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Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 1039: A New Servant
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"W, what is the Chief doing!?"

"Oh, mother! What is he doing…"

"To prostrate so shamefully…"

"Are you guys sure that is really the Chief?"

"Yeah. I have never seen the Chief with a woman like that. Who is she?"

No matter the race, people everywhere were fond of gossip as it was quite entertaining.

Suffering was always welcomed and entertaining to look at, as long as it didn't happen to oneself.

This was the Chief of Giants. To prostrate in front of someone like that was a matter of utter shame.

"Who is he even prostrating in front of?"

"Oh, Mother. I can't believe someone so pitiful is our Chief."

The words were venomous, but in Khimav's eyes, there were only two people who could see and hear. One was a blonde-haired beautiful Giantess, who was his wife, and the other a silver-haired man standing on the pillar in front.

The swas the case with Khimav's wife Yvonne.

Having just revived to good health, her mind was a mess. However, she believed in her husband, and did what he asked her to.

Lith's case was similar.

Being used to crowds ever since he was a child, the heckling did not enter his ears, and he treated them as air.

In his vision, there was only Khimav, his wife, and his aunt standing behind him and staring daggers at him. He sure was going to be killed if he tried to look back.

"Milord, I was wrong to have doubted you!"

Khimav's personality took a 180° flip. Or rather, his true personality now showed up as the tough outer shell broke apart after his wife's revival.

He was a normal child, living a normal life, going through a normal course of love, and parenthood, until one fine day, his wife who was his everything was taken away.

He was forced to mature and becstrong — do things he never wanted to.

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Now that his wife was back to normal, there was no need to fulfil the Goddess' request since he did not require her blessings or mercy.

Lith looked down at him with a calm gaze. He had no opinion of Khimav. This man was doing what his circumstances forced him to. Being weak and helpless was the root cause of all troubles in this world that worked on power.

"Get up. Stop with such a shameful display, you're embarrassing me."

Truth to be told, Lith did not feel embarrassed or even cared. It was just that there weren't better words than this to say to Khimav.

Khimav got up from the ground on Lith's command and wiped his tear-filled eyes. His forehead was bleeding after the aggressive slamming, but those were the least of his concerns.

Yvonne, his wife, held his arm from the side and bit her lips. So far, she did not know what all things had transpired, but to see her husband react in such a way, she could guess that the silver-haired person on the pillar was someone important and revered.

She gave Lith a meaningful glance of gratitude and sorrow. She only hoped that the man did not ask for her husband's life or something, in exchange for saving hers.

"Don't look atlike that. I don't care about your pitiful lives. Whatever actions I've taken, they were done so with an agenda."

There were times Lith had to act like a chuuni bastard, and change his personality to fit the situation. He was a normal person, but a Prince at the stime, and thus had to act with tact.

If he wanted to fool around and not show his princely side, he had to put on a disguise. There were pretty much no other restrictions on him.

He was sure nobody in his clan would mind even if he roamed around normally, but that would be too scummy of him to uselessly make everybody work tirelessly to clean up his mess.

"I've fulfilled your request, you have to fulfil mine. An equivalent exchange if I were to say."

"Milord, please state what I must do, and I will do it to the best of my abilities."

Khimav thumped his chest and said in a deep, subservient tone.

"Step down from being the Chief."

Lith said it flatly, as if it were a trivial thing.

Loud, shocked gasps resonated in the area as the crowd heard Lith's words.

Yvonne was surprised too, but not much. All she did was let out a relieved sigh, knowing that her husband's life was intact. The other person was kind enough to not ask that.

Khimav knelt and said while thumping his chest, "Your wish is my command, Milord. Anything else you wish your loyal servant to do?"

Lith blinked once. Twice. Thrice. Four times, five times.

'What? Did I hear it clearly or are my ears buzzing?'

'Why would this idiot swear allegiance like that? Where is his pride? Does he really not care about anything other than this wife?'

