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World Travel Simulator System In Modern Society

Chapter 4: You Died!
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Chapter 4: You Died!

[Slowly opening the door, you peeked out of the small opening and discovered that there were at least twenty zombies outside aimlessly patrolling the fifth floor's hallway. Fortunately, the opening of the door didn't cause any loud noise so you didn't attract the attention of those zombies.]

[Knowing that your current strength is insufficient, you realize that even if you don't risk it to venture outside and fight against those zombies, your current rations aren't enough to sustain you until the cure of the zombie apocalypse is developed.]

[And besides, with the knowledge that all of this was just a simulation, you decided to risk it.]

[With a kitchen knife in hand, you slowly opened the door and stepped out of your dormitory room!]

[Before the zombie could react, you used your sword skills to perform a badass slash at the zombie's nape. Thus, immobilizing that zombie but it still wasn't dead yet.]

[When that zombie fell on the ground, it caused a crashing sound which attracted the attention of the twenty-six zombies in the fifth floor's hallway. Yes, you have managed to count all of the zombies in the hallway. Including the one that you have immobilized, there are twenty-seven zombies in the hallway.]

["Growl!" The zombies let out a loud growl and swarmed you in all directions. The zombies flooded your escape route and due to their slightly fast speed, you don't have enough time to return to your dormitory, not that you planned to.]

[Rather than starving to death in your dormitory, you decided to die a nobler death by tightly gripping your kitchen knife and madly slashing at the zombies in front of you.]

[Your surroundings were dyed with the red blood of the zombies but soon, they managed to swarm you and bite your flesh.]

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[After being bitten, the zombies left you to your own accord. But that didn't give you satisfaction since from your observation, your body's veins bulged and your skin slowly became pale.]

[You felt a surge of excruciating pain coursing through your entire body as if every fiber of your muscles and flesh were being torn and shredded apart.]

[Out of pure willpower, you survived. But, your consciousness was barely present and your vision seemed to suffer from almost blindness. You couldn't control your body and it seemed to move out of instinct.]

[You felt as if you were suffering from sleep paralysis but in this case, it was sleep paralysis plus sleepwalking with a hint of blindness. You weren't completely blind, but what you could see was only limited to blurry figures, barely able to guess what was in front of you.]

[That wasn't what scared you. It was your urge to eat human flesh as if you had bottomless hunger that had yet to be satiated. For once, you wished that you hadn't retained consciousness but after remembering that this was only a simulation, you persevered.]

"Good guy, as expected of myself! Just keep on living! The more you live and the more you experience, the more my chances of earning higher rewards increase!"

Alister commented as he felt moved by his simulated self's willpower and perseverance.

[Two days have passed. When you were about to give up, your instincts flared up and your acute sense of hearing heard that one of the doors in the dormitories of the fifth floor's hallway had opened. Not only you but the rest of your zombie friends also heard it.]

[The door in dormitory 172 opened and four male teenagers wielding kitchen knives and metal cooking pans bravely set foot on the zombie-infested hallway.]

[Their loud exit attracted the attention of all the zombies in the hallway including yourself. As if on cue, all of the zombies including you swarmed the four teenagers.]

[You craved for their flesh and couldn't wait to bite them. But when you arrived in front of those four teenagers, one of them discharged their knife with electricity, slashed their knife, and beheaded you.]

[You died.]


[The simulation has ended. Simulation score is D-.]

[Loading rewards…]

[Choose one from these rewards:]

[(1) Comprehensive strength obtained during the simulation]

[(2) Zombie bloodline (F-tier zombie)]

[(3) Athlete (White)]

[(4) Runner (White)]

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[(5) Sword Noob (White)]

Seeing that the simulation had ended, Alister didn't expect that he would die this early.

"Sigh, am I that weak? It seems that I need to become stronger or else let alone the simulation world, even I can't survive in this world."

"Also, were there any superpowers in the zombie world? If I am not mistaken, the teenager who killed me had discharged electricity in his kitchen knife."

"After all, even with the strength of an athlete, I couldn't behead a zombie since their spine was too thick."

Alister reflected on the simulation and realized that the zombie world wasn't as simple as it had seemed to be. At least, the possibility of evolved humans and evolved zombies were likely.

"The stronger the world, the better. At least, I can obtain higher strength in that simulation world so I can survive in the real world."

"That being said… what rewards should I choose? I will definitely not choose that zombie bloodline since I don't want to eat human flesh."

Alister commented as he checked up on the five rewards displayed on the system screen.

Seeing reward number 1, Alister asked the system about it. "System, what does comprehensive strength mean? Is it my overall strength in the simulation?"

[Yes, host. Whether it is your endurance, speed, power, or any strength you have in the simulation. Specifically, it is the strength you have when you are in the state of a zombie but without side effects such as craving for human flesh, blindness, and loss of sentience. But, it is the strength without the effects of your talents.]

Receiving that answer from his system, Alister no longer hesitated. "Then I choose reward number 1. It is better than the zombie bloodline and I don't need white-grade talents."

After Alister chose reward number 1, he felt a surge of power course through his entire body, nourishing every bone, flesh, and muscle in his body.

"Is this the power of an F-tier zombie? It is at least at the level of a 1st level transcendent!"