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The Unrecorded Extra

Chapter 32 Neophyte Nexus V
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Name: Fluorescent Moonlight

Rank: 4 stars

Description: A swordsmanship created by Grace Gallaghan. This technique is characterized by its precise, swift, and graceful movements, resulting in dazzling sword strikes that resemble beams of moonlight flashing in the darkness. The swordsmanship involves lightning-fast strikes, quick transitions between offense and defense, and the ability to attack from unexpected angles, keeping the opponent off-balance.


Lux moved with remarkable speed and finesse, his strikes resembling flashes of moonlight.

He weaved in and out of Nix's counterattack attempts with graceful footwork, evading each strike with impeccable timing. His swordsmanship was a symphony of dazzling movements, combining offensive and defensive maneuvers seamlessly.

Just a while ago, it was Lux who rained down Nix with his swordsmanship but the situation was reversed now.

With the swords each in his hands, Nix went off offensive this time after successfully escaping from Lux's flurry of strikes. But, even though Lux was rained down by a flurry of strikes from Nix, he was able to evade it rather easily and counterattacked when he have a chance.

Lux's movements were a mesmerizing display of swordsmanship, incorporating spins, feints, and swift changes in direction.

His strikes were like beams of moonlight, each one landing with pinpoint accuracy, ones that could create a dazzling spectacle if he was fighting when being showered by the moonlight.

"Kugh!" Nix groaned.

With each passing moment, the tides had turned in Lux's favor once again. Chipping away at Nix's defense with a barrage of precise strikes, he seamlessly transitioned from offense to defense, always staying one step ahead of his opponent.

"You've been a great opponent, Senior. But, I'm afraid I need to end this now!"

Struggling to keep up with Lux's attack, Nix forced a smile as he responded to Lux's words.

"I never thought you'd be this strong, Junior."

They broke off the clashing and stepped a few paces back, keeping the distance for a seemingly to go for a finishing move.

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"Then, let's end this match with this final move… Here I come, Junior!"

Lux smiled as he spun the hilt of his sword and grabbed it again. Then, he rushed forward.

pαndα,noνɐ1,сoМ In their final, decisive move, Lux unleashed a flurry of strikes with blinding speed and precision, even faster and more precise than before. The glow on his sword was increasing that it was now vividly visible to the audience's eyes.

— "His sword is glowing!"

— "His swordsmanship beautiful…"

Cheers and screams came from the female students, either from the second-year students or the first year. They were all cheering for him, somehow making a chant.

— "A beautiful swordsmanship is being used by a handsome swordsman!"

The male students rolled their eyes, annoyedly and jealous.

Lux's techniques and overall combat skills proved to be superior to his senior as he overwhelmed Nix.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Nix redoubled his efforts for the final move. He backstepped and cross-slashed his dual sword, making a cross-mana slash that launched forward.

However, Lux sidestepped gracefully and reached for Nix then attacked him from unexpected angles with blinding speed.


Nix was disarmed from his weapons and a pointy blade was hanging before his eyes.

"I yield," he said, smiling as his hands were raised, gesturing that he gave up the match.


The arena rumbled as cheers and applause roared.

Lux lowered his sword and offered Nix a hand in sportsmanship. Nix, without feeling disappointed over his defeat, accepted the gesture with respect and a friendly smile, acknowledging Lux's superior skill even though he was his junior.

"I had a hunch… that your class would become the golden generation of this academy," said Nix.

As they left the stage, Lux was greeted by the adoring cheers of the female students, who praised his swordsmanship and also admired his handsome appearance.

Lux, though felt uncomfortable, graciously accepted their compliments, but remained humble, knowing that his victory was thanks to his mentor's teaching and his dedication to his craft.

Waiting for them outside the stage were two people, one was a female student with fiery red flowing hair, her face was stunning and bewitching even though her whole expression was cold, unapproachable, telling anyone to not come near her.

