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An Understated Dominance Chinese Novel

An Understated Dominance Chinese Novel
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An Understated Dominance Chinese Novel

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    Read An Understated Dominance Chinese by Marina Vittori. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereAn Understated Dominance Chinese by Marina Vittori full chapter at . Artist: Dahlia Nicholson and Dustin Rhys... Genre: Romance The story revolves around Dustin and Nikki, with other characters such as Cornelius and various guildmasters. Dustin is shown as someone who genuinely cares for Nikki and is planning a banquet for her to get closer to the gang's members. Cornelius is envious of Dustin's kindness toward Nikki. Dustin not only saved Nikki but also helped her escape from a difficult situation and plans to give her the Jade Maiden Scripture. He is even considering passing her the position of guildmaster. The executives of Kirin Gang, including Cornelius, Nikki, Alec Blanton, Jim Kirk, and Joseph Bates, gather in Zephyr Lodge for the banquet. Despite some initial hesitation due to Nikki being a woman, the guildmasters offer toasts and congratulations to Nikki for joining Kirin Gang and leading Flame Dragon Guild. However, as the night progresses, some of the guildmasters, including Joseph and Jim, pass out after drinking too much. It is then revealed that the guildmasters have been drugged, and the Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples, led by Edith, enter the scene. Edith expresses her surprise at their return and reveals that Nikki had a role in drugging the guildmasters. She intends to take Nikki back into the Jade Maiden Sisterhood, leaving Dustin and his men shocked. Overall, this passage highlights the tension and intrigue within the story, as well as theplex relationships between the characters... Read An Understated Dominance Chinese

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