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An Understated Dominance (Dustin Rhys)

Chapter 2321
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Conor said with a sorry smile, "I believe it. I naturally believe what the miracle doctor Wang said. If the miracle doctor Wang hadn't cto the rescue today and turned the rot into a miracle, Noemi would have died." "Forget it; it doesn't matter." Zizi stroked his beard and said proudly, "San'er, give the patient two more sips of the fairy water to show Miss Marshall her true ability as a teacher." "Yes!" The apprentice responded, then walked to the hospital bed with a small bowl of fairy water, carefully fed Noemi, and took two sips.

After drinking two mouthfuls of the fairy water, Noemi kicked her legs, and there was no movement.

The apprentice who was feeding the medicine was stunned for a moment, then tentatively stretched out his hand to feel Noemi's breath.

With a look of horror on his face, he quickly withdrew his hand as if electrocuted. "Master! The patient...the patient is out of breath!" "What?!" As soon as these words cout, everyone's expressions turned pale.

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Even Zizi, who was full of confidence just now, is a little confused now.

"Out of breath?"How is that possible?" Zizi couldn't believe it. He pushed his apprentice away and reached out to check Noemi's pulse. Sure enough, he found that Noemi's pulse had stopped beating. Not even breathing.

"How could this happen? It shouldn't be." At this moment, Zizi finally panicked.

First, used the Huqu Ferry to draw out the speed in Noemi's body, and then used the fairy water to nourish it. There was no problem with the steps.

Normally, Noemi would not be able to wake up immediately after drinking the fairy water, but at least she could make up for the loss of energy and blood, thus allowing her body to recover greatly.

But what is the situation now? Not only did Noemi not wake up, but she died immediately. What went wrong? "Doctor Wang! Didn't you say there was no problem? Why is my sister out of breath?!" Kassidy grabbed Zizi's clothes, looking particularly excited.

Before the treatment, he made lofty claims and made all kinds of promises, but as soon as she was treated, she was haunted.

First she twitched, then she spurted blood, and now she didn't even have breath.

What kind of miracle doctor was this? This was clearly quackery! "Doctor Wang! What...what's going on?" Conor frowned and looked suspicious.

"Don't worry, don't worry!"It's just a suspended animation phenomenon. There is still hope for our salvation." Zizi wiped his sweat and forced himself to calm down.

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He had been traveling around the world for so many years and hadh treated countless diseases. It was not like he had ever experienced scenes like this.

The only difference was that this tthe patient's background was Ο Π too powerful. If the patient is unable to recover and receive the reward, it will beca matter of whether he can maintain his reputation. So the pressure was inevitably a bit high.

"You'd better save my sister; otherwise, I'll have you buried with her!” Kassidy roared angrily.

At this moment, she was on the verge of rage.

If she had known that Zizi was such a waste, she shouldn't have listened to him and pulled out the silver needle En. from her sister's body. If her sister really died, she would never let it go.