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World Travel Simulator System In Modern Society

Chapter 348 Simulation Ends, Obtaining Chosen Hero (Black) Talent
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Chapter 348  Simulation Ends, Obtaining Chosen Hero (Black) Talent

After receiving the opinion of his teammates, Alister no longer delayed and wasted their ton the Demon King's matters.

"Chaos Fist!"

Alister clenched his fist and gathered chaos-attributed mana and aura. With only a second worth of energy accumulation, Alister immediately punched it towards the Demon King's castle below them.

Since they were currently standing in the sky above the Demon King's castle, Alister's fist manifested a giant fist made up of chaos-attributed mana and aura.

The Demon King and the demon generals didn't notice Alister, Zanna, and the heroes' arrival before since Alister had used his Unpredictable Chaos Authority.

As long as he didn't want others to perceive them, then they wouldn't be able to perceive them. Using the Unpredictable Chaos Authority was like using hacks!

By the tthe Demon King and the Demon generals discovered Alister and his team's presence, the giant fist of energy had already landed on the Demon King's castle.

As soon as the giant fist landed on the Demon King's castle, it exploded like a nuke and the wave of chaotic aura and mana devastated the surroundings.

The demon's main capital city was soon razed to the ground. There was a deep and wide crater at the center of the ruined city which was previously the Demon King's castle.

"As expected, Alister is still the strongest amongst us. No matter how hard we train, we can never catch up to him."

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Toshokan Hondana commented after he saw the demon race's main capital city being utterly destroyed. Even the Demon King and the rest of the demon generals were buried alongside the main capital city.

He and the rest of the heroes knew that Alister was just using a casual attack. Not only was it a casual attack, but they could also notice that Alister was holding back.

Otherwise, Alister's fist might have not only destroyed the demon race's main capital city but might also destroyed the entire Demonic Impure Land.

Although they didn't care about the innocent demons, Alister and the rest of them still chose not to kill needlessly. At least, the main capital city has not only the Demon King and the demon generals, but also the demon army so destroying the main capital city was important.

On the other hand, the rest of the demon race's cities were filled with civilians.

The heroes weren't naive enough to think that they could save the world without sacrificing lives. But as heroes, they still chose to complete their tasks with the least amount of sacrificed lives possible.

After Alister killed the Demon King and the Demon generals, he knew that he had already accomplished enough to reach the S-grade simulation score.

After all, killing a hero would allow him to get an A-grade simulation score.

In this simulation, he not only killed the Sword Hero and the Curse Hero, but he also killed the Demon King, demon generals, as well as Fantasia's avatar.

As for the deal he had with Lilyana Rue Fae, he could only accomplish that deal in the full-dive simulation. After all, even if he started preaching and spreading Lilyana Rue Fae's religion in the normal simulation, his progress would be reset after his simulation ended.

Only when he started the full-dive simulation that he would abide by his deal with Lilyana Rue Fae.

With that plan in mind, Alister didn't say any farewells to Zanna and the heroes since it was unnecessary. He already decided that when the full-dive simulation started, he would not only restore Zanna's memory but also the memories of the hero party aside from the Curse Hero and Sword Hero.

After all, the heroes were already working under him and it was too inconvenient to regain his leadership from scratch.

But before he exited the simulation, Alister transferred the items in his Dimensional Mirror to his system inventory.

'System, end the simulation.'

Alister commanded the system to end the simulation. His death wasn't necessarily needed to end the simulation since he could also choose to end it.

After Alister chose to end the simulation, he was forcefully exited from the partial full-dive simulation.

When his consciousness returned to the Transcendent World, Alister heard a notification sound in his mind.


[The simulation has ended. Simulation score is S+.]

[Loading rewards…]

[Since the simulation score is S-grade, all of these rewards will be granted:]

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[(1) Comprehensive strength obtained during the simulation]

[(2) All nine heroes' legendary artifacts]

[(3) Chosen Hero (Black)]

[(4) Eternal Youth (Black)]

[(5) Second Chance (Black)]

Alister didn't need to choose from those rewards and it was directly granted to him. A surge of power coursed through his entire body and he felt that he had becstronger than before!

On the other hand, the legendary artifacts of the nine heroes from the Magic Fantasy World were transferred to the system inventory.

Alister didn't care much about the nine heroes' legendary artifacts since his star artifacts were more suitable for him.

Unlike those heroes, Alister didn't have any legendary artifacts but only had his hero authorities. Not that he needed any legendary artifact since they wouldn't make that much of a difference especially when he was virtually unbeatable with his Unpredictable Chaos Authority.

So the nine heroes' legendary artifacts were likely going to accumulate dust in his system inventory. Of course, even if he doesn't use them, he wouldn't dare to throw them away since they might be useful or not depending on the situation.

Alister was too powerful and the Magic Fantasy World could no longer limit his power. He didn't even get the chance to use his Second Chance (Black) talent.


[The rewards have been chosen. And since it's an S-grade simulation score, the simulator will be in a 24-hour cooldown.]

[Due to the host obtaining an S-grade simulation score, the host's next simulation will be a full-dive simulation. Whether the host wants to give up the full-dive simulation and choose another world for the next simulation or start the full-dive simulation for the ownership of the Martial Arts Fantasy World will be up to the host's choice.]