The other was a male student with jet-black hair, with eye color the same as his hair but it was darker, looking much more like an endless void if someone was to stare at it for too long. His appearance could be categorized in a list of 'Handsome students in the academy', overall he did not fell behind in terms of handsomeness from Lux.

"That was a nice swordsmanship you displayed there, thanks!"

"I'm not sure why you are thanking me… But, thanks for the compliment, to tell you the truth, I haven't achieved complete mastery in my swordsmanship yet."

Nix who overheard it turned around and look back at Lux with a grin.

"Oh? So that's not your full power?"

"That was my limit for now, senior."

"Haha! I see, I see. Knowing that… I'd like to have a rematch sometime when you're already passed your limit."

Nix said with a light chuckle as he walked toward the tunnel with a waving hand.

"Then, good luck to you Zio," Lux said, pausing a moment to take a look in the red-haired girl's direction. "You too, Ember. Good luck with your match."

There was no response coming from her. Her silence made the two boys wonder if she listening or not.

Sighing, Lux walked toward the tunnel and disappeared from Zio's sight.

There were only Zio and Ember left in the arena, waiting for their turns in the Neophyte Nexus.

Obviously, the next match was Ember's.

As her name was announced by the host, she gracefully strode towards the stage and picked up a sword with a unique blade design. The blade appeared to be connected by a series of thin wires, resembling a whip with intricate detailing.

As her name was called out by the host, she moved with fluidity and grace toward the stage.

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Her eyes were still the same, cold and seemed hollow, as she reached out for the weapon of her choice - a sword with a blade that immediately caught everyone's attention.

The blade was unlike any other, with an intricate design that seemed to defy convention. It appeared to be composed of a series of razor-thin wires, intricately woven together, resembling a whip frozen in time.

The wires glinted in the light, giving the impression of a deadly, flexible weapon that could strike with swift and precise movements.

It was a sight to behold, and as she lifted the sword, the audience held their breath in anticipation, eager to witness the mastery with which she would wield this extraordinary weapon.

With a confident grip on the hilt, she gave the sword a practiced swing.

The blade sliced through the air with a mesmerizing whistle, leaving a trail of gleaming arcs in its wake. The whip-like blade seemed to have a life of its own, moving with a sinuous grace that was both mesmerizing and awe-inspiring.

The audience was captivated by the display, their eyes fixed on the dazzling spectacle before them. Each swing of the whip blade created a mesmerizing display of movement, with the wires of the blade tracing intricate patterns in the air.

The subtle shifts in her stance, the flicks of her wrist, and the mastery with which she manipulated the weapon, that sheer artistry of her swordplay was a sight to behold, leaving the audience entranced and in awe of her skill.

She stopped swinging the sword with a flick of her wrist, the whip blade retracting smoothly into its hilt. Her expression remained unchanged, the cold and unapproachable demeanor still intact

With an air of nonchalance, she sheathed the sword and turned to face the host.

"Number 1."

She said suddenly, leaving the host confused for a moment before he realized that he was in a dazzle because of her performance.

Turning around to face the big audience sitting on the bleachers, the host announced.

"Second-year student, rank 1, Noah Alfonso! Please come to the stage!"

The crowd was excited, cheers erupted as they heard that it would be a battle between rank 1.

The first rank of the second-year student, Noah Alfonso, unlike the previous second-year students who were normally walking to the stage. He was making an entrance by jumping from his seat and landing on the stage cooly.

The crowd was left in awe by his entrance, whistles and cheers were directed at him for doing that. But, Ember was still with unchanging expression, not a single reaction coming out from her.

With a wink as Noah stood up, he smiled flirtatiously at Ember.

"Hello there, Ember. I'm Noah Alfonso, pleased to make your acquaintance."

Zio who overheard him talking like that had his eyes rolled and his face buried in his palm.

'Ah. Here comes the womanizer…the very character that openly flirts with every girl he stumbles upon…the one who plays a role as a comic relief character. One of my favorite characters I'd created…'

"But, why do I feel embarrassed?'