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A Cue for Happiness

A Cue for Happiness
264 Chapters
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A Cue for Happiness

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    Read A Cue for Happiness by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereA Cue for Happiness Only then did she realize that the man that Natalie slept with that night was not the ruffian she had hired but Samuel himself, a prominent figure in Dellmoor. Surprised, Yara quickly came to a decision. She was going to trick Samuel into thinking that she was the girl from that night. After all, she and Natalie were identical twins. As long as her sister disappeared from the face of the earth, no one would know her secret. As for the twins, they’ll be beneficial in enabling me to get close to Samuel in the future. “Why are you crying? If you two weren’t Samuel’s children, I would’ve left you there too.” After a short pause, she continued, “However, with your support, it won’t be long before I marry into the Bowers family.” Unbeknownst to Yara, who was still deeply immersed in her imaginary world, Natalie had used all her strength in escaping through the window before the room was set ablaze. As she trudged away from the building, she suddenly felt a familiar sharp paining from the lower part of her body, followed by soft cries. So I didn’t just give birth to twins… A Cue for Happiness