Lith's words were right on the money. Khimav pretty much did not care about anyone other than this wife. An exception was made today, and he began caring about Lith, since he was his benefactor.

Without even trying, Lith had unknowingly acquired a loyal servant for life, the might of whom was bound to shake the heavens in future.

"Before you step down, make Gunther the Chief. He's young and doesn't have enough strength, so ensure the Malros's faction support him properly. Make Cimir's faction keep an eye on Malros's and ensure they act as good opposition."

With Gunther becoming the Chief, the Giants would easily be placed under his aunt's rule.

One of the conditions given to Gunther was this. When he becomes the Chief, he would persuade the Giants and place them under the rule of the Star Dragon Empress. They'll shift their island from the middle of nowhere to right beside the Empress' territory in the Dragon Continent.

With magic, moving an island or two wasn't difficult.

"It will be done, Milord. Just givea week."

Lith nodded at Khimav's words.

Khimav then looked up, staring right into Lith's eyes.

"What else should I do, Milord? What after it?"

Khimav believed such things Lith had asked him weren't enough for the deed he had done for him. His wife was so healthy right now that she could fight ten Giants like Khimav and win.

His words caused Lith to ponder deeply. He wasn't so dense as to not understand that Khimav had becloyal to him.

Also, what he had just done was a sign of betrayal to his own race. Swearing loyalty to someone who wasn't a Giant? Yeah buddy, fuck off from the kingdom. That's how it was here.

Giants, Werewolves, and Dragons were beings who would have such an opinion. Becoming a servant of another was looked down upon. Becoming someone's servant who didn't belong to their race was a matter of further shame. It was absolutely atrocious.

Khimav would have to live his life getting discriminated against and scorned by other Giants.

Even if he may be the strongest Giant in the kingdom, it was only a matter of tbefore he was assassinated. It was a pity to lose someone strong like that.

Lith calculated Khimav's optimum destiny, and in a few seconds, cto a conclusion.

His eyes lowered to see Khimav, literally looking down at him.

"Are you willing to betray your race and cwith me?"

Khimav's heart skipped a beat while Yvonne's hold on his hand tightened. She bit her lips hard and knew the situation was turning for the worse.

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Khimav tried to calm his thumping heart and bowed.

"Milord, if I may, can I ask a question in regards to that?"


"Will… will I have to be separated from my wife?"

Lith chuckled internally hearing that.

'This guy… does he think i'm this interested in him?'

'The castle's lacking manpower. The Royal Servants are too busy these days. Why would I only recruit you and not your wife, when I have the opportunity?'

Even though Lith laughed internally, he kept a composed look on the outside.

With his hands behind his back, Lith asked, while still looking down at Khimav, "No. Your wife shall accompany you. I have work for the two of you."

Khimav and Yvonne sighed in relief. As long as they were together, they were fine with any hell they were put in.

The two knelt down again and thanked Lith for his grace.

The crowd behind wasn't able to hear any of the conversation that occurred here, starting from the tKhimav swore loyalty to Lith.

This was done so as to not foil the future plans and increase trouble for Khimav or Gunther.

Lith dismissed Khimav and his wife after the conversation. He asked them to take care of all the matters and be ready in a week.

The two agreed and left after thanking him once again.

Once they were gone and the crowd dispersed, Lith turned around to look at his aunt, who was staring at with visible surprise.

"Not bad. Not bad at all."

Mayzin was stingy with her compliments. This was the best one Lith had gotten so far.

Lith flashed his signature happy smile as he heard that.

"Since I aced the quest you gave me, don't I deserve rewards? And also, since I did it so magnificently, don't I deserve an extra bonus?"

Mayzin knitted her brows. Now this was something she didn't like.

Lith walked close to her, placed his hand on his chest and said, "Milady, thy loyal lover deserves a kiss for his accomplishments. We must now seal our mouths shut with thine lewd saliva."