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Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 22: Talk
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Lilith terrorized and roamed the world for almost half a million years. This period was called as the Lilith's era due to the sheer amount of terror she caused and the chaos that ensued. One tenth of the Dragons got wiped off. It was an unprecedented feat and it wasn't achievable by anyone. Worst of all the demise of the Dragons was caused due to just a stupid reason. It was during these years that she met Lucifer, Mayzin and Agalea. After spending time with them and having them ascend into Supreme rank did Lilith realise that she had forgotten the reason why she was roaming in the first place.

Thus 10,000 years ago Lilith once again searched for this feeling but did it secretly. The world gradually recovered. The dead people, some important figures were resurrected and most of them reincarnated. Some reincarnated people had their memories intact and they spread the terror of Lilith everywhere. Gradually, the chaos died down after Lilith withdrew and the world got it's much needed peace.

Lilith in these 10,000 years realised what the feeling was and what she really wanted to do. She wanted to have someone to love to, to care and protect them. She wanted to feel the warmth of a family. Thus, she discussed about these feelings with her three friends. They met many times in these 10,000 years and one time Lucifer joked that Lilith should just adopt her and take care of her. She was then held by Agalea and Mayzin and got spanked by Lilith for a few hours for her terrible joke. These four ladies had one thing in common, they didn't like the fact of getting their eggs fertilized by a man they didn't even love. But they had to somehow help Lilith with starting a family. Thus, they contacted the Queen Mother of the Witches.

The Queen Mother of the Witches, Florencia Rain, gave them a few tools. One was a tool for semen preservation. One for restraining a man and paralyzing him in such a way that only his healthy seeds would come out and he would have no way to resist or alter his seeds during the process of semen collection. There was one last tool which was to help in getting inseminated. She also gave them pills which needed to be taken before and after birth. All these procedures would help a virgin women give birth without having to lose her virginity. Why did Florencia had such a procedure available? It was simple. Many witches also didn't like getting a man inside them. They only cared about themselves. The birth rate of the witch race was on a decline and thus Florencia came up with such a procedure to help the Witch race continue. Now the population was growing at a steady rate.

Lilith and Agalea decided that they'll start a family. Agalea after hearing the witch's explaination felt that this was a good thing for her. She was worried that she really would need to marry someone to continue her own bloodline. Mayzin on the other hand didn't think much about it. She really didn't care about starting a family. She loved her treasure and also she had friends to spend time with, so at that moment there was no such thought in her mind. Lucifer, well she was Lucifer. Nobody asked her anything about this topic because the three ladies knew that she didn't care about this family stuff and only wanted to laze around and be a certified NEET. If her behavior were to be known by the outside world, she definitely would've become the goddess of all the NEETs around the world and be worshipped and revered by them.

So around a thousand years back, Agalea and Lilith found two good candidates for fertilizing their eggs. The Witch Queen Mother said that because of using her tools, there would not be any characteristic of the man's side and the baby be it male or female would have all it's characteristics like the mother. As long as the semen is healthy and potent, any man can be used and their rank doesn't matter much, she said. Lilith and Agalea, on not wanting to take any chances kidnapped two Supreme rank beings, collected their seeds, first fertilized their eggs and after ensuring that it was successful, killed them both. Just like that two Supreme ranks were killed a thousand years ago and nobody even realised.

The stronger the person who is about to give birth, the longer the pregnancy period. Lilith wanted to have two kids no matter what gender and Agalea was okay with only one. Lilith collected a few vials of the man's semen and stored it so that she could use it again to get pregnent for the second time.

Agalea being a Supreme rank and an Elf who generally had long pregnancies, took 300 years to give birth. She gave birth to a girl and named her Alea. Lucifer when she came to congratulate Agalea joked that her naming sense was bad because she just gave her baby a name which derived from her own. This time, it was Lilith and Mayzin who held Lucifer and Agalea who spanked her ass.

Lilith's pregnancy was even more exaggerated. It took her 500 years to give birth to Lucy. She was Legendary rank after all. 500 years long time is no joke. A normal mortal family could have atleast 5 generation in this meantime. When Lucy awakened her magic core, she started training crazily and thus Lilith felt that it was time for another child. Thus 500 years later, Lith was born.

All in all, she never really took a man's thing inside of her and she didn't really know how it felt but she knows about everything about it. She was more than half a million years old like Lucifer, Mayzin and Agalea. All this time, she had only ladies serve her. Her castle maids used to serve her most of the time with their mouth and fingers. The maid which drove the carriage to the merchant district, her name was Freya Woods and she had been serving her for the longest time.

Lilith also did these things with Lucifer, Mayzin and Agalea. Lucifer after feeling how amazing it felt, used to come from time to time to 'play' with Lilith. The four ladies would meet from time to time and have hearty chats and a foursome with each other. Lucifer even brought some toys after looking it on the internet. Those were only used on her and the other three ladies didn't prefer to put it in. She nevertheless enjoyed it and told the other three that they were missing up on good things. Thus, like that time continued to pass until Lucy was born and Lilith had someone to call as family. Then, Lith was born and she really felt complete with her two children.

It had been six years since they last met and talked. They came and congratulated her when Lith was born. They were present when she was giving birth to him. They left after congratulating and Lith never got to see them. The ladies were present in Lucy's and Alea's birth too. They were very close friends and stuck together. Even the lazy Lucifer left her couch to specially take care of Lilith during her child birth.

