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World Travel Simulator System In Modern Society

Chapter 20: Your Hypothesis About The Zombie Physique And Zombie Virus
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Chapter 20: Your Hypothesis About The Zombie Physique And Zombie Virus

[You were surprised by Lynn's question but after thinking about it, it was indeed something that Lynn would ask you about. After all, in the second simulation, Lynn had spent seven months as a zombie and she had grown accustomed to such life.]

[Noticing Lynn's expectant gaze, you know that she was serious about wanting to become a zombie again. As for the side effects of eating human flesh, Lynn didn't care much about it since she had also grown accustomed to eating human flesh.]

[Also, you know that there wasn't that much difference in eating human flesh or the meat of livestock. The only difference was that it was quite unusual to eat the flesh of a sentient creature and cannibalism was morally frowned upon.]

[And if Lynn became a zombie, eating human flesh wouldn't be considered cannibalism since she was no longer a human. And, you didn't want to admit it but you might not have eaten human flesh, but you had drank the blood of human awakeners to absorb the zombie virus from their bodies.]

[You know that your methods of absorbing the zombie virus from evolved zombies and human awakeners were quite barbaric. So one of your goals in this simulation was to create a zombie virus absorption technique by using the zombie virus existing on one's body to devour the zombie virus of either a human awakener or evolved zombie without consuming their blood or flesh.]

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[You had already studied the physique of a zombie, albeit not that profound. There was a reason why zombies ate human flesh yet they didn't release any feces from their bodies. It was also the reason why you managed to drink lots of zombie blood that exceeded the maximum capacity of your stomach.]

[After all, the internal organs of zombies had already stopped working especially their heart but it also included their digestive system that no longer functioned as normal. The body of a zombie was no different from the breeding ground of the zombie virus.]

[The stomach of a zombie was no different from just containers for the human flesh that they consumed. The reason why they don't release any excrement was because they had already digested the flesh that they consumed in their stomach.]

[The zombie virus in their body had already digested the human flesh that a zombie had consumed before it could leave their stomach and it was already converted into nutrients that were devoured by the zombie virus.]

[Alister could only research up to that much since he wasn't that smart in terms of scientific research. The foundation of his research knowledge was mostly based on the other zombie s that he had read as well as his knowledge as a high school student.]

[Even the method of evolution he created was based on the knowledge that he had deduced after remembering the zombie s that he had read in his past life.]

[Either way, Alister knew that Lynn becoming a zombie wasn't detrimental to him but could also benefit him. Not only can Lynn defend herself and prevent zombies from targeting her, but it could also allow him to further his research on the zombie virus.]

[So after a minute's worth of contemplation, you replied to Lynn's question, "Yes, you can become a zombie. Whether you are a human or a zombie, my love for you won't change."]

[Lynn was moved by your deep support for her. As for the method of turning Lynn into a zombie, you aren't barbaric enough to let Lynn be bitten by a zombie.]

[It might be your conspiracy before that you hadn't defended Lynn when she was sneaked attack by a zombie in the second simulation, but you didn't plan to use that method again. You had noticed that Lynn might have already known about your conspiracy as well but the fact she had accepted you and was willing to sacrifice herself for you meant that she didn't mind it.]

["I have already thought of the method of transforming you from a human to a zombie without the need of a zombie biting you and infecting you with the zombie virus." You assured Lynn.]

["Is it perhaps the viral evolution breathing method that you had created before?" Lynn asked you with curiosity. She wasn't oblivious to the research that you had done in the previous timeline since you would often ask her to cooperate with you in your research.]

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[When you were researching the zombie virus, you realized that you might have the talent for performing scientific research. Even without an add-on talent from the simulation system, you could still do well in your research on the zombie virus to the point that you had achieved countless breakthroughs in your research such as the discovery of the viral energy as well as the viral evolution breathing method.]

[Of course, there was also a possibility that you had already thought of. And that was the zombie virus possessing semi-sentience and in order for it to further evolve, it would subconsciously give you "epiphanies" in your research. You thought that such a possibility was plausible since you hadn't disclosed your research about the method of evolution yet the human awakeners seemed to instinctively know how to evolve.]

[It was also quite unusual how you founded the evolution ranks and stages yet never disclosed it to anyone but everyone seemed to use it naturally through pure instinct. It's like someone looking at a color and saying it's white even if the concept of colors hadn't existed before just because they instinctively think that it must be white.]

[As for the threat of the zombie virus possessing semi-sentience, you didn't care. As for why, you might not trust the zombie virus, but you do have some trust in your system's talent which was the Zombie Virus Immunity (Purple) talent.]

[With your research about the zombie virus, you had already discovered a method of turning a human into a zombie without needing a zombie to infect that human with the zombie virus.]

[With that in mind, you replied to Lynn's question, "No, you can't use the viral evolution breathing method since it was developed by me to allow human awakeners such as myself to evolve without needing to consume zombie blood and zombie flesh."]

[You further explained, "If you use that method, you won't become a zombie but instead, a human awakener such as myself. So, I have already thought of methods to turn you into a zombie without the need for that."]