji and Saint Doctor Chu had disappeared.

With Fang Qiu’s strength, he naturally knew that Li Ji and Chu Sheng Doctor had followed him up, but because his heart was too agitated and both of them were acquaintances, he had never bothered to take care of them.

Now it seems.

It’s very likely that Saint Doctor Chu was scared away by the might of his own fight with the old man just now.

As for Li Ji, he should have seen himself safely reunited with the old man before quietly leaving to do his own thing.

While observing the surroundings with his divine sense, Fang Qiu looked at the old man.

Soon after.

It was only after taking the Yuan Yang Fruit that the old man finally cto his senses.

Looking closely, the old man’s vitality was clearly better than just a moment ago.

Just as the old master stood up, Fang Qiu once again reached out and grabbed the inches of the old master’s wrist and once again took the old master’s pulse.