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The Unrecorded Extra

Chapter 31 Neophyte Nexus IV
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The entire stage was covered in fierce aura force coming from Leonardo's body, even when stood outside or even up at the seating area, everyone could feel the intense pressure of the aura.

"Cyclone Slash!!"

With a swing of his scythe, he unleashed the Cyclone Slash, which combined multiple smaller aura waves into a massive cyclone that left a trail of destruction on the stage as it headed toward the second-year student.

Upon seeing that, I couldn't help but be mesmerized by Leonardo's power. Sure he was a jerk, but no one could underestimate his destructive power, he was one of the many heroes whose destructive power was on par with the higher rank heroes in the future when he was just graduated from the academy.

Unable to defend himself from the Cyclone Slash, the second-year student desperately activated his magic barrier, hoping it could reduce the damage.

The result was as he had hoped, even though the final damage still left him unable to continue the fight.

"Leonardo Miguel, ranked 4th of the first year, has won against Daniel Hugo, ranked 2nd of the second year!"

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause in unison, making a rumbling sound. I could feel the ground below me shaking slightly as people's cheers were roaring in the air.

The result was as expected, Leonardo won against the 2nd rank just as I remembered.

It was not like the senior was weak, but it was just Leonardo who was too strong.

Savoring his victory, Leonardo puffed his chest and arrogantly walked off from the stage. Passing by between me and Lux just like he did when he went to the stage.

"That's how you do it, genius."

He disappeared into the tunnel while flexing his sore muscle.

"Now I know why he has that kind of attitude," said Lux.

I peeked at him, curious. His face was as bright and positive, there was no resentment or hate behind his expression, Lux was genuinely saying that as a compliment, not a mockery.

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"Arrogant, overconfident. He's used to winning all the time. That's why he acts like he's the best."

He continued, this time he was looking at me as if asking for my opinion.

I ignored him at first, but when he finally asked for my opinion directly, I answered.

"He's a jerk. But, yeah, just like you said, he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Talented and full of resources, though I'd like it if he was a bit more humble."

It was not out of the realm of possibility, he'd have a lot of character development, from a jerk and arrogant person to a respectable and well still arrogant person.

Lux nodded at my response and added, "Same here."

"But in this world, it's the strong who get ahead. Sitting on top of the world. That's just the way it is."

Lux's comment about the strong sitting on top of the world touched on a fundamental truth of this world.

There existed an invisible societal system that favored those with strength and power. The powerful and talented were given opportunities, while the weak were left to struggle.

This system simply appeared after the second catastrophe. People with power started to become arrogant and just decided to build their own group called a guild.

Although there was exist thousand of guilds, the central power of the world was still held by the Hero Association which was built by the first generation of heroes, Omega. The power the Omega had was superior that not even the power of 8 heaven realm guilds combined could mess with.

This societal system was especially evident in the Omega ranking system, which determined one's position and status in society based on their combat ability.

Those who held high rankings were showered with wealth, prestige, and opportunity, while those with low rankings were ignored.

This system was also reflected in many of the world's top academies, which only accepted students with exceptional abilities or resources. Those who lacked such abilities and resources were left to fend for themselves, with little hope of achieving success or reaching the top.

While this system may seem unjust and cruel, it was simply the way of the world. Those who were able to rise to the top and maintain their position did so through sheer willpower and determination. The weak, on the other hand, were simply left to fall by the wayside.

"Let's get on the next round of Neohpyte Nexus!"

The host's voice brought me back to reality along with the cheers of students in the seating area.

The next one to fight was Lux. He was using a long sword, already standing on the stage as he thought about his opponent.

Obviously, he was going to go for the first rank of the second year!

At least, that was what I thought and hoped. But, he betrayed my expectation by choosing another number.

"I want to challenge the number three!"

Why did he challenge the third-ranked and not the first-ranked? It was not supposed to be like this.

Just what was wrong? What caused this? Is it because Ember was ranked first and not Lux? Was Lux's decision to choose the third-ranked because his equal number was already picked by Leonardo? Even so, why didn't he just pick the number one just as in the ?

Fvck Lux and his upright and fair personality!

Don't get me wrong, the reason why I wanted him to fight the first-ranked second-year was that the fight was gonna be epic. It was a close fight that ended up in Lux's favor as the fight continue, the first fight was where Lux was going all out with his power because after that everything was too easy for the protagonist until the demon's appearance.

'Ah shit! This is the only chance I could witness him fighting with all of his power early so I could study his technique, the Fluorescent Moonlight!'


Lux took a deep breath as he walked forward, where his senior, a renowned swordsman, was standing a few paces away in front of him. He bowed respectfully and greeted him, for formality.

"Good day to you, Senior. I humbly request your guidance in our match today," Lux said, his eyes focused and determined.

"Of course, Junior. I'm happy to help. Although, you look like someone who doesn't need advice. Let's both do our best and learn from each other from this NN."

There was a strong German accent in his voice.

Lux nodded. He unsheathed his sword and assumed his stance, waiting for his senior to make the first move. The two warriors faced each other, the tension palpable in the air.

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The senior was using a sword each in his hands, a dual sword user if you'd like to call him.

Upon seeing the senior's weapon, Zio's eyes widened in surprise that he would find a dual-sword user among the second-year students.

ραпdα nᴏνa| сom That senior was someone who Zio never mentioned and remembered, so the surprise was genuine for him. Curious, he used Clairvoyance on the senior.

[Name: Nix Schwartz (Male sign)

Age: 18

Race: Human]

'Nix Schwartz? That's the name I've never heard before…'

Despite his doubts, Zio couldn't help but be curious about the brand-new introduced character that he had never known.

Of course, this one was a welcoming introduction of character rather than when with the appearance of Ember who suddenly took over Lux's position for the rank 1 of the first-year student.

Not that he hated Ember for it, rather, he was worried about what might the future hold after Ember's appearance which seemed like a big change from what he known.

Different from Nix whose appearance might slightly or even not affect anything in the future.

But, in the end, it was just what Zio thought about the things he believed.

Back to the stage arena, the two fighters fought evenly. They both were the type that relied on agility and speed.

For a dual-sword user, those two aspects were important because they had to balance the weight and momentum of both swords.

Lux was agile and quick, but Nix was not far behind. The senior swordsman was able to match Lux's movements and even anticipate his attacks.

Lux and Nix exchanged blows, their swords clanging against each other in a rhythmic dance. Sweat dripped down their faces as they moved with grace and precision. Lux was impressed by Nix's skill, and he knew that he had to give it his all to win.

Suddenly, Lux's speed increased as he rained down Nix with a series of strikes that appear as if he was dancing with the sword. Each strike was precise and calculated despite its flashy style of attack, aimed at different angles and parts of Nix's body.

Did not want to lose to his junior, Nix gripped both his sword tightly, blocking and parrying every incoming attack aimed at his weak point.

At that moment, Zio noticed the glow on Lux's sword. He looked carefully and then found out that it was not because of the mana-coating technique he had used back in the entrance exam.

'If it's not the mana coating, then it must be that. Fluorescent Moonlight swordsmanship!'