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Will You Marry Me My Ex-Wife

Will You Marry Me My Ex-Wife
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Will You Marry Me My Ex-Wife

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    Read Will You Marry Me My Ex-Wife by Mr. Adeel. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereWill You Marry Me My Ex-Wife   by Mr. Adeel full chapter at . Artist: Luna Gibson and Joshua...Genre: Romance Luna Gibson's heart raced with excitement as she clutched the positive test report in her hands. She was pregnant and couldn't wait to surprise her husband, Joshua Lynch, with the wonderful news. He had been away on a business trip for what felt like an eternity, and tomorrow he would finally return home. But as Luna entered her home, her joy turned to confusion and dread when she spotted a pair of unfamiliar ladies' shoes. Upon closer inspection, she recognized them as her sister, Aura Gibson's, new shoes. Confused and alarmed, Luna recalled that Aura was supposed to be on that same business trip with Joshua. To her horror, Luna then heard her sister's voice resounding from upstairs. The voice belonged to Aura, and she seemed to be engaged in a conversation with Joshua. Fear gripped Luna's heart as she realized what might be happening. Curiosity mixed with trepidation pushed Luna to approach the bedroom upstairs, where the voices wereing from. As she neared the room, she could hear the hushed exchange between Aura and Joshua. Her husband's voice, usually warm, now sounded cold and distant, dismissing any concerns about Luna's return. Aura's voice, on the other hand, carried a sense of triumph, claiming that she had beaten Luna in giving Joshua the child he desired. Luna's world shattered as she understood the truth: Joshua had been having an affair with her own sister, Aura. He had never truly loved her, and all her efforts to conceive and make their marriage work had been in vain. Feeling devastated and betrayed, Luna hesitated for a moment with her hand on the doorknob. But she couldn't bear to witness the heart-wrenching scene inside the room. Without confronting them, she turned and left the villa, tears streaming down her face. In the midst of the pouring rain, Luna walked away, trying to escape the pain of her husband's infidelity. The sound of Aura and Joshua's voices still echoed in her ears, and she felt the weight of their betrayal crushing her spirit. Unbeknownst to Luna, Aura stood by the window in the bedroom, fully dressed and watching her sister's retreating figure. She wore a cold smile, satisfied with the successful manipulation of events. The man's voice Luna heard was nothing but a recorded fabrication, cleverly edited by Aura. She knew her sister would be too afraid to confront them, leaving her with no suspicion of the truth. And so, Luna was left broken, clueless about the deception that had torn her world apart, while her sister and husband reveled in their deceitful alliance. The stage was set for a tumultuous and emotional journey, where Luna would have to confront her past, fight for her self-worth, and decide if she could ever trust and love again. The story of "Will You Marry Me My Ex-Wife" had just begun. Read Will You Marry Me My Ex-Wife   by Mr. Adeel full chapter at

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