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The Medical Guru

Chapter 1976 - 1976 Sealed Field Consultation!
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Chapter 1976 Sealed Field Consultation!


Everyone was taken aback by the order that the sheriff had conveyed down to them, and everyone looked at each other inexplicably, completely confused as to what was going on.

Although it is said that the sponsor of the Chinese Medicine Conference is the local department, but before that, everyone has never heard of the consultation ah.

How cyou’re not prepared for this at all, all of a sudden?

The crowd.

Xu Miaolin, who was looking towards Fang Qiu, raised his eyebrows lightly.

At the scene, he was the only one who knew Fang Qiu’s purpose for convening the Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical Exchange Conference in advance, and had also taken the pulse of the injury that Fang Qiu wished to treat, knowing what a terrible injury it was.

“Could it be that Fang Qiu chose to study medicine for the purpose of curing this man?”

After glancing at Fang Qiu, Xu Miaolin secretly pondered.

“What is this man’s status?”

“How dare you use the power of the state?”

Xu Miaolin was also curious in his heart about this person who even the state had stepped in to stand up for him.

He was looking forward to it.

What kind of a person is about to cto this venue?

This way.

After all the live streaming platforms and media reporters were all chased away, the police officers, who were the first to rush in, immediately searched the conference hall carefully.

It took about ten minutes to remove all security threats.

The other side.

A police squad, too, immediately walked outside the conference hall and gathered all the media reporters and people from the live streaming platforms into an ordinary conference room.

“I called you all here in the hope that you will realize the seriousness of this matter, and that what happened today cannot be revealed in the slightest.”

A police squad leader turned to everyone in the conference room and said, “Because this is related to state secrets, no one should take any chances, once the slightest bit of information is passed out, we will be able to find out the source of the information leakage, and ultimately find your heads, and then we won’t be able to chat with you so peacefully together. ”

The words cout.

All the media on the scene, and the people on the live streaming platform, were dumbfounded.

No one expected that this matter would be so serious that they would be warned in such a way.

But that’s not all.

Just as all the people in the media and live streaming platforms were murmuring.

That police squad leader suddenly beckoned and called a cop from outside with a bunch of agreements in his hand.

“Here’s the gag agreement.”

The police put the agreement, one by one, handed out to these media people in front of the body, said: “Sign this agreement, you can leave, as for the explanation to your audience, you can say that these days the Chinese medicine conference closed-door seminar, not public live broadcast!”


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The media reporters and the people on the live streaming platforms, all of a sudden, made their hands and signed the agreement.

If the previous verbal warning had left them in the lurch, the arrival of this gag agreement has now truly alarmed them.

At the stime, everyone carefully looked at the heart of panic, to make sure that it is a sealing agreement, before they have signed to leave.

After signing the agreement, they wouldn’t dare say anything to the public about what happened today no matter what.


The security in the conference hall was confirmed and the entire site of the conference hall was completely secured.

Fifty-one great doctors and four holy doctors, including Fang Qiu, waited in the conference hall for the arrival of those who needed a consultation.

A little.

At a twhen everyone was full of anticipation.

The door to the conference hall was opened and an old man and a young man walked into the conference hall.

Take a closer look.

The people who cwere clearly the old master and Li Ji, who was already perfectly disguised as Nameless.


The old man entered the room and didn’t look at Fang Qiu first, but instead directly clasped his fists at all the doctors in the entire conference hall and said, “Please, everyone.”

The words cout.

Everyone immediately understood that the person to be consulted was the whole old man.

“The old gentleman.”

Zhuge Yan took the initiative to step out and cin front of the old man, saying with a smile on his face, “Since it’s the person that the state has asked us to consult, we will do our best.”

“However, all of us are curious as to what kind of condition is it that requires so many of us to ctogether for a consultation?”

Around them, the crowd nodded.

Everyone is curious.

Even if the country’s top brass were seriously ill, they would never look for so many people to ctogether for a consultation; at most, they would just call up four holy doctors.

Who was this old man and what disease did he have?

“I am not sick.”

The old man smiled and replied, “I have an internal injury!”

Internal injuries?

The crowd was in a state of shock.

At this point.

Fang Qiu took the initiative to go forward and found wooden chairs and a long table, allowing the old man to sit down in front of the long table.

The four holy doctors immediately stepped forward and diagnosed the old man.

First, there is the Zhugeyan Sacred Doctor.

Because he already knew that it was due to internal injuries, Sage Doctor Zhuge Yan did not make more inquiries and carefully observed the old man’s external features while taking his pulse.

However, just as his fingers had just touched the inches of the old man’s wrist, Sage Doctor Zhuge Yan, instantly frowned tightly.

One minute later.

After taking his pulse, Sacred Doctor Zhuge Yan didn’t say anything, just merely frowned and walked to the side.

Seeing the situation.

Sage Doctor Chu also cforward to take his pulse.

A minute later, Sage Doctor Chu also entered Sage Doctor Zhuge in general, not saying a word, frowning tightly as he stepped aside.

This was followed by the Sacred Doctor Niu, and the results of his pulse were the sas those of the previous two Sacred Doctors.

