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World Travel Simulator System In Modern Society

Chapter 5: Purple And Blue Grade Talents
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Chapter 5: Purple And Blue Grade Talents

"Although the power of a 1st-level transcendent can barely defeat monsters, it is better than nothing. At least, I can easily defeat my previous self and this power can at least make my future simulations a lot easier."

Alister marveled at his newfound power and he couldn't help but punch the air multiple times to test his power.


[The rewards have been chosen. And since it's a D-grade simulation score, the simulator will be in a 1-hour cooldown.]

"Sure enough, there will be a cooldown after the usage of the simulation. Otherwise, it would be cheating if I could infinitely use the simulator."

Alister commented as he decided to spend the hour playing computer games.

He played FPS this time and since his reaction time and reflexes were also improved and at the level of a 1st-level transcendent, he made countless FPS players cry with bloody tears.

Soon enough, an hour passed and the simulation button of the World Travel Simulator System which was previously grayed out became brighter.

Without any hesitation, Alister pressed the simulation button on the system screen.


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[The host can choose three of these talents: Clown (White), Necrophiliac (Green), Gay (White), Zombie Virus Immunity (Purple), Swordsman (Blue)]

[Clown (White): You worked as a clown before. Your presence gives slightly good vibes to those around you.]

[Necrophiliac (Green): You are sexually attracted to dead bodies and zombies. Zombies of the opposite sex have a good impression of you and will unlikely bite and kill you.]

[Gay (White): You are gay.]

[Zombie Virus Immunity (Purple): You are immune to the zombie virus. This doesn't mean that the zombie virus won't stay in your body, but you won't turn into a zombie even if a zombie bit you and injected the zombie virus into your body. It grants a high probability of utilizing the zombie virus in your body to cause your body to mutate in a good path.]

[Swordsman (Blue): You may not be a master swordsman, but you have practiced for over a decade in the sword path and are close to becoming a master swordsman.]


Unlike before, Alister hesitated in choosing his three talents for the second simulation.

"I finally draw the purple and blue grade talents. Their effect is good so the Zombie Virus Immunity and Swordsman talents are chosen."

"No way I am choosing the Gay talent so that leaves me with the Clown and Necrophiliac talents."

After several seconds worth of contemplation, Alister gritted his teeth and chose the Necrophiliac (Green) talent.

"Vampire girls and zombie girls don't have much difference anyway. Both are dead but the former drinks blood while the latter eats flesh."

"As a cultured young man, it's not like I haven't dreamed of having a cute and cold zombie girl as my wife."

After convincing himself, Alister chose Zombie Virus Immunity (Purple), Swordsman (Blue), and Necrophiliac (Green) talents.


[The host has chosen the following talents: Zombie Virus Immunity (Purple), Swordsman (Blue), Necrophiliac (Green)]


[Starting the simulation in {Zombie World}…]


[You woke up due to a loud noise of crashing and screaming outside your school dormitory.]

[You found out from a mirror inside your room that your appearance is still the same but undoubtedly, you have traveled to another world! There was also an unsheathed steel sword beside your bedroom. And from the memories of your body, you know it's all due to practicing the sword since you were eight years old.]

[Having knowledge of this world from your first simulation, you know that this is a zombie world. So the loud noise could only mean that the zombie apocalypse has started!]

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[Unlike before, you only had the physical strength of an athlete and a kitchen knife but now, you have the physical strength of an average zombie and a steel sword along with the proficient skills in swordsmanship that you possessed. You are now more confident in your survival.]

[After your successful transmigration into this world, you have already received the memories and knowledge of this body. Similar to your first simulation, you found out that you are currently in dormitory number 169 and it's currently located on the fifth floor.]

[All three of your roommates had invited you to stay in a brothel yesterday but they had remembered that you didn't have any interest in living humans so they didn't bother to persuade you anymore, leaving you all alone in dormitory 169. You didn't mind since this only gave you the advantage of having this room all to yourself.]

[You started to scavenge the entire room for food and you obtained two bottles of mineral water, a pack of potato chips, and two packs of biscuits. Putting all of those in your backpack as well as the kitchen knife for emergencies, you picked up the unsheathed steel sword and placed it on your waist.]

[You know that there are twenty-seven zombies in the hallway. Not only that, but four male teenagers in dormitory 172 were still humans, and even one of them had awakened their superpower.]

["With the Zombie Virus Immunity, I can let the zombies bite me and let my body be infected with the zombie virus. After all, there is a high possibility of mutation and obtaining a superpower." You muttered to yourself and decided to leave the dormitory.]

[Opening the door without any care whether it caused a loud sound or not, your exit had undoubtedly attracted the attention of all the twenty-seven zombies in the fifth floor's hallway.]

[Like moths drawn to a light source, all the zombies swarmed towards you and you unceremoniously forwarded your arm to let the zombies bite it.]

[A searing pain of the zombie's teeth plunging into your flesh was experienced when a zombie bit your arm. You endured such pain and as expected, when that zombie bit you and infected you with the zombie virus, the rest of the zombies no longer took any interest in you.]

[You felt that your body was evolving as foreign power coursed through your entire body. With a slight explosion sound, the surrounding air was scattered away from your location.]

[With a flick of your hand, you notice that the wind around you was manipulated by you!]

[You have successfully awakened your superpower and its air manipulation!]