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The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All

Chapter 937 - 937: Such an Expert
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Chapter 937: Such an Expert

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Suhe paled as he said, “You all have been planning this for a long time, haven’t you?”

“You can’t say that, Suhe. Men have ruled our family for generations. Why would we change that now?”

“Your daughter was the one who violated our rules and deceived everyone. We should punish her.”

Ye Feiran’s expression turned cold as she listened to the family’s opinions. She even noted everyone’s gazes toward her. She thought everyone would speak up for her because she had made considerable contributions to the family.

Even if the family did not want her to rule the family, she did not expect them to be so rude. She understood that the family had taken everything she did for them for granted.

Seven becaggressive toward Ye Feiran’s parents, saying they had deceived them.

Meanwhile, Ye Feiran’s mother had to endure everyone’s aggression, even though she was soft. She paled and almost fainted from shock. It angered Ye Feiran, and she decided to leave the family.

“If that’s the case, I’ll leave with my parents. Then, you’ll no longer be able to control us.” Ye Feiran knew her mother could not endure any punishments due to her weak body.

Ye Feiran feared what her family members would do to her mother. She suspected the family of using her parents to threaten her.

“That’s nonsense, Feiran. You’re one of us, no matter what. You’ve even reaped the benefits of being one of us.”

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“Do you want to make us a laughing stock?”

“He’s right. You’ve benefited greatly from us, and so did your parents. Do you think we’ll let you leave just because you want to? You’ll have to hand over all your businesses if you want to leave.”

Ye Feiran laughed and mocked, “I’m sorry, but those businesses you want are under my name. They belong toand my friend.”

Ye Feiran had put all her businesses and their assets under her and Su Wenwu’s names. She did not trust her family but trusted Su Wenwu wholeheartedly.

After all, she wanted to be with him forever. It did not matter, even if all her businesses and assets were under his name. Ultimately, those would belong to her and Su Wenwu.

Without him, Ye Feiran would have died against her pursuers. Moreover, everyone in the Ye family had revealed their true colors and intentions. They only wanted to get Ye Feiran’s businesses.

“How dare you entrust our assets to sstranger!”

Ye Feiran felt a sense of joy as she looked at her family members’ angry expressions.

“What do you mean our assets? Those don’t belong to you. Don’t you know what you have? Or are you all coveting other people’s businesses and intend to snatch them?

“Don’t forget that the emperor has the final say, even though the south is far from the capital. Do you think no one will find out what you’re doing?” Ye Feiran’s rebuttal resembled slapping the family’s faces.

Many were angry and ashamed of themselves as they stared at Ye Feiran.

“As expected, we can’t let you be the head of the family since you favor outsiders. We’ve taught you so much, yet you gave everything to an outsider. You even speak so disrespectfully to your elders. You have no morals.”

“Such a person is unworthy of being the head of our family.”

“If you want to leave, you must return all the resources you’ve used. Otherwise, we’ll punish you.”

Ye Suhe roared, “You’re all going too far! Don’t forget that I’m a descendant of the family’s main branch. I won’t allow you all to bully my daughter as long as I’m around!”

He even stood before his daughter to protect her.

“Since you’re so protective of her, we shall punish you, too!”

“You don’t even act like a member of the main branch. What have you contributed to our family? You have provided us with nothing but lies.”

“Accept your punishment and hand over all your businesses, including the seafood factory!”

The family insisted that they were Ye Feiran’s reason for her success. They kept telling her that she would be nothing without them. Since she had fooled them by disguising herself as a man, they did not hesitate to remove her status as the family heir.

Meanwhile, Ye Shishan looked proud, thinking the family should belong to him. He was delighted that the other family members were loyal to him. Moreover, he wanted all of Ye Feiran’s businesses for himself.

Ye Feiran was outraged. “Do you think you can orderaround and punishas you please? I’d like to see who’s bold enough to do that!”

One of the elders said, “Men, lock Feiran and her parents up in the ancestral hall and wait for interrogation orders.”

“I dare you to touch my parents!” Ye Feiran did not want her parents to suffer with her. After all, they were not in good health.

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“What are you waiting for?! Get her!” The elder urged.

Suddenly, Su Binglan appeared and snapped her fingers, causing the guards to fall. “Who dares to touch my future sister-in-law?!”

“Wh-who are you?! How dare you disrupt a family meeting!” The fourth elder shouted at Su Binglan.

However, she waved and caused the fourth elder to fly into a wall and fall to the ground. The elder coughed a mouthful of blood, shocking everyone.

“Who in the world are you?”

Su Binglan smirked, saying, “Hmph, I’m here to help my future sister-in-law.”

Ye Feiran’s parents were thrilled when they saw Su Binglan, wondering if she was their benefactor’s daughter. Meanwhile, Ye Feiran sighed in relief when she saw Su Binglan. The former was about to send a signal flare just now but ultimately did not need to.

The great elder said coldly, “You trespassed into my family’s residence and violated our rules! We will punish you for that!”

Su Binglan remained calm as the family’s six most formidable guards appeared. She then dealt with them quickly and effortlessly.

“H-How did you”

The family had never witnessed such martial arts skills. Even Ye Shishan was shocked. Soon after, Su Binglan revealed her princess token and said, “Do you know what this is?”

“Th-that’s the”

“You’re the royal princess?! How can that be?!”

“Isn’t the royal princess in the capital?”

Although the Ye family was in the south, they had heard of the royal princess and how the emperor doted on her.