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Amon, The Legendary Overlord

Chapter 36: A day when the tiger returns to the forest
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A beautiful white limousine stopped in front of the mountain.

The driver got out and opened the door.

Bianca came out stretching with a slightly sleepy face.

"What a beautiful day~" She commented with a gracious smile.

Everyone's eyes were dazzled by the glare of the sun as they exited the limo, putting a hand in front to create some shade, then they walked to the entrance to the mountain.

"It is my first time here." Maisa looks at the mountain with a different gleam in her eyes.

Barbara laughed, "I think hardly anyone comes to this mountain, mainly because of the ferocious animals that live here."

"That's true." Julia starts to climb a bit, passing the warning sign.

Amon and the girls went up too.

The instant they climbed the mountain a little, many wild animals appeared.

Amon looked at them all with hard eyes, "They are with me."

He spoke in a relaxed tone, his honey-colored eyes being exceptionally deep.

The animals that were once ferocious became tame, growling softly, not daring to be threatening.

"Amon, will they attack?" Bianca asked cautiously.

Amon puts his hands in his pockets; there was no trace of fear on his face. He said coldly and indifferently, "Would they dare?"

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His tone was mocking. The girls could clearly detect the ridicule in his words and could feel the obvious cold emanating from his body.

"So comforting to have you here~" Bianca hugged Amon's left arm and smiled seductively. She exuded an unmistakable charm so seductive and alluring that even Amon felt his heart beat faster.

"Stay away from him!" Maísa and Julia said almost simultaneously, heading towards them, pulling Bianca away from Amon.

Bianca pouted cutely and then stuck out her tongue, "Stingy, I just wanted to hug him a little; what harm does that do?"

"You can't!" Maisa and Julia shouted in unison.

Bianca turned to look at Barbara, "See, I told you you needed backup; those two are ready to 'attack'."

"..." Barbara looks at Maísa and Julia. Her eyes sparkle brightly, but she is silent.

"Hahaha! So funny~" On the other hand, Ariel laughed out loud as she held her stomach in laughter. Seeing this scene was hilarious for her.

In her mind, she wanted to see some blood…maybe a broken arm or two? But it was something she just thought about and didn't actually want...

Suddenly, a black panther ran towards Julia.

"Kyaah!" She screamed in fear.

Amon moved.

All he did was just get up and kick that black panther violently!

His speed was dizzying.

Aside from Bianca and Ariel, no one else could clearly see his movements.

"Are you wanting to die?" Amon looked up at the animals around him. His usual indifference was nowhere to be seen; instead, his face was cold and stony.


Slowly the animals backed away with fear visible in their eyes. Then, the black panther from before was hurled by a powerful black bear, heading towards the trees, breaking several bones in the process.

Attacking Amon was not allowed; the animals came to be friendly to him, mainly because they benefited from him. They were angry at the black panther for putting the benefits they got from being close to Amon at risk.

The black panther trembled a little, then stopped moving; her level was 30; high, maybe, but not enough. The bear that attacked was at level 35.

"Wow!" Barbara took Amon's hands, she gave a slight smile and shouted in a low voice, "That was amazing~."

"Don't be surprised by just that." He released her hands, his downcast eyes a little cold. "Make the effort, and you will soon be able to do the same."

His words had a deeper meaning than that.

Barbara just laughed, and casually put her hands behind her head. "I will work hard."

"Mm." Amon nodded indifferently.

"Shall we stay right here?" Bianca asked. She brought with her a big backpack, there were lots of things inside the pack, for example, groceries, among other things; even clothes and towels.

"No." He looked at her with slightly expressive eyes, "We're going to a stream higher up."

"Oh..." Bianca had a slight impression of that but didn't comment.

Julia, who heard this, cupped her chin in her hand, looking up at the mountain as if lost in thought.

Her slender fingers pressed her lips.

'Is he choosing this place because of me and Maísa?'

Even Maisa came to the same thought as her.

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Only the two of them used water genes in the group.

The animals followed them at a distance, not getting too close but not getting too far, close enough not to lose sight of them.

Ariel squinted her eyes and smirked.

Amon stayed in the middle of the girls, his voice low and a little indifferent. "We're almost there."

Then a lake with a waterfall not far away could be seen. The sound of running water was audible.

"So beautiful," Bianca muttered delightedly.

There were some trees with red leaves and some with blue ones and flowers covering the ground. The lake had crystal clear water, that looked very clean with lots of fish diving, some even larger than 30 cm.

Some animals were nearby drinking water.

Julia "Too bad I didn't bring a bikini, I-"

Ariel interrupted with a smirk. "Get in the water naked."

A man dressed in black was on the floor, half kneeling. "We received the latest information that several geniuses have emerged at the Stefano School."

"Speak." It was an exceptionally husky voice.

"One of them is 17-year-old Amon Tang. Not only is he a lightning user, but he also has genes over level 30, possibly." The person dressed in black reported respectfully.

"Amon Tang? 17 years old and already at level 30? Killing Theo has already exhausted half our strength, and now we have this Amon Tang." The husky voice paused, "There can't be any more geniuses in Z City; we must avoid the emergence of another Theo Gold. Amon Tang is now our number one target. Chase and kill him at all costs."


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