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Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 1038: Milord, I Was Wrong!
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Grains of sand gracefully cascaded down the narrow opening in the hourglass. Roughly when all the sand had sunk to the bottom, Lith saw a towering figure rush towards him.

Sitting on a pillar with his legs dangling at the edge, Lith looked at the hourglass in his hand with interest. He picked it up from his room in the Inn. It was lying there as a decoration.

The towering figure's silhouette becclearer, and in a few moments, Lith could see Khimav hurrying in his way with a transparent jar full of white dandelions. The jar was as big as the truck that isekai's many future anprotagonists.

"I acquired the dandelions." Khimav said in a deep voice.

"Good." Lith got up and stood on the pillar to see Khimav in the eyes. "I'll help you make the powder."

With that, Lith jumped on top of the glass jar Khimav was holding.

Extending his hand out, his nail lengthened into a sharp dagger, and using it, Lith cut a palm sized hole on the jar's lid.

Khimav watched him with doubtful eyes. If things don't work out, he wouldn't hesitate to crush this person.

With a hole being made in the jar, the white dandelions rushed out to escape, but what met their fate was a swirling ball of fire, hot enough to melt iron.

Lith willed the Fire element from his surroundings and made it rush within it the jar. The fire was hot and could burn the dandelions to a crisp. To control it, Lith skillfully maneuvered Wind elemental energy and eased the fire.

Within the jar, the dandelion aggressively swayed like an earthworm sprinkled with salt. It tried to rush out of the jar, but was suppressed with gushing wind and fire energies.

A surprised glint appeared in Khimav's eyes as he watched the skillful blend of Fire and Wind elemental energies. Within the jar, a tornado of flames was raging. It did not touch a single dandelion but heated it enough to becdry.

Whoever Lith was, he for sure was a master at work.

Focused on the dandelions, a bright yellow light shot up out from Lith's fingertip. It was the Light elemental energy that shone within the jar like sun rays.

Next, the Earth elemental energy went inside the jar and covered the entire transparent surface, making one unable to look inside.

The less visibility was neither a problem to Lith nor to Khimav who could watch every inside with their spiritual senses.

Light reflected from the surface of earth within the jar, dancing in a zigzag pattern within it. Coupled with the raging flames of a tornado, the dandelions stood no chance at escape and were mercilessly turned into a fine powder.

The usual process to turn these dandelions to powder was to dry and grind them, which would take about a week.

However, with Lith in the picture, who could wield all the elemental energies, it was a matter of a few minutes.

Khimav's brows jumped in shock when he watched the control Lith had over the four elements. The combination Lith used was odd as Light elemental energy was really difficult to control. It flat out refused to blend and work with other elemental energies, giving the casters a headache.

Lith was definitely a master. It went without a doubt this time.

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Khimav was sure by now that this person was not someone ordinary. He had a hunch that he belonged to spowerful noble clan. Commoners, no matter the talent, did not possess the necessary guidance or wealth to have techniques that could help them reach such a level.


Lith jumped back on the pillar from the jar and said while patting his clothes to rub off any dandelions present. These creatures were parasitic, invasive, and grew easily in the right conditions.

Lith had done a favor to the Giants by having the Chief remove this from their plains, and him turning it into powder.

"Take this." Lith threw a liter of blue-colored vial at Khimav, who caught it instantly. "Add ten milliliters to one kilogram of powder. It'll turn into a pancake batter-like texture. Apply it on your wife's body. Make sure to not miss a single spot, even the hair on her head."

Khimav stood silently in place and stared at Lith.

Lith yawned and said, "If your wife's recovery speed is good, she should be back to good health in a few minutes. If it's absolutely terrible, it would take a few hours. I'll be sitting here on this pillar, you can cand prostrate along with your wife to thanklater. Now go, I dislike being stared at by males like this."

Khimav frowned at the vulgarity Lith spouted out. He wanted to say something, but held himself back from doing so.

Even the vulgar things Lith had said sounded prim and proper. This was probably the power of being a high class noble.

If this were to be compared, it would sound similar to a gentle and holy priest in a church saying something like:

"…and by the grace of god, please fuck off, dear worshipers."

