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World Travel Simulator System In Modern Society

Chapter 35 Becoming A 9th-Level Transcendent
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Chapter 35 Becoming A 9th-Level Transcendent


[Since the simulation score is S-grade, all of these rewards will be granted:]

[(1) Comprehensive strength obtained during the simulation + Mind Control Superpower + Combat experience + Killing Intent]

[(2) Memories and life experience in the simulation]

[(3) Remember Me (Blue)]

[(4) Dual Awakener (Gold)]

[(5) Grandmaster Swordsman (Gold)]

Alister didn't need to choose from those rewards and it was directly granted to him. A surge of power coursed through his entire body and he felt that he had become stronger than before!

Afterward, the memories and experiences that the self in the simulation had were transferred to Alister.

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"The power of SSS-rank Initial Stage… It's equal to a 9th-level transcendent in this world. Coupled with my Gold-grade Grandmaster Swordsman talent and dual superpowers, I should be the strongest among the 9th-level transcendents in this world."

Alister had to admit, he felt arrogant and confident at this moment. He experienced a sense of euphoria after obtaining higher power and he now realized why some people are power hungry.

"No, I shouldn't be arrogant yet. Even if I am stronger than 99.99% of this world's inhabitants, there are still transcendents stronger than the 9th-level. From what is shown publicly, the power level above the 9th-level is Transcendent King and Transcendent Emperor."

"A transcendent king can create a domain while a transcendent emperor can create an extreme domain. This is what sets a 9th-level transcendent and a transcendent king apart."

"A transcendent king with wind manipulation can have higher authority to control the wind around them so if I fight against a transcendent king, I'm pretty much fucked."

After giving himself a reality check, Alister no longer dared to be arrogant.

Unless he was the strongest, he dared not be confident of his survival!

"Sigh, forget it. This world is too dangerous for me. If ever I somehow offended someone stronger than me in this world, I can just travel to the zombie world after I obtain the zombie world's ownership."

When Alister was thinking about his upcoming full-dive simulation, he heard a system notification sound in his mind.


[The rewards have been chosen. And since it's an S-grade simulation score, the simulator will be in a 24-hour cooldown.]

[Due to the host obtaining an S-grade simulation score, the host's next simulation will be a full-dive simulation. Whether the host wants to give up the full-dive simulation and choose another world for the next simulation or start the full-dive simulation for the ownership of the Zombie World will be up to the host's choice.]

After reading the text displayed on the system screens, Alister already knew what choice he would have when the cooldown for the simulation had ended.

"There is still a day left before the simulation will be available again."

"I have already run out of food so I might as well start stocking up on my food supplies."

Alister was now more confident to spend time in the outside world. After all, his strength of 9th-level transcendent was already considered a powerhouse in this world.

The principal of first-rate schools in this world was at the 9th-level transcendent or transcendent king. But even a school principal at transcendent king was rare since most transcendent kings would be assigned to the battlefield.

Alister knew that this world was occasionally invaded by monsters and it was the job of transcendents to deal with those monsters. As someone who was a top student in a first-rate school, Alister was very familiar with this world's history since he got a perfect score in his history subject.

However, if the history was modified and the history written in those school textbooks wasn't accurate, Alister didn't mind. If this world proved to be more threatening to his safety, Alister planned to bring his parents with him to the Zombie World.

Alister had transmigrated to this world when he was twelve years old. He might not have any emotional attachments to his parents, but he wasn't an ungrateful bastard.

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He still recognized the love and support his parents had towards him. They had provided him food and shelter Alister wasn't cold-hearted enough to forget those.

At most, Alister was willing to support his parents but it wasn't to the point he was willing to make a sacrifice for them. Even if his enemies used his parents as a hostage against him, he wouldn't be affected by it.

"Owning a world is of my utmost priority. It can guarantee that I will have a world that I can evacuate to after this world is invaded by those monsters."

"Yun Ren was already defeated by me and since I have defeated him, I can defeat him again. The full-dive simulation wouldn't be as dangerous as I had expected. After all, my current power level in the Zombie World is at SSS-rank."

"Even the zombie virus negation wave developed by Yun Ren will be rendered futile against my SSS-rank power. Not to mention, I still have to make it up to Lynn for sacrificing herself again. Even if I had failed the simulation, I would still participate in the full-dive simulation since Lynn is that important to me."

Alister had received the memories and life experiences in the simulation. It was one of the rewards in the simulation so he had also experienced the love that Lynn had for him.

Alister had already made up his mind to participate in the full-dive simulation. Not only to obtain ownership of the Zombie World and become a World God but also to reunite with Lynn.

Checking that it was currently five in the morning, Alister decided to sleep and wait until it was afternoon.

After it was one in the afternoon, it was only at that time that Alister went out of his house to restock his food supplies.

Going out of his house, the warm outdoor breeze made his hair and clothes flutter. The sunlight illuminated his existence and Alister decided to walk to the supermarket.

As much as possible, Alister didn't want to reveal the existence of his superpowers unless the circumstances had forced him. After all, it would cause an uproar in the world if the world's trashiest human became a 9th-level transcendent!