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The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All

Chapter 16
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The Food Culture Here Is Backward

Su Fengmao’s hand trembled when he heard Su Binglan’s caring words. He became highly excited since his daughter had never said such things to him.

Su Fengmao felt a warmth in his heart. ‘As expected of my daughter. She’s still the best.’

Su Fengmao smiled and said, “I’m not tired. I’m more worried about you than you are about me. Quickly go into the room and rest.”

Su Fengmao felt more energized at that moment and became more determined to finish weaving the basket. He had to work hard and provide a better life for his daughter.

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“You should rest, Father. I’ll start weaving the basket with you if you don’t listen to me.” Su Binglan knew that this was the only way to get her father to rest, considering her predecessor’s memories.

Moreover, Su Binglan knew that her father had been busy before dawn. Su Fengmao would only rest when it was dark outside. Working an entire day would exhaust him.

Su Binglan believed she could make her family wealthy, so she didn’t want them to overexert themselves. She knew she had to treat such a loving family well and lead them to a better life.

Su Fengmao knew that his daughter felt sorry for him. His eyes reddened as he said, “O-Okay, I’ll get some rest. I’ll go and help your mother cook.”

Su Binglan smiled and said, “We’ll eat something delicious for lunch soon. I’ll even cook for you.”

Su Fengmao was stunned. ‘When did she learn how to cook? Why didn’t I know about this?’

Although Su Fengmao was puzzled, he didn’t ask any further questions. He couldn’t discourage his daughter from cooking since it was rare for her to be in the mood for cooking.

Even if Su Binglan’s food weren’t delicious, Su Fengmao would say it was. He never expected to eat the food his daughter cooked. “Okay, that sounds delightful, Binglan.”

Su Binglan entered the kitchen and began to prepare lunch. She prepared a plate of potatoes, sweet potatoes, a bowl of pig’s blood, and some braised pork.”

Su Binglan wanted to make sour and spicy shredded potatoes, but the food culture in this era was ancient. There weren’t any chilies around, so she couldn’t make what she wanted.

But according to her predecessor’s memories, there were chilies on the back of the mountain. Despite that, the people of this era didn’t know they could use chilies as an ingredient, and no one had eaten them before.

Su Binglan thought of going to the back of the mountain to take a look when she had the time. Perhaps she would find something good there.

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Su Binglan prepared to make mashed potatoes so that they could use them as a side dish or portion of staple food. Then she prepared some shredded sweet potatoes. Since sugar was quite expensive in that era, an average family would be reluctant to use sugar as a cooking ingredient.

Su Binglan didn’t need to use sugar for sweet potatoes. She only wanted her family to taste some sweetness.

Su Binglan then prepared to make a bowl of vegetable soup with the pig’s blood she bought. There were many kinds of green and wild vegetables in this era.

When times were bad, most villagers would go to the mountains and dig up wild vegetables as a food source. The villagers didn’t care much about cooking as long as their stomachs were full.

The braised pork dish was the easiest thing for Su Binglan to cook.

“Can you help me peel this potato, Mother?”

Su Binglan couldn’t do everything alone, so she asked Shen Qiuhua for help. She also wanted to ask Luo Jin’an for help, but she was too shy to ask when she thought of his serious health condition.

Su Binglan was even more embarrassed to ask her limping father for help, so she decided to work alongside her mother.

Luo Jin’an came over and asked gently, “Is there anything I can help you with?”