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Back to the present.

Lilith was looking at the nervous Lucy and also Lith who was fondling Lucy's breasts. She gently got up and sat upright. Lucy looked at her mother confused and Lith too did the same. Why did she get up? They both thought. All three were currently naked.

"Baby, come to mother's lap." Lilith looked at Lith and said gently.

Lith didn't know why his mother suddenly called him but he went nevertheless. Lucy too got up looking at her mother was now sitting facing her with her little brother in her lap. He too was facing her.

"Dear, I actually forgot to give you the 'talk' about certain matters. Please forgive mom for that." Lilith said gently.

Lith realised why he was suddenly called upon. It seems that his mother was going to give the 'talk.'

Lucy didn't understand why her mother was apologizing all of a sudden but she nevertheless gently said "Don't be sorry mom. " not knowing what the 'talk' meant.

"Baby, I'll be teaching you about these things too and giving you the talk. You are too young for it, so it's okay if you don't understand certain things. You can ask mama later again. When you grow up and if you forget about it, you can ask mama to repeat the same thing again, okay?" Lilith said gently to Lith and kissed his cheeks.

Lith didn't know how to react. His mother was very caring but his mother actually is going to give him the talk when he was six. His little Lith couldn't even stand properly for heaven's sake! He stopped overthinking and simply nodded and kissed her back.

Lilith opened her legs and spread it in an M shape and was holding Lith in between her. She asked Lucy to come near her and get into the same position. When Lucy got into the position, she closed her legs and sat in a lotus position again with Lith sitting on her left thigh. He was sitting sideways and had the side view of his mother's beautiful breasts and face and full view of his sister's pink slit and the rest of the body. She had her back supported on the backrest of the bed and upright and had her legs in a M shape, giving a good view of her pussy. She was very embarrassed but did as her mother told her anyway.

Lilith too got into such a position. She didn't need backrest. She was very flexible and agile enough to be stay stable at such a position. She asked Lith to sit at the side in the middle of both of them. He now had the full view of his mother's and sister's body and their beautiful hairless lower lips.

"Ladies have pleasure spots in various areas and to trigger those pleasure spots, one needs to do certain things and..."

Mother continued lecturing both of us. She, with one hand showed certain areas of pleasure spots and with the other hand she simultaneously touched big sister in the same spot as she did on her own body. She then touched her pussy with her hand and spread it and also did the same with big sister and explained that the vaginal opening is where one babies come from and the way to have babies. Me being a six year old had to show appropriate reactions, so I put my two fingers in her hole and said "Really? I came from this place of mama?" in a shocked and surprised tone.

Lilith chuckled at her son's curiosity but nodded nonetheless. She then went on and on and explained everything to them.

"So we take this big thing in here?" Lucy said gasping when her mother showed her a toy.


"Then they release their seeds.."


"Babies come out..."


"...love juices come out when they feel good.."


This went on for a while and mother touched herself, my sister and even me and explained various things. She made me touch her and big sister and do certain things to understand better.

"Alright, we are done now. Do you want to try it out now with mama, sweetie?" Lilith said smiling to Lucy.

Lucy was now a little embarrassed but not nervous anymore. She nodded her head shyly.

Lilith then got to Lucy's side and placed Lith in between her and Lucy so that he can get a good look on what is going on.

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She then placed her hand on her lower lips and she started stroking it. She did it slowly at first but then started increasing her pace. Lucy was clearly enjoying this foreign sensation. She moaned a little in between. Lith was playing with his sister's boobs and he added more pleasure to which she was feeling with her mother's strokes on her pussy. He was also looking down to get a good view of it. Lilith then, after finding that her daughter's entrance had gotten wet enough, licked her fingers and made them wet and put it in Lucy's pussy.


Lucy maoned a little more louder than before.

Lilith then started thrusting her fingers in and out at a fast face.

Slick...slick ..

Erotic noises were heard when her finger was going to and fro in her. She started increasing the pace. Lith too started focusing more on pleasuring his sister, so he started sucking, biting and pinching her nipples. Lilith bent over a little and started having a passionate kiss with Lucy. Lucy was almost there now...

"Mhm....faster....mama go a little faster..."


Lilith increased her pace and started getting more aggressive and


Lucy moaned and arched her back and climaxed. Love juices poured out making Lilith's hand all wet. She licked her hand and tasted her daughter's juices for the first time and purred in satisfaction.

"Want to taste your big sis's love juices baby?" Lilith looked at Lith looking at her and winked and asked.

Lith didn't say anything and just looked at her. He chose his right to remain silent.

Lilith looked at Lith not responding to her but looking at her intently, chuckled. She knew he too could feel embarrassed sometimes and thus he didn't say anything. She put her fingers in his mouth and let him have a taste of it. Lith licked the juices on his mother's fingers clean.

"There's more there if you want." She smiled and pointed at Lucy's dripping pussy. He once again didn't say anything and just went to Lilith's side and put her nipples in his mouth and started sucking her aggressively telling her indirectly to stop making him feel embarrassed.

Lilith chuckled at her son's little antics. She gave him a kiss on his lips and then bent down and licked Lucy's pussy. Lith too bent down and started licking his big sis's pussy alongside his mother. His tongue clashed with his mother sometimes and she brought her mouth closer to his and did a tongue battle with him while staying on Lucy's lower lips. After licking her clean, Lilith got up, smirked and teasingly said

"Now, this is your mama's turn. Who's coming?"