Xu Myolin was the last one.

When he cto the old master’s body and took his pulse, Xu Miaolin very clearly perceived that this was the spulse that he had taken on Fang Qiu’s wrist at the beginning, and there was absolutely no mistake.

Only, judging from this current pulse, it was clearly more serious than the strides he had once taken on Fang Qiu’s wrist.

Judas remembered that the first tFang Qiu cinto contact with him was three years ago, which meant that this old man had been injured for at least three years.

With such heavy internal injuries, delayed for three whole years, it was just inevitable that the injuries would worsen.

End of pulse-taking.

Xu Miaolin was just like the three Sacred Doctors in front of him, tightly plummeting his brows, a look of hardship emerging on his face.

The four Sacred Doctors were so grave that the other fifty Great Doctors couldn’t help but be puzzled.

Exactly what kind of internal injuries.

How dare you look at all four holy doctors like that?

In Doubt.

“What kind of injuries are so serious?”

Half Immortal B stepped out and said, “Although I mainly study bone injuries, I also have sresearch on the five organs and six bowels, and I have sinsight into the treatment of internal injuries, so letsee how this injury really is.”

Having said that.

Half Immortal B walked straight up and took the old man’s pulse.


Just after touching the pulse, Half Immortal B’s eyes glazed over, then he couldn’t help but open his mouth and inhale deeply, his face instantly becoming incomparably grave.

That frown was actually tighter than the four Sacred Doctors’ frowns!

“I have quite a bit of experience in the body’s qi and blood harmonization together, and internal injuries are generally related to qi and blood, so I’ll take a look as well.”

Grand Doctor Yu Qing also cforward and took the old man’s pulse.

At first.

Grand Doctor Yu Qing’s face did not change, but as the tof taking the pulse was prolonged, when the tof taking the pulse reached one minute, Grand Doctor Yu Qing’s face was instantly covered with a layer of unbelievable color, as if he had taken a pulse of something that was simply not possible, and the whole person was frozen.

“Internal injuries, too, are in the realm of troubleshooting, and I’m all about troubleshooting, so I’ve cto see if it’s really that bad.”

As a descendant of Divine Doctor Hu Qingniu, Grand Doctor Hu Rentao also immediately stepped forward to take the old man’s pulse.

After taking his pulse, he too fell silent.

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The other great doctors, one after another, cforward to take their pulse and diagnose.

After none of them finished taking their pulse, their faces would becincredibly gloomy and grave, as if they had never encountered such a serious injury before.

The atmosphere inside the entire conference hall was gradually depressing.

When the fifty great doctors had all finished taking their pulse, and Fang Qiu, who was the last one in the seat, stepped forward, all the great coats and holy doctors at the scene had each bowed their heads and pondered for a long time.

After Fang Qiu finished taking the old man’s pulse, he also stepped aside and abruptly raised his eyebrows.

“All watched?”

Between everyone looking at it, Sacred Doctor Zhuge Yan immediately stood up and swept everyone’s eyes, frowning tightly as he said, “Let’s all talk about it.”

The words cout.

Everyone on the scene looked at each other and then shook their heads.

The other three holy doctors similarly sighed and shook their heads.

The four holy doctors all very clearly diagnosed that the old man’s internal injuries had already injured his foundation, and that the injuries had been delayed for too long, and had been aggravated throughout the process of delaying the injuries.

This is a condition that is virtually untreatable.


Seeing everyone shaking their heads back and forth, Grand Doctor Zhuge Yan also couldn’t help but let out a light sigh and said bitterly, “This old gentleman has injured his roots, this internal injury is not the sas a disease, a disease can find the root cause, whereas the root cause of an internal injury is the injury, and it can be said that the root cause can’t be found, and it seems that it’s really hard enough to treat this kind of injury at the moment.”

“Judging from the extent of the old man’s internal injuries, he has two years at most.”

Everyone nodded approvingly.

The faces of every one of them did not look good, they were all doctors, they were all people whose vocation was to save lives, let alone at this time, facing an injured person they were unable to do anything about it, this feeling gave birth to a very great sense of frustration in all of their hearts.

Almost the entire Chinese medicine community is here, and they still lost to an internal injury?

How can this be acceptable to everyone?

Just when everyone’s frustration was running high.


Saint Doctor Niu took a step forward and said, “The old gentleman’s injuries are indeed the sas what Saint Doctor Zhuge said, and on that basis, I can help the old gentleman continue for another half a year.”

“Well, six months to the top.”

The Sage Doctor Chu nodded in agreement.

“With such an injury, it’s already a big deal to be able to continue for half a year.”

Xu Miaolin also let out a bitter smile and couldn’t help but glance towards Fang Qiu, realizing that Fang Qiu was thinking with his four heads.

“Where are you all?”

Sacred Doctor Zhuge Yan turned his eyes to look at the fifty great doctors and opened his mouth to inquire.

The great doctors, all at once, shook their heads in unison.

Even the Sacred Doctor could only renew it for another six months, so how could they, the great doctors, think of anything better?

This time.

We all know why the top brass chose such an old gentleman.

Because this old gentleman’s injuries are really troublesome!