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The Unrecorded Extra

Chapter 17 Relapse
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The entrance exam lasts for 2 days. On the first day, the candidates would be measured for their potential and demonstration of their skills.

The second day was a more relaxed exam than the previous day. Candidates would be tested for their knowledge by holding a large-scale written exam simultaneously in the Eagle realm, the lecture halls. For me, this exam was a relaxed test because I certainly know the ins and outs of this world.

Anyway, day 1 of the exam was coming to an end as the sun was about to set.

The day was getting old as the magnificent shades of orange illuminated the sky, the sun was about to go to sleep while the moon princess prepared to accompany the night.

The sound of birds chirping collided with the chatter of the candidates who still looked enthusiastic after taking the exams.

As for me, I was enjoying my free time just leaning on a park bench in the Crow realm. There were several candidates here beside me, their faces looked happy and were enjoying the laughter.

Somehow I feel calm among the noise around me. When I was about to close my eyes, I felt something touch my leg. It was a black cat, its loud purr was clearly heard over the noises.

"Hey, my furry friend. Are you hungry?" I said as I pet her soft fur.

She meowed.

Her eyes were red, it somehow looked familiar.

"Wait. You're the cat on that day, right? One who appeared on my windowsill early in the morning?"

The cat stared at me for a long before she meowed then scratched her furs.

"Wait… Why do I even talk to her? It's not like she understands what I am saying."

Staring at the cat for some time, I couldn't suppress the feeling of wanting to pet her head. And so I did it.

"But, if she's a summoned creature… It's possible for her to understand me, or maybe the summoner does."

pαndα`noνɐ1--сoМ Using my Clairvoyance skill, unlike the usual, a screen didn't pop up on the cat. I raised my eyebrow and tried again. The result was the same, this cat couldn't be observed, either she was immune or there was a skill blocking my Clairvoyance.

It was the first time this had happened, so I wasn't so sure what caused this.

Hearing someone's footsteps coming closer and then stopping right to my left side, I looked up just to see two familiar faces. I stared at them with genuine confusion and excitation.

Confused to as why they would stop and not continue their way to wherever their destination was. And excited because I met the main characters, Lux and Ayano, which both were gorgeous.

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"Are you okay?" said Lux.

Upon hearing him saying that, I was so confused.

'Why did he ask me that?'

I peeked to my right just to see if there was another person than me who might be the one Lux referred to, but there was no anyone sitting on this bench beside me. Looking back at Lux, I said

"Thanks for asking, I guess I'm okay? But, why did you ask that?"

Lux scratched his cheek while Ayano seemingly looked around as if she tried to find something.

"Oh, it's… How do I say this…"

Is he afraid that he might offend me? Hmph. As if I'd get offended by someone's words.

"Just say it, it won't hurt to hear a concerned person's reason," I said with a shrug.

Well, not really. I might get really offended if he was to say I was ill just because he heard me talking with a cat. Not that he will be asking me that, right?

"Actually, I accidentally heard you talking…"

Oh. So it's really because of me talking to a cat?!

Noticing my blazing glare, Lux immediately calmed me down. "No, no. It's just that, I accidentally heard you talking to yourself, something about a summon?"

"Talking to myself?"

Did he not see that I was talking to a cat? Literally a cat, with black fur and red eyes, he didn't see that?!

"Yes…" he said in a low voice.

"Huu… You see, I was talking to a cat. A summoner's cat, I'd guess."

"A cat?"

"Yes. It right over here…" I said while pointing at my feet. "Huh? Where is it gone?"

The supposed black cat was not there. Lux and Ayano looked at each other with slightly raised brows.

"Well anyway, I'm not talking to myself, but to a cat."

"I-I see… Then, a summon you spoken was that cat you talking to?"

"Yes. I know it's weird to talk to a cat. But, since it's a summoned cat, I thought that maybe the summoner could hear me."

"Ah. It may also explain why the cat suddenly vanished, then?"

"I guess so."

We talked for a moment, it was just Lux and me, Ayano was silent all the time but occasionally let out a little smile every time Lux laughed. It was a short talk with the protagonist, but it was really fun.

"Ah. Pardon me, I ought to introduce myself before talking to anyone. I'm Lux Virtus, from England, nice to meet you!"

He looked at Ayano and introduced her also, "And this is Ayano Fuyuki, she's from Japan."

She slightly bent her body, making a polite bow. "Nice to meet you."

"My name is Zio Varrez. Well, I was from Indonesia, and now I live on this island with my cousin. Nice to meet you."

Influenced by her, I unconsciously copied her movement while I introduced myself.

The talk ended after the introduction. What a great way to end a conversation, eh?

While I sat back and chatted with the main characters in the park, I never thought time would go by so fast.

When I saw the sky that was now getting dark, a cold wind blew against my skin. It was already evening, and that was the sign that I had to go to the dormitory provided for the candidates to stay for one night.

The dormitories were located in the Dove realm. Arriving there, the multi-story dormitory buildings lined up along the straight road filled this district. Even if the streetlights weren't bright now, this street would still be lit by lights coming from the dorm room windows, well at least until they all fell into a deep sleep after the test earlier.

I'd have been lost searching for which building was containing my room if they didn't put a sign in front of the building door.

Flipping the tag I got when I registered, apart from the participant number, there was a letter indicating the dormitory building I would be staying in. There was a letter D engraved on it, logically speaking, that meant it was the fourth building.

Sure enough, the fourth building had a sign with the letter D emblazoned on its door.

"Wait a minute... If I'm not mistaken. This dormitory building is where Lux and the main characters live during the entrance exam. Then…"

They definitely stayed here during the night of the exam. As for the room number, I'd forgotten about that. But, if my memory served me right, the five of them would be next to each other.

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Lux Virtus with Leonardo Miguel, Ayano Fuyuki with Lumi Alicia, and Seo Yeong-ha with Grace.

That was all of the main characters' names except Grace, she was not a main character. I'd said she's a supporting character, with as much screen time as the main characters.

"Mine is number 403… It's on the sixth floor… Fvck!"

There were 8 dormitories, with each having 500 rooms. The buildings were all six stories high. The entire first floor was a lobby and student zone. From the second floor to the sixth floor was where the rooms were located.

The second floor consisted of rooms from number 001 to 100, the third floor consisted of rooms from number 101 to 200, the fourth was 201 to 300, the fifth was 301 to 400, and the sixth floor was number 401 to 500.

Riding an elevator to the sixth floor was such a short trip that even though I didn't do anything, the elevator doors to the sixth floor opened suddenly.

Finding my room right after walking out from the elevator was also a quick trip, it was only a few steps away from the elevator door. The sign screen hanging above the door was showing the number 403, so I immediately opened the door without hesitation after confirming it.

"Excuse me…"

There was no one in this room.

"Oh? will I sleep alone tonight?"

Not something I would complain about. So…

"Bed, here I come."

I jumped on the bed and lay down. It was so soft and comfy that my energy suddenly drained.


I stood up to look at the other bed.

"It's an unused bed. I bet it'd feel the same!"

So I jumped on another bed and my body immediately got sucked in by the bed's soft foam.

Ah, it was such a good time… I just want to lie down here forever.

Before long, my consciousness left my body as I drifted off to sleep.

Everything became dark…

Yes, of course, it'd be dark because I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

But, that's not the case...