The words were vulgar, blasphemous even, but would sound pleasing to the ears with the way it would be conveyed.

Shoving aside these thoughts, Khimav did a slight nod of acknowledgment to Lith, and left the place with a gray powder in the transparent jar.

Once he was gone, Lith turned around and said, "You can cout now, aunt."

A pretty dragon lady manifested in front of him. There was not the slightest of ripple in space or fluctuation as she appeared, signifying the mastery she had over it.

"You surprisingly managed to handle the situation well. I was expecting myself to intervene and save you when you get beaten up by that guy, but it didn't happen."

Mayzin clapped slowly and said with visible enthusiasm.

"Oh?" Lith raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Would you have carriedback hif something like that had happened?"



Lith should've gotten beaten up then! He would've gotten a free taxi back hin the soft embrace of a dragon lady, whose knockers would definitely crush his face as he laid unconsciously in her arms.

'Tch. Tch. Tch. Missed opportunity…'

'…or wait… is it really?'

Lith suddenly had an idea.

"Ahh… aigo…"

Lith placed the back of his hand on his forehead and staggered his way close to Mayzin.

"…my spiritual power is depleted… I'm so tired…"

Lith reached in front of Mayzin and fell in her embrace.

In reflex, she caught him and stared at him with a stupefied gaze.

"…haiyaa… aunt… I..I don't think I'll make it…"

While acting as if his body was weak, Lith raised his legs and placed them up on Mayzin's arms, shamelessly laying completely in a princess carry position in his aunt's embrace.

Mayzin blinked and stared at her nephew, wondering what the fuck just happened in a few seconds.

"A, aunt…"

Lith looked into Mayzin's dark eyes with a tearful exprssson.

"…If… If I don't make it…"

He raised his hands up to hold Mayzin's beautiful, smooth, and angular pretty face.

"…make sure to delete the homework folder in my phone and laptop."


A loud chwas heard by Mayzin that seemingly cout of nowhere.

Lith's face fell to the side and his body turned like jelly, being completely at Mayzin's mercy and in his arms.

He… he was dead.

'What the—'


He wasn't dead.

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He was pretending to be dead, but was so skillful at it that anyone would be mistaken.

The acting was horrible, but the state he was in could fool anybody, had they weren't aware of what sort of personality Lith was.

'Seriously… this guy… I really want to beat him up…'

The thought of dropping the guy down the pillar surfaced Mayzin's mind, but for sreason, she couldn't get herself to act on it.

She stood in place, holding Lith as if he was a princess, and stared in the distance, wondering what she was supposed to do from here onwards.

Thankfully, she didn't have to wait for more than two minutes.

Two towering figures could be seen rushing towards her from the distance. The ground rumbled as they ran and sent tremors everywhere in the capital.

Sensing it, Lith opened his eyes and clicked his tongue.

"Tsk. They're faster than I thought. I should've made the powder less potent."

Lith cursed out loud. He was so happy being held by his aunt and enjoying her warmth, now he wouldn't get such a chance again since she would be well guarded.

Hearing his words, Mayzin lowered her gaze and squinted murderiusly at Lith.

"Ayo… I think the power of your love and warmth has healed me. Hm. Hm. I think your prayers were answered, aunt. Thank you for worrying for me. Here, you deserve this."

Lith held her face and shamelessly kissed her cheek as a form of thanks.

Before she could lash out, he disappeared from her embrace and stood at the edge of the pillar, placing a hand over his eyes and staring at the rushing Giants.

"Yup. That's definitely her."

A gentle looking Giantess was rushing along with a burly, roguish Giant beside her. The two looked like a rebellious couple eloping their way out from an arranged marriage.

"Milord! Milord, I was wrong!"

A thundering voice of a male echoed in Lith's ears, the powerful vibrations of it almost sending him flying.

Soon, the Giant couple was right in front of Lith. They had attracted quite the attention as a crowd instantly formed around them.

The couple, looking at Lith, knelt down on the ground and…


"Milord, I was wrong!"

"I was wrong!"

"I was wrong!"

"I was wrong!"