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Wooing My Ex-Wife by Mr. Adeel

Wooing My Ex-Wife by Mr. Adeel
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Wooing My Ex-Wife by Mr. Adeel

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    Read Wooing My Ex-Wife by Mr. Adeel by Mr. Adeel. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereWooing My Ex-Wife by Mr. Adeel Full Episode at . Genrre: Billionaire Gwendolyn Shalders is awakened from a restless sleep to find her husband, Maverick Wright, assaulting her. Despite the pain, Gwendolyn is relieved to realize that it is Maverick and not an intruder. They have been married for three years, but Maverick had never shown any interest in her until now. Gwendolyn clings to the hope that Maverick has finally accepted her, only to hear him utter another woman's name, Tasha. Gwendolyn is devastated as she recalls a provocative message from Natasha, Maverick's childhood sweetheart, who recently returned to the country. Natasha taunted Gwendolyn, claiming that Maverick will always love her and that Gwendolyn is merely a replacement. Gwendolyn had denied it at the time, but now she realizes that Maverick still longs for Natasha.... Read Wooing My Ex-Wife by Mr. Adeel

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