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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!

The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!

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    Summary “You shouldn’t be so self-centered. You’re lucky that Mr. Mu wants marry you. You have no right turn him down!” Bei Shuo feltld on the inside after hearing what her father said. Having gone missing when she was a child, Bei Shuo was found a month ago. Before she found her biological parents, she always thought she’d have a loving family. However, when she finally returned home, she realized they had adopted another girl long ago. After more than a decade, the girl had replaced hermpletely. Her parents, her brother, and her fiance…The Bei family never showed her any form of affection. On thentrary, they wanted her marry Mu Ci for their own benefit after she had just returned. Everyone in the city knew that Mu Ci wouldn’t live long. Besides, he had an aggressive personality. Anybody who offended him would suffer badly. Bei Shuo would probably end up dead without even knowing what caused it. Hence, when she married Mu Ci, everyone in Empire City waited for news of the horrible ending. everyone’s surprise, she actually cured him, and he even ended up pampering her! At the same time, it was revealed that Bei Shuo was actually the disciple of a miracle dor, ap-tier hacker, a champion racer, and the founder of an international fashion brand…Onp of that, wealthy tons, talented dirers, and e-sports professionals all spoke fondly of her. “Everyone, please allow us introduce our favorite junior!” The man who was rumored beld and violent pressed his head against Bei Shuo’s shoulder when he found out about heruntless identities. “How many more identities do you have?” he asked with a pout. Bei Shuo ran her fingers through his hair and smiled. “There’s only one left, and it’s the most important one. I’m still Mrs. Mu!” You’re reading “The Miracle Dor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!” on See all Hide